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Hi, My first post in the Lounge. I learned how to knit 35 years ago from some women I worked with. We had very long noon hours, 1 1/2 hours, and found different activities to pass the time, knitting was one of them. I can’t remember what I learned to knit on, probably a scarf, but I do remember acquiring enough confidence that I knit myself a pullover sweater in a basketweave pattern and a bright yellow acrylic yarn. I actually wore it a few times, the fashion bar was low back then. I had no idea what a mattress stitch was at the time so the seams must have been pretty wonky and bulky, pretty sure I held them together with some sort of whip stitch. That sweater was put in the goodwill bag many years ago. I should have saved it just as a testament to how far my knitting skills have come. I tried a few more things but then stopped knitting for years and only started again after I retired in 2005. Once I discovered Ravlery a whole new world of knitting opened up for me. I’ve learned so much through all the sites and the knitters who share their knowledge through blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos. As much as I learn I then discover more that could be learned. Knitting is an endless possibility of new techniques and patterns. I love it! I want to try double knitting, the Sockmatician’s patterns inspire me, and I really want to learn Fair Isle. There’s so much to learn and so little time! Favourite movies are any with well crafted writing and plots and generally star Kate Blanchett, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, Cathy Bates, the list goes on… I love a good smart comedy, great dramas and English period pieces.


Hi Kathy! So glad you’re here. I hear what you say about knitting being an endless opportunity–it really never stops being new, and that’s why I keep knitting All The Time! Hope you have fun exploring MDK! xo Ann


Hi there. I’m Missy from Nebraska.
The first thing I ever knit was a dishcloth. I crocheted forever but couldn’t get the hang of knitting until I learned the Continental style. Success! The older I’m getting the more I’m knitting! An addict is born!
My favorite movies. Older - Field of Dreams, Rudy. New - I Can Only Imagine.
My favorite way to travel is by car - I never know when an unexpected yarn shop is going to call me. I’d rather collect yarn than any other travel souvenir!
I want to learn to keep my gauge all the way to the end. A few times my projects have turned out too big even though my swatch was right on to start with. I should have measured the item or checked my gauge along the way.
I’m also interested in improving stranding and learning Colorwork.
Finishing techniques are always something I can learn to do better.
My most recent FO is the Carbeth Cardigan! Yay!! Love it.


Hi all, just joined the community after getting the newsletters for months now. Some things about me…
First thing I knitted, but fell behind and had my mother finish was a sleeveless pullover in crafting class. Yup, Catholic girl school had that class.
My favorite meal is egg noodles with sour lentil sauce, favorite color green, favorite movies Cat on a hot tin roof and Reality Bites (and so many others) , favorite Band Queen and Third Day.

I would really love to knit my own sweaters and TShirts.


Hi Schnootie! Welcome! There’s a lot to dig into here at MDK–the How To department has lots of videos and tutorials, and Projects will show you tons of ideas for things to make. I hope you have fun here.

xoxo Ann


Thanks for the nice welcome! I shall dive right in!


Good morning! I’m Courtney. I’ve been knitting for about 20 years.

The first thing I ever knitted, sometime around 1994, was a purple scarf that was both perfectly scratchy and far too short. I’m pretty sure it was made from Lett Lopi. It felted quite efficiently over my 2 mile walking commutes during its first Seattle winter, so I cut and sewed it into a rectangular hot water bottle cozy that I continue to use all the time.

My favorite movie (right this second - I can’t choose one forever!) is Babette’s Feast, my favorite food is toast, my favorite color is black, and my favorite shoes are Campers of nearly any model.

Among several other things, I’d like to learn to not be afraid of my knitting. I’m currently reworking Martin Storey’s Bodrum pattern to suit my needs and I’m finding it scary.

I’ve been reading the blog and newsletters for quite awhile and decided it was about time to say hello.


Welcome, Courtney!

Curious to know what you’re doing to that Bodrum pattern. It is gorgeous and squiggly.

Babette’s Feast! Now that’s a movie. I need to watch it again–I can remember basically nothing about it except that it was wonderful.


I am a beginner knitter, starting this year. I have made a wrap for my sister, a pattern I did myself. Just simple knitting only. I would like to learn to do something out of the #8 book I just purchased. Possibly a hat with two colors. I have crocheted since 2013, making blanket of three strands for myself now. My favorite movie is “Overboard.” I love chocolate and brownies are my favorite treat. I am a full-time caregiver for my Mom who is 81.


I started knitting 5 years ago after growing up crocheting since I was little! I think crocheting helped me keep my knitting tension consistent (although tight) from the beginning!

