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I love Jaws!! One of the few movies from my youth where the special effects really hold up. They’re still epic. And you can watch the whole opening in Spanish and have no idea. It’s happened to me more than once!


I have just joined so will have to learn how to navigate in here…baby steps. I love knitting and have a variety of hobbies but spend most of my time with yarn and needles. Looking forward to spending time here!


Hi all! My name is Lynne. I learned to knit at age 9, taught by my grandmother. Couldn’t possibly remember my first project, being ancient and all. I have knitted on and off since then.
I retired almost 2years ago and joined two knitting groups to stay busy. Great move on my part. Otherwise I might murdered my husband, he had the nerve to retire before me and seemed to be in my house ALL the time.

I’m really enjoying MDK! Thanks


Hello and thank you Ann for the welcome!

I am Amy IRL, Mimers on Ravelry and I’m from the Hudson Valley in NY. I also have a video podcast called Hudson Valley Knits and record outside pretty frequently. I have been knitting since I was a kid with a rather long time out from knitting while raising kids. I learned to knit by my Grandma. I love to teach people how to knit and have taught at libraries and freely during our knitting meetups.

Here are my about me questions:

  1. First thing I ever knit - “Scarf” for my Dad which he bravely wore every day to work.

  2. Favoirite Movie are all the Harry Potter movies. Color is pink right now. Favorite food is anything my husband makes (He’s a classically trained chef). Favorite shoes are comfortable ones which right now are my hiking boots.

  3. I would like to learn how to dye my own yarn but alas, I don’t have the time or space to do so. I highly doubt my husband would let me use his kitchen for this.


Hi I am Roseann
I love all the earth tone yarns seem to buy these more than anything else
Started knitting in high school and didn’t keep up started back up about 8 years ago
(By the way been out of high school 50 years) my sister got me going again.
Love high heel shoes just seem to have a hard time wearing them but they are so pretty to look at.
This is my last year in the 60’s and on to the 70


Hi, I’m Laura. First I just want to say how much I love waking up to Snippets each Saturday. My first knitting project was a scarf that my Grandma taught me to knit when I was pretty young. It was great fun but didn’t turn out so well and I was convinced that I’d never be a good knitter. Then I picked up a set of knitting DVDs at the library around 5 years ago and haven’t looked back. I knit during the winters, but not in summer, such a cozy way to get thru some bleak winter days (tho this winter is certainlly an exception).


That was an awesome start/introduction to knitting!


Malika, that is a beautiful sweater - and it fits perfectly. I am sure your dad loves it and will be proud to tell everyone he knows that his daughter made it for him!

I have a probably silly question - how did you get a photo in your post? I can’t figure out how to do that.


Hi, I’m Jen, in Virginia. Longtime MDK reader, but haven’t explored The Lounge much until now. I’m embarking on AYOT, because the list of new techniques includes several things I’d like to try or improve – short rows, color work, and sock heels. Plus, it’s fun to see what everyone else is doing.

First yarn-y product, under my grandmother’s supervision, was a crocheted granny-square afghan for my dog. She was the best dog ever and is long-gone, but I still have the afghan. I taught myself to knit years later, with assists from a friend who helped me figure out how to purl and many online tutorials.

Favorites are too hard to choose – there are too many things to like. But I’ll watch old movie musicals whenever I come across them, and I can almost never turn down ice cream.

I have 13-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, who are delightful in many ways, not least when they ask me to make them hats.


A dishcloth…

My cycling clipless shoes…

Make a really good pie crust…

Hi Everyone – I learned to knit when I friend thought I needed something to quiet my mind during a particularly stressful time. Been knitting ever since. :slight_smile:

Excited to find this forum – have a great week to all of you!


Hi my name is Karen and I’ve been knitting and crocheting for over 35 years. I’m mostly self-taught, and took my only class in sock knitting so I could learn how to both knit socks, and how to use dpns.

I have a deep rooted fear of making a sweater because when I was around 10 my Dad bought a knitting machine. The first project I tried on the my one was to make shorts for myself. Well I must have muddled metric and Imperial because I ended up with HUGE shorts!! But this year I have promised myself I’m going to conquer that fear and by taking the challenges within AYOT I’m hoping that with a few successes making things I’ve never made before, or with newly learned skills… well, I’ll be brave and complete a sweater.

I love the thrill of exploring and acquiring new yarn, and spend possibly too much time discovering new patterns. I’m hoping with my influence, my nieces and nephews will be excited to learn these crafts, and others. Because I’m fairly certain if I don’t have someone to will my hoard to, my husband will be jamming yarn along side me in my coffin.

One last thing… we can’t allow the future generations not to learn these crafts. They are so important to freeing our creativity, our voices, our past and future.


