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Hi, my name is Patti and I came to knitting about three years ago. I had been weaving and doing quilts for a number of years and decided that I needed to downsize to something I could do when I travel with my husband in our RV. Knitting was the answer for me. My first project was an afghan from a library book pattern, which I love to use in the winter. I did a few scarves, but my brain wanted more so I moved onto socks. I found I really enjoy not only using circular needles, but dpns as well. I have done several amigurumi critters for my grandson as well. Well, I have never done anything that really had to fit a human being (a fifty two year old promise to a home economics teacher):face_with_raised_eyebrow: so in trying to make a sweater with the Revolution I will be learning to swatch for gauge, to read a chart, to make cables…you name it and I am so looking forward to the challenge.:partying_face:



Hi Patti! So glad you’re here. You’ll find lots of helpful knitters over in the Bang Out a Sweater topic here in the Lounge—so great that you’re game for trying new things! Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the welcome. I have become pretty good at unknitting, and since this one is for me there’s no pressure just brain candy.



Hey folks! I’m Lynn Siprelle, a fanatic knitter for more than 50 years (gulp). I’m not quite 58. I had a massive stroke a little over four years ago, and came within hours of dying; consequently, I’ve had to reteach myself to knit (and walk, and talk, and and and). I’m back, though, baby, and reading MDK–I was THRILLED to find them again!! I’m on Rav as MeiLin. Hiya!



Hi Lynn, glad you’re back!! I’m Karyn, a neighbor to your west in Rainier OR. I’ve been knitting since January of last year after about a 45 year break;) and I can’t put it down now!

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Lynn, welcome! What a joy to have you here–especially as you are finding your way back to knitting. I hope we can keep you interested . . . lots to see here! ; )


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Ann, you’ve kept me interested already lo these many years–I’ve been a reader of yours since you started, only to fall off reading about six years ago. I found you again about a year and a half ago. I’m amazed at all the good stuff you’ve got here. :heart:



Hi! My real name is Mary, but for years my nickname was “Emz” (devised by my high school friends since there were so many Marys in our class). It actually derives from my initials, which were MMZ. 10 years ago, after retiring and moving to upstate NY, I found myself in a small choir group with two other Marys; hence the revival of “Emz”, which I continue to use. My mom taught me to knit when I was about 4 or 5, on those big old wooden needles with the big red balls on the ends​:smile:. I really don’t remember the first thing I knit, though I do remember crocheting clothes for my “Toni” doll. When I was in high school I remember knitting a suit (I still can’t believe that!), and I still have a sweater I made from that yarn after I frogged the suit years later. When a friend got me reintroduced to knitting about 5 or 6 years ago I started dabbling again. The internet really did it for me, and once I discovered All Free Knitting and Ravelry I was off & running! I recently purchased Knit Stars 3.0, which is how I found MDK :smiley:!
When I’m not knitting or reading (audiobooks so I don’t have to give up knitting time to read), I’m singing in our church choir and in our annual variety show. I grew up in Brooklyn, lived in Manhattan for a while after college, moved to New Jersey after marrying and then relocated to the Hudson Valley after 40 years as a professional social worker. I live in a log home in the woods with my husband of 47 years (who is amazingly supportive of my knitting addiction​:laughing:)! Don’t know if I can narrow down a favorite book, but my new book club is working on Kristin Lavransdatter, which is a re-read for me. I can probably put that high up on my favorites list. Not much of a movie goer, but on tv I’m hooked on Outlander, Poldark, and Victoria. Currently workingon my BangoutaRevolution sweater; Calligraphy with long sleeves. Gotta get back to the needles!:grin::yarn:



Hi, the first thing I ever knit was a vest when I took a knitting class at a yarn shop. It was knit with a navy blue speckled wool yarn.

Favorite movie/food/color/kind of shoes: Wizard of Oz/ice cream/red/flip flops

I’d like to learn how to knit lace without losing my mind!



Hi I’m Bonnie. (bonniejacobs on Ravelry Instagram & Twitter). Currently I’m a merchandising execution team (MET) supervisor for Home Depot. I love creating art (photography, illustration, painting) & ran my own studio for over 20 years. I’m married & have three kids in college.

First thing I ever knitted… I was probably around 8. My nana & mom already taught me to sew & crochet… I loved it. Knitting didn’t go as well. I don’t think I ever finished the scarf I started. Fast forward to 2009 & a friend taught me to knit contentenal style after she saw how I crochet. Amazingly I caught on. First project was using Barbara Walkers “Learn to Knit Afghan” book & knitting all the squares in the book (start to finish). And yes, I finished it & it’s a family favorite for snuggling.

My favorite thing to knit/crochet/sew are monsters. I create about 100-200 every year. They are all donated to Hope Gardens (a shelter for women & children escaping abuse). Each child at the shelter receives a hand-made monster during the holiday party in Dec. I’ve been creating/giving since 2011. Details on my Ravelry projects page.

My favorite…
… food is Mac-n-cheese. The real stuff baked in the oven, not from a box.
… movie is… that’s a hard one, I have many favorites.
… color… hmmm I’m a artist so I love them all!
… kind of shoes… for everyday wear, I love boots or comfy shoes. At work I need sneakers with lots of arch support (industrial concrete floors).

