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Hi- delighted to be here. and yes, love to bake and love pastries!

  1. first thing I knitted? a variegated garter stitch acrylic bag when I was 15, it was awful. But it was also lovely because one of my favorite aunts taught me!
    2.hmmm, I too love sandals and summer shoes-
  2. I would like to learn brioche, and more weaving. I have a rigid heddle loom and love the craft.

I live in Colorado, where hand knits are most appreciated this time of year!


My name is Phyllis. I was born in Wisconsin and now live in Washington State. I have been knitting ‘forever’ (my Gramma taught me more than 60 years ago - when I was about 6.) The first thing I remember knitting was a brown V-neck cardigan for my dad - out of acrylic yarn i bought at the dime store. I remember winding the yarn with my gramma. And I remember my dad wearing the sweater!!!
I am always knitting. I have my mindless projects, social knitting projects, ‘don’t bother me I’m knitting’ projects, etc. I love learning new techniques and new ways to do old things.
My goal in 2017 is to only knit items with yarn on hand. We’ll see if that’s possible.
I have already knit 1 Breton Cowl and would love yarn to make another.
Thank you for a great web site!


Hello The Lounge! My name is Danielle - and I have three very young children so I NEVER lounge. Ever. I really desperately wish I could lounge. I knit when I can… standing up, while feeding babies, while cleaning the kitchen (okay, not really the last one).

I do not like pie - sorry! I’m a wine and cheese gal instead.


Hi there!

I’m Deb Silvers. I live in Tampa, most of the time, but my HOME is in East Tennessee. I’m a humanities professor by day, but my family says I knit 24/7.

I come by it honestly, even though I started it later in life. I learned at around age 5-7, then quit because it wasn’t “cool!” My mum’s a Brit and has been knitting since she could hold needles, she did deem it necessary to pass her skills on, though, thank goodness!

Let’s see, the questions:

The first thing I knit, both times, was a scarf. Rather badly.

I would love to learn how to do a provisional cast on this year. I don’t know why it intimidates me, but it does.

I’m a shoe person, and I’m partial to Prada. The sound you’re hearing right now is my wonderful, extremely knit-worthy hubby groaning! He swears he could line up a row of black shoes of different brands (like Cinderella) and my foot would find the most expensive every time! I just grin… and keep knitting! And remind him that I gave him two lovely daughters just like me!

Oh, and I adore pie! But I am a strange and sketchy person that doesn’t care for fruit pies. But I can make a from scratch pie crust that is to die for! I have adapted my grandmother’s recipe for the food processor, but every time I go to hit the button, I picture the look on her face, telling me to just go ahead and cut the darn butter! My favorite pie is chess and chocolate silk.


Hi! So glad to be here. I’ve been meaning to get on the lounge but I need motivation. :grinning: So here I am.

  1. A diaper soaker.

  2. I’m loving this toasted piece of sourdough with coconut oil and salt and decaf coffee since I gave up my addiction.

  3. I want to learn corporate tax code!

And unfortunately, I’m not into pie. It’s too much sugar. I love chicken pie.

Knitters unite!


My mother tried to teach me to knit long ago, but she didn’t like knitting. Much later I decided it couldn’t be that hard, so I made a sweater with a colorwork yoke. Sometimes it is good to not have a clue. I make socks and shawls now, mostly, and generally in shades of blue and green, though I do branch out sometimes.
I want to weave a bag on a box someday.


First thing I ever knitted was a small scarf knit in garter stitch. Still have it after 50 years:))


I remember learning to knit in the 1960s with a skein of avocado green acrylic yarn, when I was eight years old. I think the green matched my mothers kitchen counters! I have just cast on the Hadley, but I was thinking better late than never.


I’m Gail. I live in Mexico, where it’s difficult to find the kind of yarn I like, but I’m looking for local yarn - I don’t know yet if that’s a mistake.
My very first knitting project was a pullover sweater knit with a thick-and-thin yarn from New Zealand! It turned out surprisingly well, as I recall.
I love any type of comfortable shoes. My daily choice is sandals, but I often wear boots when I’m performing with my band.
I’d like to learn how to make the first couple of rounds without mistakes on circulars!
I recently finished a top-down cardigan knit from recycled cotton yarn purchased on eBay.