I’m finally catching up with the Introductions in The Lounge and see your comment about audiobooks being too slow. On my Kindle Fire there’s a way to speed it up. On Overdrive (books borrowed through the library) the playback speed adjustment is in the Settings wheel in the upper right of the screen. On Audible there’s a small number with an x next to it in the lower left that you can use to slow or accelerate the reading. I’m sure the same is true on any tablet-like device since it seems to be part of the program not the device. Maybe this info will help you get your wish to be able to “read” and knit simultaneously.


How I happened upon your post this morning is a question only the knitting gods can answer. You brought back several good memories of time spent at Girl Scout camp so very long ago. I can almost smell the hobo stew.


Hello all,
My name is Sandra and I live in Glenrowan Australia. My mother taught me to knit when I was eight and my cousin taught me the purl stitch. My first knitting was a jumper for my Barbie as she only had a summer dress to wear. So I have been knitting for 50 years, making mainly warm jumpers for my three boys when they were little and baby clothes with new grandchildren , great nieces and nephews.
My favourite colour is green and favourite food is an authentic baked New York cheesecake.
I truly thought I was an experienced knitter until finding Mason Dixon and AYoT around about the same time. A whole new knitting world has been opened, yarns techniques and patterns, that has re-ignited my love of knitting. To be learning new things is wonderful, and reading other people’s posts helpful. Love the letters and articles too. I now have a stash of yarn, a queue on Ravelry and three projects on the needles, thanks Mason Dixon!


Hi, I’m Jessie!

The first thing you ever knitted was a tuque worked in the round on DPNs. I didn’t notice until I was done that I had dropped a stitch somewhere in the middle, but I just looped some yarn through it and sewed it in place. I topped it with a pom-pom, and handed it to my daughter, who seems to have eventually lost it somewhere, but she enjoyed it in the meantime.

My favorite
Movie: Oscar and Lucinda
Food: Tacos
Colour: All of them (mostly)
Kind of shoes: Erm, running shoes?

I would like to learn how to sew my own bras and underwear.
Other than that, I’ll add that I knit, crochet, write knitting patterns, and spin yarn, with occasional forays into other crafts.


Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. Is this where I can post about my new Indigo endeavor?
I would love it if you would like my Facebook page:
This is my most favorite blog!!


HI! I’m new. I"m “Jinxer” …here and on Ravelry. I know I’ll learn a lot from everyone. I’m self taught and stumbled my way around sticks and string for quite a few years. Looking forward to it all.



Hello, I am new to the lounge, and new-ish to MDK, but of course really love it. Not new to knitting. Had an unintentional break from knitting since … 2006-ish? But then last July jumped back in to finish a Starmore WIP (I did!) and have discovered the amazing online world of knitters and fiber-arts resources. I am so happy to be here.

First thing I ever knitted: Age 15. pre-internet. Picked out the fanciest sweater pattern I could find in the store: cables knit through the back loop, and what is it called when you knit through two rows at once to create a kind of mega-stitch? I didn’t care what it was called. It was some fabulous texture and I knit it in a medium purple wool worsted, even though it called for cotton. The ladies at the store said “you’ll want to do something simpler for your first project” but they were wrong.

My favorite kind of shoes: red ones. I’d say a good 80% of my shoes are red.

Thing I would like to learn how to do: have patience, including and perhaps especially with myself. any tips?


Julia! WELCOME! I completely love the fact that you went big with your first sweater. It really is true, don’t you think, that nothing is really hard if nobody tells you it’s hard. Look at babies learning to walk–they fall down, roll over, generally botch the whole thing, but they don’t get all fussed about it.

So glad you’re here. There’s a ton of stuff to read in the departments that appear at the top of the pages on MDK. In fact, here’s a whole guide to what’s going on here, in case you missed it:


Hi, My first post in the Lounge. I learned how to knit 35 years ago from some women I worked with. We had very long noon hours, 1 1/2 hours, and found different activities to pass the time, knitting was one of them. I can’t remember what I learned to knit on, probably a scarf, but I do remember acquiring enough confidence that I knit myself a pullover sweater in a basketweave pattern and a bright yellow acrylic yarn. I actually wore it a few times, the fashion bar was low back then. I had no idea what a mattress stitch was at the time so the seams must have been pretty wonky and bulky, pretty sure I held them together with some sort of whip stitch. That sweater was put in the goodwill bag many years ago. I should have saved it just as a testament to how far my knitting skills have come. I tried a few more things but then stopped knitting for years and only started again after I retired in 2005. Once I discovered Ravlery a whole new world of knitting opened up for me. I’ve learned so much through all the sites and the knitters who share their knowledge through blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos. As much as I learn I then discover more that could be learned. Knitting is an endless possibility of new techniques and patterns. I love it! I want to try double knitting, the Sockmatician’s patterns inspire me, and I really want to learn Fair Isle. There’s so much to learn and so little time! Favourite movies are any with well crafted writing and plots and generally star Kate Blanchett, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, Cathy Bates, the list goes on… I love a good smart comedy, great dramas and English period pieces.