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I just finished “Bang Out a Revolution” and (sort of) completed my Swirl Topper in the allotted 28 days – I just need to hem and block it – so now that I have a minute, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Paula, and the first thing I ever knitted was a white sweater with pink stripes. It was huge by design – it was the 80’s – and I had someone else sew it together for me, so a little bit of cheating. My favorite food is anything with cheese, and my favorite color is a very particular shade of blue, a little bit sapphire, a little bit peacock. I have been working on learning the Irish language for the last year, and will probably work on learning the Irish language for the rest of my life. I’m returning to knitting after taking a long hiatus while finishing a BA in English (started in the 90’s) as a part-time and very non-traditional age student, and I’ve been tearing up Ravelry adding favorites to my library. Lots of Isabell Kraemer designs! Can’t wait for Field Guide No. 10!


I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and work at the large university in our city that begins with an H. Besides knitting, I sew, scull on the Charles River, practice yoga, cook a lot and participate in a number of philanthropic organizations. I have 3 grown children who live in DC, SF and NYC. I grew up in SF and lived in the Mountain West and DC before settling here 30+ years ago. My husband is very supportive of my knitting passion. I have made incredible friends over the years from knitting.

  1. The first thing I ever knitted was a small blanket with my grandma. I used it for my stuffed animals.
  2. My favorite movie is “The Way we Were,” food is baked sweets such as cookies and tea breads, color changes but currently pink and gray together, I love shoes, especially 3" chunky heels that are patent leather.
  3. Well in knitting I would like to learn how to do Fair Isle and be a more confident sweater knitter. In other areas, I would like to learn how to fly a plane.
    *I often travel and attend knitting retreats, workshops and conferences. I loved going to Iceland on Summer Solstice when the sun didn’t set and we hiked, swam and knit. It was a trip with Helene Magnusson.

Hi! I’m Maria Chiara, my name on Ravelry is Clarabella2. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was a kid, but I lived far from her so for many years I was not able to improve my knitting. Then, about three years ago, I discovered Craftsy and I took a class with Lorilee Beltman, Knit faster with Continental knitting. She is a fantastic teacher and with her lessons now I finally can knit! The first thing I knitted was a yellow dishcloth, which took me weeks and came out really horrible, but I was so happy and proud of it…


Welcome! I am kinda new here too and love it! So many wonderful talented people. So much fun! You will love it!


Welcome Maria! You have a really cute, what is that thing called?, avatar😁

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My name is Anne and I live in Charleston WV. My first knitted project was a hideous aqua pair of cuddle mocs for my Dad. My mom taught me to knit when I was 8, and I’ve knitted for 55 years. I am looking forward to learning from this community.


Hi my name is Janet. I learned to knit as a child from my Nanny. I don’t remember what it was , however I do remember tucking that long needle securely under my armpit and doing my best to make the yarn into something recognizable…
My other Grammy taught me to sew , and I sewed pretty much from then to until a few years ago.
About five or six years ago I rediscovered knitting and found a group at my lys and have been loving the community and knitting ever since.


Hello! I’m Susan aka “speedknitter” which is a combination of my 2 favorite hobbies, knitting and fast cars - although the fast cars have taken a backseat in recent years to raising a teenager.

I was raised in a “crafty” home - sewing, crochet, etc - but I was the first in the family to learn to knit when I was in college. My first effort was a vest, but I was really thrown into the deep end when I had to become the knitting teacher at the craft store where I was working in Chapel Hill NC.

Fast forward 30 years and I’m still knitting. Also want to learn more about Bullet Journaling!


Hello, my name is Lilia Vanini, Im full time knitting and crochet designer for Liliacraftparty, my passion is knit and crochet and Venice, where I live with my husband.
I would like to tell you more about me, but I have a simple venetian life, so what I most enjoy in life is my knitting with a good glass of wine, Im ready to start my new adventure wich is hand dyed yarn so you will see my colors creations on my designs very soon! Im happy to be here with knitters and crocheters from around the world!