HI, I’m Marilyn and i love knitting and crocheting. My Mom showed me how to knit so I bought an afghan kit so I could learn different stitches. I remember getting stuck on the moss stitch because she showed me the knit stitch and purl stitch, but not how to move the yarn from back to front and I couldn’t figure out how to do a purl stitch right after doing a knit stitch. I had to leave the moss stitch squares until after my next visit and got her to show me how to do this. Seems funny now, because I can knit practically anything, even animals for my grand-daughter. I love knitting sweaters for myself and am always looking for patterns where i can incorporate some of my leftover stash. Right now I am into the longer tunic style sweaters and currently have a top down sweater going, it’s white with rows of purple here and there, and am 2 squares into doing a knit-along afghan.


My name is Kat. I’ve been knitting off and on for 10 years, but in the last 4 have really dedicated myself to it. The first thing I ever knit was a scarf (isn’t that everyone’s first project?). Most recently, I finished KnitPicks Happily Sweater and am currently working on Brooklyn Tweed’s Snoqualmie Cardigan. I’m a big fan of YouTube tutorials, as that is how I’ve taught myself how to knit in the last few years.

When I’m not knitting, I’m mountain biking, paddle boarding, baking, reading, camping, etc. Lots of varied interests.


Hi! I’m Teresa and a relatively inexperienced knitter. My main passion is quilting, but knitting is such a lovely way to take a break and bang out something beautiful to wear! What I mean by “inexperienced” is that I’ve made any number of shawls and cowls and socks, but I’ve still not braved the world of sweaters or gauge-heavy wearables. My first knit was a simple scarf that my grandmother cast on for me when I was about 10, and one of my favorite memories of her is the gorgeous blue raglan cabled sweater she made for me when I was in elementary school. I didn’t pick up the needles myself seriously until about 3 years ago. I’m Misstquilts on Ravelry and you can see some of the things I’ve made there, although I haven’t been very faithful to update. Currently I’m working on a Hitchhiker shawl in a gorgeous Zauerball yarn in blues and greens. I’m hoping this will be the year I bang out a sweater, but I don’t have the courage to join you all in the #bangoutahadley just yet! For now, I will settle for learning how to brioche with the #neverfailmuffler and then move on to the Nesting Wrap :slight_smile:

My favorite food is Italian… Movies are anything on Masterpiece (currently crushing on Victoria!)… Color is definitely BLUE… And shoes unfortunately have to be Birkenstocks.

Looking forward to joining in and meeting everyone!!!


Hi All,
My first knit was a baby hat from “itty bitty hats.” I then proceeded to knit all of the hats in the book. None turned out well, but I was a knitter!
I love movies and have never been able to decide which is my favorite. My favorite food group is potatoes…any cooked form! Blue is my favorite color, followed closely by green, brown and white, but not worn together. Lastly, I am a Dansko clogs girl. I can wear them with anything!
Learn to tap dance is on my bucket list. I really want to learn how, but have not been able to find a beginner adult class!
Lastly, just an interesting tidbit. I live in Nashville, TN, also home to Ann Shayne!
Knit On,


Hello! I’m Mel and I live in England with himself and the kids. I started knitting around age 8 in the Brownies - mostly badly shaped squares for communal blanket projects - my mum taught me!

I took knitting up again in the late 1970’s to create punk jumpers (too poor to buy the shop made creations!) I.e. over-sized, mohair, lary colours and the odd holes didn’t matter.

After another break, I returned to knitting in my late 20’s to help me give up smoking! (it’s very hard to knit and smoke at the same time, and long evenings can be difficult to fill…!) I finally suceeded after a few relapses- I made around 9 jumpers!

Another lull, and I returned to knitting again about 5 years ago when I realised how much time I wasted between corralling teenagers and driving them to various commitments. So now I follow them around knitting!

And what a difference the years have made - all the wonderful Internet resources and people ready to share tips, skills and experiences!! Plus books and publications. I am much more adventurous, I mod most patterns to make sure they actually fit or suit me, and I’ve explored different methods of holding yarn, casting on and off, grafting, correcting mistakes etc! I’ve found advice for most topics is available online. I’ve produced some things that I’m actually really proud of and have inspired awe in others (“is that really knitting?”)!!

A final challenge that I’ve not quite embraced yet is intarsia, especially of irregular shapes. I once threw away a whole jumper kit of beautiful glossy cotton - a beige background with amoeba shapes of approximately 10 different colours! I had about 40 bobbins hanging off the back and puckers and loose bits - total nightmare! It would be great to have some expert pointers in this topic!

I do so enjoy your snippets!