Thing you would like to learn how to do…
Right now I’m recovering from brain surgery & retraining my (still numb) left hand to coordinate with my brain.

I actually met @Kay in April 2012 when she taught a meter crosses blanket workshop at Woolbearers in Mount Holly, NJ.



Hi, I’m Violet! I’m from Oklahoma and started knitting 13 years ago. I taught myself the knit stitch, but couldn’t get the hang of purling, so I signed up for a class at a LYS. Once I learned that, my knitting took off. I don’t remember what my first finished project was, but I bought an angora or angora blend yarn from Classic Elite, but I can’t remember the name. I knit all year, even in the hot Oklahoma summers. I binge-watch while knitting.

My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz, though I love many others.

My favorite food is more a meal. I love a down-sized Thanksgiving meal all year-around.

I want to learn brioche and double knitting.



Hi Ann, really looking forward to joining in with the Lounge chat. I’m from Rutland which is the smallest county in England. I can’t actually remember the first thing I knitted, I was taught by my mum to knit as a little girl, it’s something I’ve always done. Favourite films include Room With a View, La La Land But I do like a good mystery too. Currently enjoying Endeavor.
I would like to learn to knit faster and I’m not great at lace knitting so would like to have the courage to do more of that.
Bye for now



**I learned sewing in high school, made myself two prom dresses, picked out a pattern for my bridesmaid’s dresses and sewed some children’s clothes. I learned embroidery and cross stitch but loved needlepoint …which became my thing for a number of years. Designing my own projects was the bomb! **
Then, no fiber arts for years! Until, Thanksgiving, 9 years ago. My daughters were knitters in college. So, we were all at my daughter’s home and I kept asking, “What can I do to help with dinner?”“Give me a job!” My daughter went into her study, came out with needles and yarn and said,“This is how you cast on, this is the knit stitch . Now, stay out of the kitchen!” So, I made my first scarf. Been at it ever since. I belong to Sea Purls, a Knitting Guild of America chapter which takes an annaul trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival… Love making shawls. Did my first KAL last spring. Signed up for Knit Stars 2.0 and my world of knitting expanded. Ravelry, social media and MDK were eye opening. Thank you, Ann and Kay!
My other daughter bought a home near Woodstock, NY and we went to Rhinebeck this year!



I love fantasy sci-fi books and movies, too! Do you know Bumblebee Fibers…they have themed yarn colors!!



Hello, all,

I’ve been lurking a bit and felt guilty about it, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Melanie, and I find that I can spend waaaay too much time reading stuff posted here on MDK and not knitting. Anybody else have the problem of getting sucked too far in sometimes?

The first thing I ever knitted was the typical holey rectangular (more or less) scarf. Mine was knitted in a dark blue and green chenille, though, so the holes were mostly disguised. I’d like to say that it was good planning. It wasn’t. That was in 2004.

Favorite stuff:

  • Movie: too many, really, but standouts are Atonement, Brokeback Mountain, and the Keira Knightley/Matthew McFayden version of Pride and Prejudice. Apparently, I like a romance that requires tissues.
  • Food: ice cream
  • Color: blue
  • Kind of shoes: depends on whether I’m wearing them or just looking at them.

I’d like to learn how to use color, to speak French, to really cook (as opposed to following a recipe), but mostly to be confident. I did learn how to crochet last summer and am working on a crocheted blanket project in addition to my knitting projects, which I need to return to now.

Thanks to all for the good stuff available here.




Hi, I am Sherry. The ka1kpm is an amateur radio callsign.
I learned to knit from my cousin when I was about 9. Knit a sweater and a cape 30 years ago. Picked it up for my first grandchild but stopping and restarting.
I am working on posting in Ravelry but so far collecting patterns.
Knitting baby coccoons right now. I aspire to much more.
I just saw An Officer and a Gentleman and loved it the second time around.
I hope to learn brioche but am open to many learning opportunities.
This morning I am untangling a massive pile of yarn barf lol.



Oh good, I was going, “knit…a?!..1, knit, place marker…?” :slightly_smiling_face:



I love a good weepy movie and had completely forgotten about that version of Pride and Prejudice. Cried buckets, I did. And at the cinema as well. Thank you for the reminder! Truly Madly Deeply is another goodie.




i’m marcia. i started knitting in 2009, after the death of my mom. it was something i’d wanted to do for a while, but it hadn’t worked out. a couple of months before mom passed away, i had her stop in with me at my then-local yarn shop. i let her interrogate the owner while i checked out the yarn. :smiley: it seemed the best use of our skills :smiley: when i went back 5 months after that visit, that hot pink Malabrigo Worsted was waiting for me for my first garter stitch scarf. mom did try to teach me prior to that visit and i still have the swatch she made of garter, stockinette, seed stitch (which she so cutely called moss stitch because she has a bit of British background) and cables.

i swear, though, that although my mom and grandmom didn’t teach me to knit, someone in my childhood did, at Girl Scout camp. i say this because Kitchener stitch is soooo familiar to me. i remember such a feeling of accomplishment getting it and helping other girls with it.



What a gentle mom memory. My mom was crafty too, and those are some of my most vivid memories of her. xoxox