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I just finished “Bang Out a Revolution” and (sort of) completed my Swirl Topper in the allotted 28 days – I just need to hem and block it – so now that I have a minute, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Paula, and the first thing I ever knitted was a white sweater with pink stripes. It was huge by design – it was the 80’s – and I had someone else sew it together for me, so a little bit of cheating. My favorite food is anything with cheese, and my favorite color is a very particular shade of blue, a little bit sapphire, a little bit peacock. I have been working on learning the Irish language for the last year, and will probably work on learning the Irish language for the rest of my life. I’m returning to knitting after taking a long hiatus while finishing a BA in English (started in the 90’s) as a part-time and very non-traditional age student, and I’ve been tearing up Ravelry adding favorites to my library. Lots of Isabell Kraemer designs! Can’t wait for Field Guide No. 10!


I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and work at the large university in our city that begins with an H. Besides knitting, I sew, scull on the Charles River, practice yoga, cook a lot and participate in a number of philanthropic organizations. I have 3 grown children who live in DC, SF and NYC. I grew up in SF and lived in the Mountain West and DC before settling here 30+ years ago. My husband is very supportive of my knitting passion. I have made incredible friends over the years from knitting.

  1. The first thing I ever knitted was a small blanket with my grandma. I used it for my stuffed animals.
  2. My favorite movie is “The Way we Were,” food is baked sweets such as cookies and tea breads, color changes but currently pink and gray together, I love shoes, especially 3" chunky heels that are patent leather.
  3. Well in knitting I would like to learn how to do Fair Isle and be a more confident sweater knitter. In other areas, I would like to learn how to fly a plane.
    *I often travel and attend knitting retreats, workshops and conferences. I loved going to Iceland on Summer Solstice when the sun didn’t set and we hiked, swam and knit. It was a trip with Helene Magnusson.


Hi! I’m Maria Chiara, my name on Ravelry is Clarabella2. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was a kid, but I lived far from her so for many years I was not able to improve my knitting. Then, about three years ago, I discovered Craftsy and I took a class with Lorilee Beltman, Knit faster with Continental knitting. She is a fantastic teacher and with her lessons now I finally can knit! The first thing I knitted was a yellow dishcloth, which took me weeks and came out really horrible, but I was so happy and proud of it…


Welcome! I am kinda new here too and love it! So many wonderful talented people. So much fun! You will love it!


Welcome Maria! You have a really cute, what is that thing called?, avatar😁


My name is Anne and I live in Charleston WV. My first knitted project was a hideous aqua pair of cuddle mocs for my Dad. My mom taught me to knit when I was 8, and I’ve knitted for 55 years. I am looking forward to learning from this community.


Hi my name is Janet. I learned to knit as a child from my Nanny. I don’t remember what it was , however I do remember tucking that long needle securely under my armpit and doing my best to make the yarn into something recognizable…
My other Grammy taught me to sew , and I sewed pretty much from then to until a few years ago.
About five or six years ago I rediscovered knitting and found a group at my lys and have been loving the community and knitting ever since.