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Hello Everyone! My name is Andrea. My username is a nod to my love of the Stars and Stripes and the state where I live. I’m lucky to have my great-grandmother’s crochet hooks (my grandma saved EVERYTHING). One hook is made of bone and actually has a curved shape, I imagine from frequent use! She made very intricate thread crochet doilies.

I knit and crochet when I have a spare moment. Most of my time is spent keeping up with my two young boys!


Hi. I am Leslie. Long time MDKer, infrequent commenter. My husband called Ann and Kay my imaginary friends until we captured a selfie at Vouge Knitting last year. Hah! That showed him. :smiley:

More of a quilter than a knitter.
First knit was with two sticks and some twine when I was six. Adult knitting began with Yarn Harlot, MDK and other early craft bloggers.

I am a very good starter of projects including MDK knit alongs. See half finished Stop Over and socks inspired by Ann’s socka along over there in the knitting basket.


Hi! I am Sandy, Sandy48 on Ravelry. I’ve been reading the blog for years, have knit from their first book and I love their whole attitude! They don’t take themselves too seriously, so it’s always a fun read!
I learned to knit from my grandmother when I was about 8 (in the fifties), but didn’t get the whole tension thing until a neighbor introduced me to Continental knitting a couple of years later. I have been off to the races ever since!

I worked in a yarn store for a couple of years after retiring from education, teach knitting, participate in a knitting group 2 days a week, attend fiber festivals, add to my ever-growing stash of yarn, supplies and patterns, and love to talk about all of these with like-minded friends.

I just finished the Nesting Wrap - what a lovely project that was and the outcome is delicious!


Hi all, I’m Krista from CT.

I’m new to the MDK boards, and have never knit a sweater. I’m a queen procrastinator, thus have several WIP and tons of yarn lying around. Goal this year was to finish projects, so far a baby blanket and a ponytail hat were knocked out. The ends are even woven in…

I’m originally from Tulsa and love, love, love my knit store there, Loops. I am a member of their loopsclub, so have lots of bags of yarn and project ideas to complete.

First thing you ever knitted-Giant cashmere/wool scarf in baby blue. Still have it, still wear it!

Your favorite movie - The Big Chill
Food - Mexican anything!!!:taco::burrito:
Color - red/orange
Kind of shoes - Love heels, but wear running sneakers or Tieks all of the time

Thing you would like to learn how to do - Finish a sweater!!


G’day! I’m Margaret from Sydney Australia. My first successful knitting that I can remember was a sweater I made in high school. It was a lavender polo neck with ribbing and cables. I thought I was very clever until I washed it and put it in the dryer. Of course it shrunk and felted. I was devastated!!! Never did that again!
Favourite movie: Can I say all of the Lord of the Rings movies? (That’s more than one)
I love eating Indian food. It has lovely vegetarian options. My favorite shoes are my hiking boots because if I’m wearing them I’m in the wild away from city living.
I love all things fibery and would love to finish my WIPs and get back to spinning my own yarn. My dream project would be an Alice Starmore knit from her Tudor series. Wow!
Thanks for this wonderful group!


I’m Lauren - KnitLauren on Ravelry.

I always thought knitting looked “way too hard” for me to do, so I never even considered learning it . . . until I accidentally signed up for a knitting class without realizing what I was signing up for. The name of the class was “Make an Eyelash Scarf” and I think I thought it was some kind of sewing class. Anyway, long story short, I got hooked and 14ish years later I’m still a knitter! My first completed project was actually a garter stitch scarf made from three different colors of wool.

My favorite movie is The Fisher King, my favorite food is ALL OF THEM (but especially pizza and ice cream), and I love Converse tennis shoes and tall boots.

I love learning in general, so I just want to keep learning as much as I can about everything, but especially knitting and Art. I’m always on the look out for new Graphic Design methods and skills. (I’m an art teacher and a graphic designer).

One of the things I’d love to see happen in my lifetime is a societal ‘return to craft’. We need to value the traditional crafts more and make sure they don’t die out. I’d also really, really love to find out there’s life out in the universe FOR SURE. I’m a huge Star Trek fan and I love the idea that it could be ‘real’.


Hi, my name is Mary , am not real techi
but finally here, i think.
have been knitting about 20 some years off and on
and came off a 4 year period of not knitting,
been in fire again since this past year.
Trying to get reoriented with terms and learning
lace, tackling a pair of socks also
Great to meet you sllUploading…


Too funny, Leslie! Hubbo thinks I have a lot of imaginary friends, too!

Laughing about the starting of projects. At this point I have so many
half-baked things going that I can basically reach down and hit a piece of
knitting that needs work.

