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Hello, I’m Patricia from Fort Collins, CO. Recently moved here from Albuquerque and am glad to be able to wear my knitwear all the time.

  1. Sampler scarf, Lamb’s Prided worsted, Navajo Sky. A lesson in tension. Expanded to twice its length after washing. Still wear it, doubled.
  2. Reds and blues
  3. roast a chicken, bird by ear

middle-aged single lady with a cat. Cat has an uncanny ability to sense that I am sitting down to knit and will appear from nowhere for a lap sit. Mostly leaves the yarn alone.


Hi! My name is Bev and I DO like pie, my top 3 being, in order, Triple Berry, Coconut Cream, Banana Cream:) I am a children’s author and fairly inexperienced knitter. My first knitting project was a Christmas stocking (kit) and subsequently did 3 more over the years as my kids were born. I recently got addicted to making those little owls with the scarves (sorry, don’t remember the contributor) and those little suckers gave me a feeling of accomplishment when things were a little out of control in my life! I would love to win the Breton Cowl kit, so I’m tossing my needles in the ring:wink: Nice to meet you all!


Hey MDK Nation! The giveaway finally got me off of newsletter lurking & into the Lounge.

I’m paksenarrion on Ravelry, and a theologian & college professor in real life. Been knitting for 10 years now. Fave FO is probably my most recent cardigan, Calligraphy by Hannah Fettig, in Dovestone DK.

Hubby got me a Squad Mitts Kit for Xmas (prompted with a VERY SPECIFIC link). My first Hazelknits yarn, can’t wait.

I am currently in way too many stashdown challenges. Mostly socks.


Pie! Especially apple pie made with Transparent apples! Currently knitting my 2nd of a pair of Mary Jane’s Mushroom Kelliemuffs! Such fun and so cute!
Thinking about a Hadley.


Hi…I’m Robin. 64 years young. I remember thinking that age was really OLD. Nope! Here I am alive and kicking.
My mother taught me to knit when I was maybe 8? My first projects were wonky shaped “squares”. I think my first real project was a cable V-neck pullover sweater. Took a hiatus through college to be a part of the hippy generation. Started again when I was in veterinary school. Now I am enjoying the skill my mom taught me. I just wish I spent more time sharing with her.
Movies…so many but I really like “Tombstone”. "I’ll be your huckleberry…"
Would like to learn to know a “real” argyle sock. My mom knit them for my dad. No, I don’t have any. She won many blue ribbons in the California State Fair.
So that’s in in a nutshell. Thank you for the welcoming spirit
Can’t wait until baseball season is back.


Hi, I’m Kimberley! The first thing I ever knit was probably a potholder, in Brownies (I’m Canadian). In my early twenties, I knit all the pieces of a midriff-baring intarsia sweater from Elle magazine. It took forever, as I didn’t really know what I was doing - but I eventually finished. I asked my mom to seam it for me as I didn’t know how, which she did, but the white plastic bag it was stored in was accidentally thrown out - with sweater, pattern, needles, scissors, the works! I didn’t pick up the needles again for 15 years when expecting my first child (no more midriff baring!). I haven’t stopped knitting since. What would I like to learn? Fairisle! I had my first taste with a two-colour hat (Siksak) in January, and found it so addictive. Finally, have always loved your blog and the new website is fantastic. The knitting content is great, but you bring so much personality and the added benefit of film recommendations, travel and general lifestyle makes the new MDK a wonderful place to visit. Kudos to you both!


Hi, I’m Anne, Anne1089 on Ravelry. I think the first thing I knitted for real was a horrible brown and pink garter stitch scarf for my dad (which he still has). Favorite movies include Local Hero, Say Anything, French Kiss, Chicken Run …and I love my Dansko clogs. I sure wish I didn’t roll my ankle in them so often. This year I would like to be more mindful about my knitting and try to learn some new skills (steeking, for one). I’m glad to be here.


granjudy here, can’t remember the first thing I knitted, probably some misshapen strip of garter stitch.


Hi, my name is Tami and I have been knitting not quite 3 years. If you don’t count the few dishcloths I made to learn how to knit and purl, my first project was a short-sleeved tee. i don’t have a favorite shoe, but feel that comfy shoes are important. My favorite movies (for very different reasons) are Local Hero, Galaxy Quest, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And, I like pie- especially apple pie and custard pie.


Jean here. I learned to knit in Camp Fire Girls in the '60s. I still have a long stocking hat that I made back then.

In my 20s I made Norwegian sweaters, learning Continental knitting, Norwegian purling, stranding and steeking along the way. Now I knit for grandkids (and am teaching them to knit) as well as making socks, shawls, hats, mitts and the occasional sweater.