Hi, I’m Tiffany, from Floreat in Western Australia.
The first thing I knitted was a dog sweater for my Maltese baby, Sashy.
Blues are probably my fave colours, but I have some Wollmeise in red that I want to make one of the MDK Downtown patterns in. It will be my 1st top down sweater! Yikes!
I’m making a simple cotton baby blanket for one of DD’s best friends atm. She’s due early May, so I’ve got to get my hurry on!


Hello! My name is Shana and I live in Texas. We just wrapped up the DFW FiberFest in Dallas and I took classes for the first time!

The first thing ever knitted was lots of random squares and rectangles out of yarn that I really liked, but didn’t understand. I tried knitting a garter stitch bag out of a book I had bought, but I was using cotton yarn, on bamboo needles, and I knit so tightly that the yarn literally squeaked on the needles every time I had to move a stitch up or down the needle. That was in 2005 or so, in Ketchikan Alaska. I still remember that yarn store very fondly! My skills? Not so much.

The first thing I actually wound up making that was useable was a scarf from a pattern I made up myself. Just stockinette in the middle, with garter stitch borders all the way around, done in Noro Silk Garden. And then knitting kind of languished for me again, during lots of life upheavals. I finally got back to it by teaching myself how to knit socks in 2014, and now I knit almost every day.

My favorite thing to do while knitting is listen to audio books. I have always been an avid reader, and I love that I can still “read” while knitting. Netflix and Knit is a thing in my house too, but I knit faster and pay more attention to my knitting with audiobooks. My favorite kind of shoes is flip-flops. I really like being barefoot, or as close to that as possible.

I guess you could say I’ve “upped my game” after attending DFW FiberFest this year and taking 4 different classes from Amy Herzog, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and Kate Atherley. This year I’m going to knit my first garment, either a sweater or a vest. And I’m going to get better at socks, and I’ll probably teach myself cables. I want to learn colorwork as well, but that may be on next year’s menu. I knit slow (but average for a North American knitter who lives in the US where there is not a cultural bias in support of knitting). But really, what I want to do is focus on what is the absolute best fiber to use for the thing I want to make. As opposed to what feels awesome to squish but then will disappoint when I ask it to do things it’s not made for.


I would love to know what you were told that you were doing wrong for knitting too tight. I’m also a tight knitter and usually have to go up 2 needle sizes to get anywhere close to gauge and not having to pry the stitches off the needles. Guage is so hard for me. I can get stitches but not rows. No one has had an answer. Any suggestions from you or the ladies out there will be welcome. Thanks Sharon, aka dbldimnd

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New here. I am Mary Anne, born in DC, lived east coast most of my young life, married to Chris from SoCal and living in the UK for 25years. Two kids, Jackson and Maddie.

Not sure what the first thing I knitted was, probably a dishcloth when I was a Girl Scout, for a badge. First USEFUL thing was a sweater for my son. I did that with the help, and yarn, of my mother in law. I took a class when we lived in London, at John Lewis, and that helped me improve my technique.

I knit a LOT of socks. My favourite thing to knit, without a doubt.

Impossible to pick a favourite movie. I love Jean de Florette (and Manson des Sources) and the books as well. But then I am a sucker for a good spaghetti western and love The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly as well!

I’d love to learn how to do stranded colourwork
socks that aren’t too tight! And get better about altering patterns to fit my preferences.


Hello Mary Anne! So glad you found the Lounge–hope you have fun. Lots of sock fans are having a conversation in the topic “The MDK Wandering Socks Knitalong.”

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Welcome!I am crazy about sock knitting and like spaghetti westerns as well.:blush: glad to meet you!!

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The first thing I ever knitted was a scarf when I was a little girl. I took up “serious” knitting about 3 years ago and am addicted! Next on my list to try is a stranded project of some sort. I love knitting socks, so the Wanderlust drew me here! It’s a great little book!