Cheers to you–thanks for saying hi.

x0x Ann


Hey there! I’m Aimee :slight_smile: The first thing I ever knit was a baby blanket made of squares…never again! I


Hi - I’m Amy and I’m a knit-o-holic… wait — that’s another intro. I’m from PA and have lived here most of my life. I learned to knit when I was 11, and think I either made a scarf or something for Midge (Barbie’s bff).

My favorite color is red - which is pretty evident when you look at my stash… but I keep trying for blues and greens instead of reds and oranges…

Today I would like to learn how to do short rows correctly, I keep watching Youtube and hopefully, I’ll master it and get to finish this pullover I’m making out of the most luxurious alpaca.

Have loved you both since your first book and love the blog! amy


I’m Cindy a long time fan and obsessed knitter. I do not have enough time to knit all the things but try my best!


Hi everyone, My name is Carole, but I love going by Noni. Yep, three beautiful grandbabies; Avery, Cruz and Maximus. My heart is full.

First thing I ever knitted was a Kelly Green potholder. A German woman taught me when I was 8.


Hi, all! My name is Margaret and I’ve signed up to Bang Out a Hadley - I’m always late to parties, and I usually fail at KALs when life gets in the way of knitting, but try, try again, right?

I taught myself to knit at age 50-something and have loved it ever since. My first project was a scarf in stockinette, HA, the less said about that the better, except maybe to measure the progress I’ve made since. I love colorwork especially, including Fair Isle, slip stitch mosaic and double knitting. For my next trick, I’d like to learn Brioche knitting.


Hi you guys:)! I am Joan, aka fuguestateknits on ravelry and in the blogosphere and on twitter two ways. Learned how to knit about 53 years ago and have pretty much knitted something, with rare exception, every year since. Luckily, my full-time job is something I love - representing kids in abuse/neglect cases - so time away from knitting isn’t unbearable. (Have to admit, though, that it is nice to have those pointy sticks in my hands when I think about certain people in politics, LOL:)!) Have been following your blog since before your first book was published and have enjoyed every entry, except the sad ones, of course. Your site is fabulous!


The giveaway for the Breton Cowl finally dragged me out of my Cave of Hibernation! I learned to knit at the wildly popular classes at Denver Public Library eleven years ago and first tried knitting a scarf with straight metal needles and gray acrylic yarn. After class 1 (of 4), I drove to one of the yarn stores that provided the teachers and discovered circular needles as well as bright red Lamb’s Pride and then I was cooking with gas. As for pie, former Southerner that I am, pecan pie is it (oddly I do not like Sweet Potato Pie or sweet potatoes with marshmallows).


Hi, I am Chris from Cleveland. One of my husband’s hobbies is making pie. His peach pie has ruined restaurant peach pie for me forever. But my favorite is his sour cream apple pie with walnut crumb topping. I get one in lieu of a birthday cake every year.


I like pie, but usually bake cakes (and bread, all the time). I learned to knit from a middle-school student; the project must have been a scarf. Then I learned the purl stitch from the internet.


Hi - I learned to knit from my aunt when I was 10 but she was not the best teacher. The first real item I knit was in my 20’s - a very simple grey pullover sweater for my nephew who begged my sister that he not wear it! It was pretty bad but boy was I proud of it! These days I knit scarves, hats, and cowls - I can’t master dp needles so sleeves and socks remain a dream of mine. I can watch any of these movies over and over - You’ve Got Mail, Sense & Sensibility, Ground Hog Day, Pride & Prejudice, and Serendipity. I like using Youtube to learn new cast on and other techniques. I can spend a lot of time browsing in Ravelry for inspiration. I love greys - but a pop of color can be fun! - Cheers!


Hi my name is Nancy, nanfleur on Ravelry. My mother taught me to knit, probably a scarf that was never finished. The first big project I remember is for my high school sweetheart. It was a cabled pullover sweater. By the time I finished it and got the sleeves the same length, he had a growth spurt and it no longer fit. That would have been back in the late 1960’s. Clueless as to its final resting place. Retirement begins for me 3/1/2017! So many things to knit and sew. Art classes to take. Books to read. Recipes to try. Gardening projects to complete and new projects to get underway. And three days a week of being Nana the Child Care provider for the newest member of our family – our special handsome grandson born in early December. My husband and I and our two cats moved from the Baltimore area to the Eastern Shore 6 years ago. So still lots to explore here! Thanks for the invitation. Thanks for the wonderful welcoming community you, your guests and members provide. Your emails are always a bright spot in my days!


First thing I ever knit was a sweater for boyfriend. Starting the curse cycle early.
Fav food: Korean BBQ
Fav shoes: shearling anything
Fav movie: Pieces of April
Fav color grey
I live in DC area and work as a nurse midwife
Would love to learn to snowshoe