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I am reading over the Slipped-Stitch Cap and I don’t find how many stitches to cast on. I will be learning as I go and I don’t want to make it too difficult for myself!




Hi Lounge :hugs:

My name is Jessica. I live in the Nashville area. Funny story, I met Ann at Craft South during Andrea Mowry’s trunk show this past weekend. Ann was so kind and sweet. Such a teacher and encourager, even in a 10 min casual convo. Clearly I had no idea who I was talking to or I would have bombarded her with way more questions!

The first thing I’ve ever knit was 5 years ago. I was pregnant with our 3rd and decided to take on an owlie sleep sack as my first project. Didn’t finish it. But determined to learn to knit I moved on to making ear warmers and hats. I’ve knit on and off for long spans of time during the last few years but have been knitting every day without fail for the past 3 months. I just love it. I mean LOVE. IT. I’m discovering quality yarns and my local yarn shops. It’s a whole new world and I’m enjoying the learning process so much.

For 2019, I have big plans to continue advancing my knitting skills with shawls, sweaters and socks. Obviously, tons of brioche will be involved. It’s my new obsession. I also sew, mostly for my girls but this coming year I have plans to make a me-made warddrobe. So excited to have found this quint knitting community. Thank you for having me!


Jessica! It was so great to meet you–a very fun evening. And you’re so lucky to have so much ahead of you–be sure to ask any questions you have here in the Lounge. There are a lot of very experienced knitters in here, often with strongly held opinions aka KAY.


Hi, I’m Dorothy. I live in SW Ontario (very hot summers, cold snowy winters). My first successful knitting project was a cabled cardigan in a dark blue Red Heart DK blend. I was about 20, and taught to knit, purl and cast on and off by my mother as a child. I had a few uninteresting or failed projects behind me, but I really wanted this sweater and my mum was too busy to knit it for me. I had the motivation to work through the obstacles, and I took the gauge warning seriously. I loved that sweater!
It’s 40 years later and I’ve never stopped knitting. Right now I’m fascinated by Laura Nelkin’s Novus cardigans and am knitting two (one needing concentration, the other less so) in Wollmeise DK and Anzula Breeze. I love beautiful yarn.


My name is Laura. My first knitting project was supposed to be a scarf, though by the end I’m not sure it could be called that. I was 15 and really wanted to learn to knit, but knew no one who could show me. I went to the store and bought a pair of needles that “looked right.” When I got them home, I took everything my mom had taught me about crocheting and everything I’d seen about knitting from TV and set to work. I’m pretty sure it was thrown away after a while.

Fast forward to college and YouTube. I found a video that some nice British lady made. She taught me how to make a pair of socks. I used the wrong yarn, but they fit and I finished them. I have learned a lot since then and would love to continue to learn new techniques that I haven’t tried yet.

My favorite food is potatoes. Any meal with potatoes is delicious to me. I like watching British murder mysteries while I work on my projects and I’ll play the same ones over and over again. My husband thinks I’m crazy.


Hi I’m Denyse . I was taught to knit by my mother when I was home sick from school… I didn’t finish that scarf as I put it away as soon as I was better. Twenty years later I had the urge to knit for my 3 boys - cute little striped jumpers & cardis. Put the knitting aside once again until a few years ago I noticed Stephen West & all the beautiful new hand dyers - oh the colours & the fun.
My favourite colour for many years has been blue. But lately I’ve noticed I’m drawn to orange & some yellows & greens. Well really, all the colours. I find I can’t knit happily with just one colour. I seem to need to dip into my basket of yarn for a colour change quite frequently.
It’s great to have found MDK through KnitStars. I live in Australia, so popular yarns at the moment are cotton & linen, but really, anything is possible if you turn the aircon down low enough.


Welcome, Darby! So glad you’re here, especially cool that you’re in Australia.

If you’re a fan of color, I think you’ll find tons to see here.

Happy new year to you!


Hi Laura!

Yes yes yes to British murder mysteries and Britishness in general—we often feature them in our weekly Laz Sunday posts. Check out our full department of Lazy Sundays for great shows to knit to:

So glad you’re here!


Hi, knitters! My name is Rachel and I live in West Virginia.

  1. First thing knitted: an obscenely long red baby alpaca garter stitch scarf. I didn’t know how to bind off so I just kept knitting and knitting and eventually it was about 10 feet long.
  2. My favorite movie is Out of Africa. Food: pasta or cake. Shoes: Birkenstocks or clogs.
  3. I would really like to get better at making things fit. I have a gorgeous sweater I knit for my husband but the sleeves are too long and it just doesn’t set right on his shoulders. I’d also like to get better at finishing. I’m the worst mattress seamer in the universe. I’d also love to learn to steek. And get better at Fair isle and intarsia. I have a lot of knitting goals!