Isn’t it? I love the comunity here!:blush:

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Hi everyone!
I’m Patricia (aka IPY). I have been knitting since I was 5, and crocheting/crocheing (?!) , thanks to a patient grandmother! I honestly can’t remember the first item I made - I remember this beautiful gold ball-gown dress I designed for my friend’s barbie doll; a shawl for my Irish grandmother in old pink; a yoked jersey in smokey blue and cream <- and this one makes me sad because I never finished it (it had a fair isle pattern on the yoke, my tension was too tight, I was about 9 or 10…) and I don’t know where it disappeared to. My knitting loves are socks and shawls :slight_smile: I discovered socks late in life, and I always have at least one or two pairs on the go.

My favourite movie is hands-down Pride & Prejudice (with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle - I know it so well I can just listen to it while doing an intricate knit or while I’m spinning. I love all kinds of foods, but Middle Eastern is probably my favourite - all the colours, all the flavours, all the heat! Shoes? has to be my Pulp boots - so comfy and such gorgeous colours!
I have Italian on my list - life is a little bit topsy turvy, but soon! Pottery - I am designing and about to start a build for a tiny house, and I want to make my own clay dishes :slight_smile:

I have yarn… so much yarn… and so many ideas! But only 2 hands and 24 hours: I need to find a way to track my ideas as they come to me: if anyone has a clever idea, please let me know! I’m more a pen & paper kinda gall, but so much inspiration is online - how do I combine both??

Happy to be here, to share and learn!


My mother taught me how to cast on and knit when I was about 8-9 years old. I knit a square in garter stitch. I love my Mayari Birkenstocks. I would like to become more proficient at knitting Continental style.


Hello, my name is Bebe. I’m an at least 3rd generation knitter. All my family mentors for knitting have passed, but I endeavoured to learn the basics on my own. And now all the experiences in all my other crafts have helped make THIS TIME, THESE DAYS the days for being successful at knitting. Now I can not stop, I feel lost without a project going on all the time, more so than any other skill. I could write a book about all that! and how I got to this place in my life! I will write it in my blog and let you know when it is ready for the world to read. I am getting to the point in my life where I feel confident enough to share those things, and also a record so I don’t forget them!, like a buried treasure.
My mother tried to teach me knitting when I was 13, but lost patience so I went to her mother, and she taught me to crochet, and crochet I did for Many years, making all kinds of stuff, including a flowered afgan, vests, and an Irish lace wedding top (done at age 16), for my sister. I have to say I taught myself how to knit, so legitimately, the first thing I knitted was a Tilly hat in a KAL with Spincycle yarn and Tif Russell, of Dottie Angel. (I love that hat!) See on my Ravelry page (I am “14pstreet”). Then more hats, a sweater, scarves and shawls. Love making shawls. Taught myself Brioche knitting and absolutely love the results, so try to keep a brioche project going, so as not to forget those rules and techniques. I tried to teach a few of my relatves to knit, but so far am unsuccessful. So I have no knit buddies. I am still hoping to find my protege to teach my skills and pass them on. I have a lot of family dramas going on all the time, so knitting is keeping me sane, as I can tuck away a project with me everywhere, and I can tune everyone out, plus being a little hard of hearing helps😉 . Fave color is blue and blue green, and chartreuse, but look the best in pastel pinkish tones. Plums are my go to color right now for wearing in cooler weather. I wear Keen sandals most of the year, and Bogs boots the rest of the time. Have three dogs. My one companion small dog passed in January after 11 years. I was brave enough, and fortunate enough to be gifted with a Yorkie Shih Tzu mix, whom fits with me perfectly as my new companion, with her equally strong personality as the Schnauzer. Love her! My favorite food is coffee and blueberries. Cinnamon rolls and vanilla cream filled doughnuts. Lemon pie or peanut butter pie. Wedding cake cake and frosting. Hostess snowballs. My mothers Swedish coffee cakes with cardamom. Swedish rye bread with butter. I have a deep love of Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish and heritage. They call people like me third gen Scandinavians. I grew up in a Swedish Lutheran church community, which was wonderful and I miss it. Iwould like to learn Fair Isle knitting. I would love to live in Scotland for a year, and experience the harsh winter of the Scottish northern islands. In the meantime, I can easily pretend I am in England or Scotland, or even Sweden at times, based on our weather conditions in the mountains here in the Mid-Atlantic. Peace be with you all.