When not knitting, I love to read and garden. I also enjoy bicycling with my husband on our tandem. He steers and watches the road, while I navigate, take pictures and get to watch the scenery and flowers. It’s great! Our most recent adventure was cycling last fall from Milwaukee to Albuquerque on historic Route 66. Lots of fun!

Thanks for getting this website up and running, Ann and Kay!


The first thing I knit was an oddly-shaped, black-and-gray scarf for my husband, which he still wears! I love Keens, Adidas, Puma, and Nike sneakers, and my “I can walk through anything!” Kamik snow boots. I would love to master color work knitting. Now I’m hungry…


Hello everyone,

The first thing I ever knitted was a simple vest, learning how to do so in my LYS in Ann Arbor, MI. I’d acquired two merino sheep and an angora goat and knew that I needed to learn what to do with their fleece eventually. Of course that ended up as learning how to wash and process wool for spinning, and then spinning and plying yarn and learning how to knit and weave. That time in my life is long gone but the knitting and weaving lives on.

My favorite movies are Under the Tuscan Sun and Room with a View. Instead of living in a foreign country like in those movies, I did the next best thing by retiring with my husband in Santa Fe, NM, the “City Different.”

Favorite shoes by far are made by Abeo with the metatarsal support. Actually, that’s mostly for sandals of all kinds which I live in until the weather turns cold (Morton’s Neuroma anyone?) and then I favor my Solomon hiking shoes and boots and put on my Ariat boots for formal occasions.

I want to become an expert Sweater Knitter before I die although it’s only been since retirement that I’ve found the time to tackle these larger projects. I love sweaters and am enjoying what I’m learning with the three that I have on needles thus far, each one a different learning experience. I also hope to get better at weaving and figure out if that’s going to be a thing in my life or if knitting and sewing will be my main Fiber Arts fun.


Hi. I’m Nancy and live in San Diego these days. The first thing I remember knitting was a large afghan made from long strips of feather and fan sewn together. Each strip was of a different “earth tone” so beloved of the early seventies: burnt orange, yellow, off white and brown. I must have done some knitting before then to have had the skills to make that but I don’t recall. My mother undoubtedly taught me. (When I was very young she knit and sewed lovely clothes for my Barbie doll.) I no longer have that afghan, though it surely lives on somewhere since it was made of sturdy acrylic.

I’m delighted to have found my way to the Lounge, having never joined in on forums of any kind before. I’ve been a fan MDK for years and am enjoying the new format and shop immeasurably. I look forward to exploring what’s going on here.


I am Janet and I live in SE Louisiana. I am knitting AGAIN after a hiatus of 30-something years.First taught as a kid by my grandmother, who, although of German descent, knitted English style. Life, school, college, children all intervened and I did not knit a thing until December 2015, when I took a knitting weekend class for beginners. Things began to surface from the storage lockers of my brain where they had been lurking. So, my answer to question 1 will have 2 parts:

  1. first thing knit as a kid was a dress for my Barbie doll, basically a couple of strips we stitched together; first thing as an adult was a small pouch, then a scarf.
  2. movie: Independence Day; food: ice cream (it has its own food group); color: blue; shoes: cross-trainers (retired, so I can wear no shoes if I like)
  3. working on knitting continental, and I think it’s going well.

I really wanted to knit socks so I bought a lot of sock yarn and it mocked me because I wasn’t knotting socks. So, I found a basic 2-at-a-time cuff-down magic loop pattern and hopped on a train from here to Chicago and from there to Portland, OR. I figured I was a captive, so I’d either make a good start on the socks or else. Am now on third pair, second pair of sock-weight, and will be experimenting with afterthought heel on this pair.

I found MDK while searching the web for patterns, videos, etc. I am glad I did. Love the Saturday snippets and the sense of humor (boy do we ever need that in this current climate), and the encouragement to try new things.

PS, I also weave.

Janet (Ravelry name is cajunweaver)


Hi my name is Karen,

  1. I learned to knit from my German aunt while I was studying in Munich. I asked her to teach me because I really wanted more hand-knit socks. The first thing I ever knit and completed was a sock.
  2. I love the color blue because I love water - oceans, lakes, pools, waterfalls, etc.
  3. I’m a pieces which might explain the love of water.
  4. I would like to learn how to knit fair isle.


Hello everyone. My name is Marilyn and I learned to knit when I was a teenager (more decades ago than I want to admit to!). My mother taught me. She had been a knitter all her life, as well as a sewer and crocheter and painter. A very creative lady!