My main goal this year is to become a year round knitter. I really only knit in the winter and I’d like to change that for a number of reasons – to get more knitting done and to reap the mind/body benefits of knitting on a more consistent basis. A secondary goal is to stop using cheapie yarn. I bought some fantastic yarn this summer in Orkney and as I was paying for it I decided I wasn’t going to skimp on yarn, even if it means fewer projects.

Looking forward to exploring The Lounge!


I just discovered the Novus cardigans and am similarly obsessed!


Hello Rachel!

I’m loving all the goals–the great thing about knitting is every bit of it is achievable. And fun. And possible at whatever pace you like.

I am so glad you’re here. Lots to poke around in the various Departments that appear at the top of every page on the site. “Inspiration” has all sorts of stuff. “Projects” has a lot of things in process. And “How To” includes videos from the Year of Techniques series that are really wonderful.

Have a great time!



Hi I am new here. I am 60 years old. I learned to knit at age 7. My aunt taught me. My first project was a very ugly but soft kelly green throw pillow. I wonder what ever happened to it?
My fav movie is an old one- Westward the Women with Robert Taylor And Ben Johnson.
I am married to the best man the treee is, and mother to 6. 4 boys and 2 girls. Grandma to 8 with one on the way in early April.
I love sock knitting and baby things. I always have a few projects going. I am knitting a blanket for the baby boy on the way from the Andrea shawl pattern with Queensland Collection United Foursome yarn. Very lightweight fun yarn. Always have socks going, and a shawl right now too. Happy to be here., jenny


“It’s 40 years later and I’ve never stopped knitting.” One day I will share this testament. I’ll be 80 but it will be true. :smiley: I enjoy knitting cardigans for my girls. I’ll have to look up Laura Nelkin. Happy Knitting!


Hi MDK Community!

I’m Karen, and I’m happy to be here. I have been enjoying the website for over a year now.

–The first thing I ever knit was a blue variegated hat, knit in a square and sewed up with a seam. A very nice lady taught us Girl Scouts. I knit a few pair of garter stitch slippers also, then stopped until about 6 years ago at age 55.
–My favorite color is green, then green, then orange.
–My favorite shoes are Ziera lace ups - not beautiful except in how they feel.
–I think what I would like to learn most is to have a “just right” size stash! (I suspect this means adjusting my thinking!) When I started knitting a few years ago, I bought many single skeins – both fingering and worsted. I have since culled a few times and donated yarn, but some how it expands faster than I knit. I vacillate between having checking out my stash and imagining projects, and feeling overwhelmed.


Hi Karen! Welcome!

Re your single skeins: if ever there were a post to inspire you to use up yarn may not know what to do with, today’s post about Sara Sprung’s colossal stash busting 100 hats is pretty inspiring. You can double fingering weight yarns to get a worsted weight yarn, which is great for a fast hat.


Hello MDK!

I love the blog and All The Things in It. I can’t remember the first thing I knit but I do recall an early pair of bed socks -came out very square and squeaky (cheap yarn). My beloved Gran taught me how to knit. I remember her often. My favourite colour is green, I love cheese and my footwear of choice would be Converse or similar. I’m very proud to have recently completed my Hadley (know in Book Group as The Perpetual Jumper as it took a while and several re-dos. I over-ordered on the yarn and have a ton left over). Emily The Dog is gazing lovingly at the Hadley. She read Dana Williams-Johnson’s post and can’t stop thinking about it. The thing is, do I use the yarn for her or my sister who set me up with the Hadley kit in the first place (We’re twins, we would match!)


Welcome! So glad you found your way here!

Your Hadley looks spectacular. I think it would be a) incredibly kind to make a matching one for your sister and b) ridiculously cute for Emily to have one. I don’t think you can go wrong here. Emily looks pretty interested, just sayin.

Definitely #TeamGreen here. I can just stare out the window at the tree and feel better. My Bang Out a Revolution sweater is going to be Periwinkle Sheep Merino DK in Olive, which is greengreenspringygreen.


Thanks Ann! It was indeed fun to see all those great hats. I admire her perseverance!
My goal is more humble than 100 hats – I plan to knit a pair of mittens or a hat every month this year (maybe add some colorwork to whittle those skeins down faster too!)


Thank you Ann! I’m going for a twin jumper. And yes, I always feel better when I look out the window into the garden too. Happy Saturday, and thanks again to you, Kay and the team for this place.