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Hello! My name is Mary Kay and although I’ve been knitting for a while, I’ve just recently finished my first sweater! Boxy. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! If I could, I’d wear it every day. I really would like to Bang Out a Sweater this month because then I’d have two sweaters to wear, but I want to get the yarn in person and that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe next weekend??? AND, I will be learning how to make socks next Saturday-I never wanted to make socks but I bought these really cool booties that dip down on the sides (don’t know the name of the style) & I decided that 2017 will be the year I learn to make socks. I bought a delicious skeins of Alegria today and it is caked and waiting!! I never imagined I would be so excited to knit a pair of socks?? Happy Knitting to all!


Hi, I am Judy. I have been knitting for well over 50 years and always love to see new designs and learn new techniques. This sounds like a good group!


I am Nellie currently in Northern California. I taught me self to knit for a Girl Scout badge in elementary school early 1970s.
My first project was either a garter stitch headband or a dickey from the Red Heart booklet, Teach Yourself to Knit.
I learned to knit continental style because I also taught myself to crochet first.
As a result, I knit twisted stitches which caused me to never reach gauge. I also would relax significantly which caused my projects to grow in size as I progressed.
Moved to Bloomington, IN in 1998. I felt " all good mothers knit mittens for their children". A neighbor gave me her pattern with the instructions to go to my lys for needles and wool.
I was SHOCKED when the mittens fit. So the next fall I took a Two Color Class where I made cute headbands for my daughter’s. The next year was a sick class. I found out about my twisted stitches during a knitting guild meeting.
Once that was fixed, my knitting took off.
My biggest accomplishments are a Weekend Sweater (Elizabeth Zimmerman), Hand to Hand Sweater (EZ or Meg Swanson) for my dh, Curves of Pursuit afghan(wedding present for my nephew), and a Tree of Life iiAfghan ( Lion Brand) that I made for my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary by knitting in their names, 50th Anniversary, and the dates.


Hiya, I’m Tristan and I live in London. I like red shoes, and I need to learn to finish projects before starting another.


Is it too late?

I’m Mary. Or Oyster.

I knit sweaters, hats, and cowls. First thing I ever knitted to completion was a Portuguese Fisherman’s Sweater pullover for my niece, then 3-ish. I “knew” how to knit, but not how to read a pattern, and a friend talked me through the whole project much to my astonishment (Me: “We’re starting with a sweater? Not a scarf?” Friend: “You’ll learn how to do lots of things this way–cast on, rib, pick up stitches, knit in texture–you can do it.” And I did. I also sew clothes, and have embroidered and quilted.

I’m a music geek who prefers pie to cake. My five favorite foods include oysters all ways, french fries of all quality, my maternal grandmother’s coddies and my paternal grandmother’s pierogis. Also hamburgers and tarte tatin. Okay that’s six.

I’m not knitting the Hadley, but I fell hard for the Stopover and am still playing with Lopi.

Am glad to be here. Thanks for the welcoming space.


Hi - I’m deb. I’ve been knitting for 10 years or so, also weaving a little and spinning even less. LOVE MDK ! Casting on!


Hi ! I’m Susie from Durham, NC. I’ve been knitting since I was in 4th grade, so over 40 years. How is that possible?!? I love knit/purl patterns and have used colors primarily in striping. I’m excited to try the fair isle with this pattern. I’m also a little hesitant about the shaping not fitting my figure. But if you’re willing to give it a go, I will to. Excited about this adventure!



I’m Yvette. A fairly beginner knitter and my first complete work was a stockinette stitch afghan. I’m currently working on a scarf and a hat. I’ve collected way more yarn than I could ever work with in this lifetime. But I’m chalking it up to another triumph for hope over experience.

I do enjoy your lovely newsletter!



I’m Alicia and I’ve been knitting for 6 years and crocheting for 25ish years. I also do some handspinning. I’m currently working on socks and a knitted amigurumi cat.


Hi, I’m Barbara and my grandmother taught me to knit when I was a kid. But I really didn’t get into it until about 5 years ago when I saw what beautiful yarns they were making. I had been a quilter for the last 30 years but was somewhat burned out at it, so I took up my needles again and have never looked back. Yes, I do love pie–all kinds but it doesn’t love me since it tends to sit on my hips and midriff. Currently I’m working on a darling onesie for my new grand niece.


Hi, I’m kt!

My mom taught me to knit about 20 years ago. My first FO was a knitted washcloth that I gave to her as a thank you. I really love shawls and scarves. I’m hoping to make 2017 the Year of The Socks!! I love wool, but also like bamboo and silk. Pizza is my food of choice. Could watch Casablanca, The Natural, Amelie, and Young Frankenstein on an endless loop. One wonderful husband, one delightful daughter, and currently one crazy cat. Nice to meet you all!


Hello! My name is Diane and I live in Missouri. I have been knittting for about three years. I’ve sewn and crocheted for nearly fifty years (yikes!).

  1. The first thing I knitted was a baby blanket. It looked like a really big dish rag, lots of knit and purl.

  2. I can’t even think of a favorite movie, I don’t seem to watch many. I love food of all types and cook a lot. And bake - maybe bread is my favorite! According to my closet, Naot shoes are my favorite. The more “mature” I become, the more I prefer to be comfortable.