Greetings- My name is Claudia although I go by Proper_Tension on Instagram and blog under ProperTension. The first thing I ever knitted was a sweater for my baby when I was pregnant. I’d finished a little quilt and was still pregnant so I needed something else to occupy my time. Two of my favourite movies are Local Hero and Diva, but there are definitely more on that list. Japanese and Southern food are my favourites, and I own a lot of shoes. According to my partner, I live life like I’m in high school picking electives - I like to learn how to do all kinds of things, and I just go my first weaving loom. I would be good in a post-apocalyptic yurt because I have some mad skills (hah!). Cheers!


Hi! My name is Marla. I live in Fort Worth, TX. I learned to knit in 2000-2001, and I now teach knitting. My first knit was a luscious washcloth, and I immediately moved to DPNs for soap socks. I primarily knit shawls, but am branching out into sweaters!
My favorite shoes are Dr. Martens and Dansko. [I wear a substantial orthotic and need stiff shoes] I’m sure my husband would love to see cute heels! but not happening. I have Vionics for cute shoe hours.
I am gluten free. I love purple! and pink! and blue…Okay, I love bright jewel tones.
I just want to knit faster and carve out a few minutes each day, or more!
When I first learned to knit, I got a group together to knit sweater vests for a Russian orphanage. We hand delivered them when we adopted our toddler from there. We have a video of the kids reaching into the pocket and pulling out a stuffed toy!


Hi, I’m Nia. My Welsh grandma (nain, in Welsh) taught me to knit when I was a kid, so I probably knitted some kind of ‘scarf’ which never got used for anything lol! I remember knitting a square for a blanket at primary school too, so I must have been at least garter stitch proficient.

Knitting is my favourite hobby, but I also take a pottery class, and have taken dressmaking and patchwork quilting classes. There’s just not enough hours in the day, or space in my house for all the hobbies I’d like to take up!!

Favourite movie: So hard to choosed, but I’ve always liked 'Hannah and her sisters’
Favourtie food: Chinese food
Fave colour: Teal, I think but any blue/green tones and purple, grey (cool tones, I guess)
Fave shoes: comfy but cute ideally, but in the end comfy wins out! I love Irregular Choice shoes, but fear they wouldn’t be comfortable enough, so I end up with Hotter!

I’d really like to travel more, find a soulmate/father-figure for my boys, and find a job doing something worthwhile or at least creative and not soul-destroying :slight_smile:


My Welsh mother taught me! Isn’t it lovely to have a craft given to you by a loved one? I’m a newly retired teacher of 40 years and knitting is helping to carry me through the transition. I love traveling especially to see my remaining family in Wales. Several years ago I also visited my daughter, who was finishing a year in Tours, France for her French degree. Tours is a beautiful town;we visited many of the incredible chateaux in the Loire Valley. It’s great having your own personal translator! I was able to go to Chinon and was able to chat with the guide about my favorite movie, “The Lion in Winter”, which was set there. Priceless!! I love dogs, especially Corgis; and cats, especially Scottish Folds; and PIE, especially all kinds! I love MDK for their brave, witty,and nonjudgmentally screwball approach to knitting!


Hi MDK. My name is Carmen (Squirrelyknits on Ravelry and Instagram). I live in Calgary, Canada. I taught myself to knit when I was expecting the first of our 6 kids 24 years ago. I started with a car seat sized blanket and progressed to a little sweater, which is tucked away in a baby keepsake box downstairs. I became truly addicted to knitting about 12 years ago and since then always have more than one WIP on the needles. I enjoy the process of creating for the people I love and for myself once in awhile.

As for my other interests and favorites… I love Italian food, especially my husband’s fabulous seafood linguini. I will never turn away anything containing chocolate, including chocolate cream pie. As for shoes? Besides yarn, shoes and boots take up a lot of room in our house. :slight_smile: I love Fryes and AS98s (a wonderful Italian shoe company) as they are both fashionable and comfortable.

When I am not knitting, I either have my nose tucked in a book or I am baking.

I, too, would love to tackle brioche this year. Last year, my goal was to improve my Fair Isle skills and I managed several lovely projects.

Now, off to snuggle under a cozy bkanket on a cold, snowy morning and knit. :slight_smile:


I have been knitting since I was in High School in the 60’s. Knitting has been keeping me busy during dance recitals, play rehearsals, soccer practice, etc. Now I get to knit for the grandkids. I am currently into making sweaters and socks…love it!
So glad to join this group!