My first project was a cable scarf where I did the cables incorrectly for half of the scarf and then realized it makes a difference in where you hold the cable needle relative to the work! So half of that scarf is correct…

Favorite food is chocolate. Movie is The Fellowship of the Ring. Color is purple.

My goal is to design my own knit patterns. I have a couple free patterns on ravelry, but I want to improve my pattern writing skills! The feedback I’ve gotten from my free patterns is that my stitches/gauge are very tight so I need to learn to relax when I am knitting!


Hello and welcome! So glad you’re here.

What’s your Ravelry name so we can see your patterns? We’re always curious to see a new pattern!


You have such fun ahead of you, being a new knitter. So fun!

I think you’d find the Slip-Stitch Cap a fun project. It’s made with big yarn, so it comes together fast! The two colors are worked with slip stitch, which means you don’t ever have to work with two strands of yarn at the same time. It would give you an introduction to decreasing, which is one of the simple yet amazing things that knitting can do.


Thank you!

I fell for Bodrum when I saw it not long ago at Fringe Association. I’m generally color averse, but found the squiggly goodness too much to withstand. The pattern is knit flat, but 'm knitting it in the round. I’m making it in my own size rather than one offered by the pattern. And I’m choosing the colors (from Milarrochy Tweed) randomly rather than in order set by the pattern.

It’s above my current pay grade, knitting-wise, but I’m keeping on keeping on, in spite of being intimidated.

It’s about time for my periodic rewatching of Babette’s Feast. I find it’s a movie that makes me smile so hard I cry, in such a lovely way.


Thank you Ann, the Slipped Stitch hat is the next project for me.



Forgot to mention my name is Kelly and on Ravelry I am kelnvasian! Thanks!


While I had wanted to knit as a child and teenager, I didn’t pursue it until I took lessons at a yan shop in the early 80’s. The ladies at the shop put us through our paces in that series of classes - my first project was a wool vest with cables, increases, descreases, picking up stitches and seaming. It was wonderful since I learned about gauge and the joy of using nice wool from the get-go. I’ve been knitting ever since and enjoy a wide range of projects, but - who knows why - I’ve never been tempted by socks.

My favorite movies are The Shawshank Redemption and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and I am a total sucker for kitten heel D’Orsay pumps. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to join the Lounge since I’ve been following MDK for 10 years or more - there’s always something to learn. I enjoy charitable knitting and I look forward to discovering additional opportunities through The Lounge!


Shar! Welcome! Feel free at any time to start a topic if there’s something you’re curious about, inspired by, or could use some advice or help. You can see all the Lounge’s categories here:

And to start a new topic within one of these categories, just select a Category, then click the New Topic button and type away.

PS Team Kitten Heel here. Being on the tall side, and the amazingly uncoordinated side, kitten heels give you a little sass without knocking you flat on your face.


Welcome, I been getting the MDK newsletter also and thought, I should get more knitting fun information! This is such a great place to read and learn!


So nice to meet you! I have read great things which already answered my questions! I was a tight Crochet gal and also tight Tunisian stitcher too. When I finished a wrap for my sister (40+ rows), I thought it was time to join in the fun. I am on Ravelry too but too shy to add anything yet. A friend from NJ told me I’ve been a fiber artist and need to take credit!


Digging into my memory, I think the first thing I knitted was a scarf. Learned pretty fast that it was necessary to count my stitches. My mom started me on the knitting but she gave me one lesson and I was on my own. I don’t even remember asking her to show me how to knit.

I just retired from teaching teens about Biology and Advanced Placement Biology and it’s been nice to actually have some real time to knit. It feels so good, I don’t want to do anything else. Well, until my wrists start to ache. My favorited movies to watch/listen while I knit is Apollo 13, all Harry Potter vids, and the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movies. I’ve just discovered Audiobooks that I borrow from our library so my first book is Dune. Nice alternative to listening to videos and Youtube knitting vlogs.

Does popcorn count as food? Oh, and learning how to knit socks, I’ve become enamored with black clogs so I can show off my hand-knit socks.

I’d love to learn how to calculate a pattern from one weight of yarn to another so I knit sweaters in any weight I want when I want :smiley:

Since I don’t have any grandchildren, I’m knitting things for my grand-nephew who is 6 months old. I’m going to knit up the black and white sheep toy by Susan Anderson.

I learned about MDK and the Field Guide series from TinCanKnits who was offering a Field Guide as a prize. I didn’t win but I was intrigued by “field guides” as a biologist. I became a fan and am building my library. I’ve hinted to my sons that they can just pick one field guide as a present to me for the holidazes