My favorite color is blue, but I am also very partial to greens and purples. Right now I find myself strongly leaning towards the color teal. I also love to read, and would very much like it if someone could invent a way that I could read and knit at the same time! But not audio books, please. They are too slow for me because I read very quickly. Quite a disadvantage because that causes me (1) to spend too much money on books, or (2) make lots and lots of trips to the local library, or (3) both of the aforementioned. I don’t mind spending my money on books, but alas, it means I have less money to spend on knitting projects!

I love to get together with other knitters and stitch, while drinking our favorite beverages and yakking up a storm. Speaking of a storm, it’s snowing here, again! I live in a smallish city about an hour and a half east of Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I’m used to mild winters. This year we’ve already had more than our usual amount of snow and I’m so ready for spring to arrive!

Well, that’s enough about me for now. There’s knitting waiting to be done. (I haven’t figured out a way to knit and type at the same time, either!)


Hello! I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist and English teacher who has knitted off and on since I was ten, which was many decades ago. My mother taught me to knit, after she warned me that two different friends had taught her to knit in the high school cafeteria, so her techniques were off a bit. Nevertheless, she turned out all kinds of projects–ponchos, doll clothes, and a beautiful blue Easter coat for me that can’t bear to give away. So she taught me to knit a garter stitch pillow in variegated acrylic yarn of orange and green that reminded me of the color of vegetable beef soup (It was early 70s)–and I won a blue ribbon at the 4-H fair and gave it to my grandparents, who were impressed. They used that pillow daily, and when they died three decades later, my project was still there. Despite that auspicious start, I did not knit for a long time. At 18 I went to Norway as a foreign exchange student, where knitting at parties and everywhere else was the thing to do, and wonderful yard shops were all over the place. So I started again. Thirty-some years later, I turn out scarves, dish cloths, baby blankets–things that don’t require decreasing, increasing, and making garments fit. I am not a thinking knitter, and it is time to grow up in this area of skill development. Making a sweater seems like traveling to foreign country. I would also like to do that cool technique I can’t spell–intalgi…? The interlocking pattern thing. I love M-D Knitting because it’s smart, funny, and connected with the rest of life in imaginative , friendly ways. Thanks.



I’m Jen. Longtime MDK fan - generally a lurker. I learned to knit around 11 years ago…and haven’t looked back.

Some favorites:

Movie: The Philadelphia Story
Band: The Beatles
Finished Object: My latest sweater, (pretty much always whatever I just finished) but in this case it’s Zenith from Veronik Avery in one of the Brooklyn Tweed collections…

Originally from Denver, currently live in New Hampshire.


Hello Knitters! I live in Petaluma, CA, and I am CammieD on Ravelry, though I haven’t posted very much there until lately. I like to gift my knitting and often it is in the mail before I remember it wasn’t photographed. But my photographer husband is always happy to photography my knitting, so there’s no excuse! Because I am finding that I forget the details of past knitted projects and when they are gifted there is no way to retrieve that info. So getting stuff on Ravelry is one of my current knitting goals. The others are finishing the UFO’s in the closet and making a dent in the stash. Those last two goals might take a while. As in the rest of my life.

The first thing I ever knit was a Colinette yarn throw, which I knit during a blizzard in Cambridge, MA while enduring a long bout of the flu. I had ducked into Woolcotts (now sadly closed) to get out of the snowstorm and saw this wonderful collection of delicious purple yarns all neatly tucked into a clear plastic zipped bag and marked 50% off. I was so excited I bought it on the spot. It wasn’t until I got home (hours later) that I realized it was a KIT! Duh! That’s how little I knew about the knitting world. Fast forward 10 years and many many knitted items later, I still have the throw (with a few holes) and it makes me smile every time I see it. The power of knitting to express love and joy and hope still amazes me.

What do I love? Lots and lots of things, but in the knitosphere, I love knitting things I haven’t tried before, learning new skills, learning about color, looking at other knitters’ knitting, thinking about knitting.

That’s probably enough about me.


Hi. I’m Jill.

I started out crocheting in my teens, but I have been obsessed with knitting for the past 10 years or so. Current extreme obsession is buying old wool sweaters at estate sales and thrift stores, unraveling them and knitting new garments. I sometimes knit lots of hats and gloves to sell at craft shows, but honestly would rather knit sweaters for myself and my family. Also love to knit socks, scarves, you name it.

The first thing I ever knitted was probably a really bad-fitting acrylic sweater, in the 1980s, when I didn’t have a clue about good yarn, or swatching.

I love MDK, and I’m so excited to have found your website!