  3. I seem to want to learn lots of things. I’m doing a Master Gardener course now. Would love to learn Italian and spend a month or so cooking in Italy. As far as knittting, I want to learn everything - this is my stress relief activity and I hope it will keep my brain challenged.

I’m so glad to have found your site. I really enjoy all the information. Thank you for being here!


Hallo! I’m CJ. I’m sliding into the giveaway under the wire I think. I’m a long time knitter and former teacher of same. I’ve been on Ravelry so long I have a 4 digit Rav code.
I love the process of knitting but I rarely finish anything since I’m a bit of a slow knitter. I’m really loving the community here even if I’m a bit of a lurker. Nice to meet you all!


Well hello there fellow knitters! I’m Marianne - I am currently caught up in a knitting fury! Every couple of years I get sucked into this hobby - for about 8 months, then it goes nearly dormant as some other hobby (sewing, gardening on an industrial scale) takes over. This has been one of my longer bouts - possibly because cowls and funky mid size projects seem to be the thing. No sweaters so far this year…


Hi Ann and Kay!
wow, this is cool! My name is Benedetta, often called Ben.
so to introduce myself, I am an Italian living for the last 20 years in the States. I have been knitting for longer than 20 years, the first thing I knitted as was a yellow sweater when I was in Canada as an exchange student. I have been knitting non stop since, i knit all kinds of things, but mostly sweaters/cardigans.
and recently toys, because my closet is full of handknits.
I spin too, but very intermittently. I like natural fibers, and I do have a sizeable stash. I try hard to use it and not buy new stuff. I also have a sizeable stash of books and magazines.
In other things, I am a minimalists, I do not use markers, circular needles, stitch counters etc.
I prefer long needles and long DPNS because I knit with a needle under my arm, int he combination style.
Outside of knitting,I am a veterinarian, with 2 children, 3 cats and a tortoise.
Nice to meet you all!
a hug to my old friends Ann and Kay!


Hello everyone!! Drat. I completely missed the giveaway due to falling behind in my blog post reading over the last week. Thankfully, I already made one Breton Cowl, so this is not the end of the world and one of you other lovely people will get to have the joy of making one.

My name is Tifanee and I have been knitting for about… 12? years. Although I feel like I have been saying 12 years for a while, so it is probably longer than that. My first project was a scarf made out of horribly itchy mohair boucle. It was a ridiculous yarn for a first project because I couldn’t see my stitches at all. It was the perfect yarn for a first project, for exactly the same reason. I also crochet often. I am learning to spin. I know how to embroider and sew, but they aren’t really my thing. I love making things with clay, although I haven’t done much of that lately.

Right now I am in the middle of three sweaters, a shawlette, a big wrap scarf and a regular sized scarf. And I want to start a pair of socks, a colorwork cowl, another sweater and a crochet tank top. So much do do!! :slight_smile:


Hi!! My name is Val - but my family calls me Enie - I’m smaller than everyone else!! I learned to knit when I was in college in 1980. I took an elective 1 hour class. The ‘instructor’ was a fellow classmate who handed out 2 #2 pencils and a small ball of yarn to each of us. We learned the basics of knitting and pearling there! And it’s been an adventure ever since! The first thing I made was a scarf for a friend. Since then, I’ve made so many things, but never anything for myself!! The Hadley is for me :)! I’m excited, and terrified - I’ve never done colorwork before. My husband said “it’s a challenge, you like challenges!!” So, here I am, and I am so glad that I have all of you guys here too.

My favorite food is pizza. Oh! and french fries… they should be a food group I think.

My favorite shoes?? No shoes - at the beach.

So, I casted on for the Hadley. Knitting merrily away, not paying attention, and twisted my stitches. Shoot! Starting over.

As for the shaping, I like a boxy, loose sweater. The thought of a 10" difference just doesn’t sound like it would be comfy ( I am making the large too). Though I am reluctant to alter the pattern, I will, because I don’t think I’d want it that ‘tailored’. I’m glad to hear that others are doing the same. We can all experiment together!!


Hello! I’m Bekah, though you’ll find me as Kadollan on Ravelry (and folks there mostly call me Kade). I’ve been knitting since my middlest was in utero – so just over 16 years. My best friend taught me, during a “nesting” period.

The first thing I ever knit was a weird, too wide-too short … thing… that was supposed to be a scarf, but see above re: too wide/too short. It was also Lion Brand Homespun, and it is a wonder that I ever knit again.

My favorite movie is The Two Towers (very fond of the whole trilogy, but Two Towers is the best), also spaghetti, orange, and tennis shoes round out the rest of that question.

I’m actively trying to learn how to spin, or actively avoiding it is probably more accurate. But anyway, I want to spin. Also brioche. Brioche looks cool.

Anyway! I’m happy to meet you all!



My name is Ellen and I live in Vermont. This past week has been snowy and cold, perfect for knitting. When I have gone to work, I have noticed many hand-knits on adults and children. We are all trying to get through the winter!


Hello! I’m Annie. I learned to knit ten years ago while spending the summer with my best friend. Knitting has helped me stay connected to friends and family far away as well as helped me feel connected to my local community. Knitting has also made me rich in warm goods and not so rich financially.
First thing you ever knitted. The antler scarf from Stitch and Bitch for Men.
Your favorite movie/food/color/kind of shoes.
My favorite shoes are my Manitoban mukluks. Warm and stylish. Plus they match everything.
Thing you would like to learn how to do.