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Hello! I’m Maggi (a/k/a maggistitches) in Richmond, a Virginian now for nearly half my life after starting out in neighboring North Carolina. I learned to knit in the mid-1990s and first made a cotton tank - but I set knitting aside after my third project, since frogged and reknit. I’ve been back at it all this century, plugged in early as a blogger, finding and as a early beta tester of Ravelry.
My colors are jewel tones plus black and gray, and I love too many movies to choose. I am not a monogamous knittire and usally keep a sock in the car, a simple accessory by the TV and a sweater going simultaneously. What were the other questions? I have lots of boots, some Danskos, some Fluevogs. Really working on the smaller, thoughtful wardrobe as per slow fashion movement, even to the point of passing on some of my handknits. I am a solo parent to my tween (11) and teen (15) daughters, and we live in the city with two cats and three hens. So happy to be here!


Hello from Indiana!
I am a self taught knitter of 40 years. The first thing I ever knitted was a dishcloth (which I still like to knit). I taught myself socks a couple years ago and currently have 5 pair on the needles (some double point, some on 9 inch cable and some two at a time) - I like to keep my options open. I also have a shawl going on (I also crochet so you can imagine those projects too). I am also lucky enough to grow fiber to make yarn (I have 9 llamas and alpacas and an angora goat). I am to try my hand at growing some cotton and flax for fun.
I am currently planning some sweater knitting for myself.
I recently discovered the crunchy salted almond toblerones and love them! Of course any but covered in chocolate is pretty awesome.
I am currently teaching the Boy Scout Textile merit badge trying to entice a few young men to give fiber a go. We get to dye some yarn next week and I can’t wait!
Happy to be here in the Lounge!


Hi, I’m Jennifer (jentm on Ravelry). My mom taught me to knit. I don’t remember how old I was or what my first project was. We did a lot of handcrafts together, and along with knitting was embroidery, cross-stitch, needlepoint, and some sewing. I spent a year while in college attending a Folk School in Sweden. Knitters were everywhere and it was the first time I saw men knit (this was back in the mid-1980s). I started to knit again and learned to knit continental. I knit for quite a while then took a long detour into quilting. I’m not sure what brought me back to knitting. Probably a dislike of basting and sewing binding on quilts combined with all the pretty, pretty, pretty yarns there are now.

I don’t have a favorite movie, although I love the end of “Fly Away Home” and I’ve watched the A&E version of “Pride and Prejudice” quite a few times with my daughters. I love blues/greens/purples. I especially love colors that are tonal over matte. I suffer terribly from statitus. I stash UFOs as well as yarn and consequently have quite a few needles!

I want to learn how to adapt triangular shawl patterns to crescent shaped shawls. I want to learn how to knit without looking at my hands. And I want to learn how to bake really good bread.


Hiya! I’m in Philly, trying to avert panic by knitting thru election night, On Ravelry, I’m AllisonInPhilly, and I co-moderate Fans of afghans for Afghans. Join us if you have animal fiber stash to burn – it’s agreat group for a great cause. Love these MDK gals!!

1st project – cardigan in Kid Classic from the still great Rowan Magazine #28!


The very first thing I “knitted” was technically a scarf. My beloved Auntie Ann was am amazing knitter, who could turn out cable cardigans while sipping a martini. She gave me a ball of red yarn and some metal needles. She did the cast on and got me started. Forty-five years later, I actually learned to knit and here I am. I generally confine my knitting to flat objects which then get gifted or just taken by my daughters and grandchildren. I finished my first cardigan a few years ago and was pretty pleased with it. It was a soft 50/50 wool silk job that fit my daughter perfectly. She really liked it. She washed it–in hot water, in a washing machine…

I tend to start and stop projects more often than I finish them. I need a system and the resolve to stop buying yarn because it “speaks” to me. It doesn’t say “use me,” it just says “buy me.”

I love shoes and have finally come to terms with the fact that they have to be comfortable now and just looking awesome is not enough.

This is the first time I’ve responded to anything on line other than hitting the like button on FaceBook. I feel a need for the comfort of other yarn lovers today, and for the next four years.


Hey all. I’m a Canadian ex-pat living in Silicon Valley. I’m Kemma on Ravelry, but I’m years behind on updating my finished projects, and use Ravelry more as a project-finder, and dream-fueler.

The first thing I ever knit was a rhombus or maybe a trapezoid. I think it was a short-lived scarf-knitting disaster, or maybe a dishcloth that wouldn’t be. It probably was made out of Phentex. But that was in the early 70s, and I’ve gotten better.

Movie: Galaxyquest
Food: Bread, preferably warm from the oven with too much butter melting on it
Color: Blue
Shoes: Red shoes. They’re like my kryptonite. Especially if they’re on sale.

I want to learn to finish stuff. OK, I know that’s not a technique, but it’s a life skill, and if I can finish a knitting project, maybe I can transfer that skill to other aspects of my chaotic life. And I always do better when I have people looking over my shoulder, because while they’re always encouraging, I like to think that they’ll just be so disappointed if I don’t finish, and that spurs me on.


Hello Everyone, my Ravelry name is craftaddict. I love all sorts of craft except scrap booking. I don’t like it because it involves too many things to complete a project. I also don’t have a designated place to craft and I hate that every time I have everything lay out on my kitchen table, it is time for a meal. I tried it once and gave up on it.
The one thing I really want to try is making potter on a wheel. It looks fun and messy and relaxing.
I am looking forward to meeting more new people in this group and see what everyone else is making. I am glad I found this group.


I was both proud and sad to give my original 8 hole Docs to my now 15 year old. They never fit after I got pregnant, but they’d been with me so long and held such good memories that I couldn’t bear to get rid of them. She wears them proudly. . . and I’m thinking of getting myself a new pair of boots.


Hi, l’m Clare and I live in Hampshire, England. Can’t remember the first thing I knitted as I was taught as a girl. However I do remember it being more difficult for my “teachers” than me as I was the only left hander in a sea of right handers.
I have just recently overcome the Kitchener stitch barrier as I knit right handed but sew left and when finishing socks at the toes my Kitchener stitch was always inside out making a horrible row of purl. But finally after much research and "if you’re left handed simply reverse the instructions " or then assumption is you knit continental so yarn set up is different…oh dear this has turned into a lefty rant! However makes fair isle with both hands easier
My favourite film Guns of Navarone and have to watch it at least once a year
For sheer joy of jumping in puddles favourite footwear would have to be wellingtons.
We bought a woodland in Wales this year and the next thing
I want to learn is lighting a fire without a lighter.


Love Moonstruck :slight_smile: definitely an all time fave


Hi, I’m Liz from the North of England. I’ve been a fan of Mason Dixon Knitting for a long time and have made various things from the two books. Having daily posts this year has been wonderful. I’m loving this new phase of the site.

1)The first thing I ever knitted was a pair of socks. It was a long time before I knitted anything except socks.
2) My favourite colours are blue and green and particularly bluey-green
3) I’d like to improve my spinning and learn how to weave


I can teach you how to a roast a turkey! It’s not as hard as you think.

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Thanks, KJT1211 –

I should have said “how to roast a turkey well,” because my one and only attempt resulted in a dried out bird that was still pink in places.

Thank goodness for sisters who are MUCH better at making Thanksgiving meals. I am now assigned to bringing the wine, the soft drinks, and the bags of ice.

If it’s not too early, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours!

Maryanne in SC


After this week, I am taking all the holiday good wishes I can find! So Happy Thanksgiving to you too. It’s funny, my sister is a fabulous cook but she makes the worst turkey. If you get stuck making one, send up an SOS and I’ll walk you through it.


I never knew I could do a left-handed Kitchener! Will try to remember when I finish current second sock … Thank you!

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My name is Valerie, and I am MissValerie on Ravelry.

I learned how to knit as an eight year old in 1969, knit a lot of long strips, and knit my first sweater in 1976. it was a smock style with a cabled yoke and a little Henley neck out of oatmeal colored Germantown. It was very warm but as my mother was an expert knitter and helped me with the seams it looked pretty good.

I’m not sure what my favorite movie is, maybe Bladerunner, but I am about to see Bulworth again, as it might be nice to see a mostly comedy involving the US political system - this election season was hideously divisive. My favorite color is constantly changing. In my dreams I wear hip little shoes with kitten heels but in practice I walk a lot, so I wear sneakers and crocs and Keens and will soon be busting out the ugliest of them all, the Bean boots.

I just learned to crochet two summers ago, so my need to learn new things is satisfied. At one time I really wanted to learn to spin, but I have too much yarn as it is. I like to embroider but it’s too time consuming.Maybe hand sewing someday.


Hi I am Kat of AsKatKnits

So, the answers to the questions:

  1. I knit an orange bag that I felted. (Okay, I really tried to first knit a scarf from eyelash yarn for my daughter, however it was an epic failure - thus the knitting class!)
  2. Favorite movie - The Godfather. Favorite shoes - any Keens.
  3. I would love to learn how to stitch like Bonnie Sennott does. She inspires me!

I’m tempted to start an Old-Gal Dating Tips thread on here! Send me your gray-haired but still cute dudes, lol. Must tolerate yarn. (The “old gal” in question being me of course. All the rest of yas are younger than springtime.)


One more for team Pottery-Throwing Aspirations!

I could use some “fun and messy and relaxing” right now. My worry is that there is a real knack to throwing a pot that resembles a pot. Will I get it?

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Most of my shoes are Keens! I work in a restaurant, so Keen walking shoes have to match all of my clothes, fancy or not.