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Oh, this is gorgeous! I bought another kit from the same designer in Paris but gave up because the laceweight mohair was way too fiddly for me. Bravo for completing this one.

I love to cook green beans or potatoes that way in our fire pit in the summer! With olive oil and a little twist of lemon, or a couple slices of dried chorizo sausage in there. Mmmm.

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I think we learned to knit out of the same book, because that is a solid description of my first project! (I taught myself in grad school, while watching the first season of Oz because of course I did.)

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That is awesome!!! Was it by the Klutz company? It was actually a great book for beginning to knit. I have kept it and use it when i teach friends how to knit!!!

It might well be! Now’s the time to confess I was working from photocopies; my friends decided I needed to learn, equipped me with the copies, yarn, needles, and here we are!

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Hello! I’m Mary. @mlotto on ravelry.
I have been a fan of MDK nearly since the beginning. My autographed copy of Mason Dixon Knitting is, quite possibly, my all time favorite knitting book.

First thing I ever knitted? A hat, in beginner knitting.

Favorite movie? Probably Steel Magnolias. Or maybe the original Little Women. Or maybe Mermaids. Hard to say!

My favorite shoes are definitely Sperry Topsiders. The funkier the fabric used, the more I love them!

I love to knit hats, socks, and dishcloths, and knitting for charity. The lowly dishcloth is what brought me to MDK in the first half place!

Thank you- this is my second virtual lounge. The first is devoted to the Green Bay Packers, because, in these turbulent times we need to keep our priorities straight- God, Country, and the Green Bay Packers. All while knitting!


Hi! I’m Melanie from Ohio

My mother started me knitting. First project I remember and still have is a knitted cover over a wooden hanger. Knitting has come and gone over the years, but now I’m fully into it. It helped to get over the “what else is there besides a scarf”.

My favorite drink is a good cup of coffee. Favorite color, red/orange. Favorite reads are what I call women’s fiction & mysteries.

Besides knitting techniques, I want to learn anything that will help keep my brain going for a long time. Still working on that project! The


Cowl - of course! I feel dumb! I’ve loved that pattern for years but live in an apartment building wherein I am forbidden to have my own washer and/or dryer but must use the front loader coin operated ones in the basement. so I NEVER get to felt. Yes, I know about hand-felting. Amd like I said, so I never get to felt. Poor me. (Meant sarcastically. Mostly.)

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Laura here, from Berkeley, California. I grew up in Paris, France, where I got something like a C-minus in my 6th grade knitting class after failing to complete a garter-stitch scarf knitted in scratchy red wool on size 2 needles. Luckily, a couple of years later, I was given a very good craft book written for teens and well-illustrated. I taught myself from it. My first project was a side to side T-shaped top knitted in garter st. on big needles. This was in the mid-70’s and big needles were the key to just about any knitting pattern I set my eyes upon. The French press offered plenty of great knitting patterns and do-it-yourself magazines in those days and I still treasure my copies even though I avoid big-needle projects like the plague these days.

Favorite movie: Oh, mon Dieu. Too many to pick one, but I especially love Hollywood women’s movies from the 30’s and 40’s, and chief among those “A Letter to Three Wives”.

Favorite knitting adventures: color is what fascinates me the most and what I most want to explore. Good tailoring too. I am trying to alternate comfort, automatic-knitting projects with more ambitious, well-fitting, useful clothing. Hard to wean myself from scarves and blankets, however.


I LOVE A Letter to Three Wives. Great movie!

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Hi, I’m Carolo and I am really enjoying this new MDK adventure! I live in the Bay Area of California but we spend a lot of time at our cabin near Lake Tahoe where I get to wear a lot of my knitted sweaters, scarves, etc. My first real knitting project was a blanket for my baby daughter and I worked on it right up to her birth in the Labor Room! Didn’t finish it by the time she was born, but soon afterwards, and then I was hooked when I met other new mothers who were also knitting. My favorite movie is Out of Africa and for some reason I burst into tears every time I hear the music; so touching. I would like to learn how to sew and make some of those cute projects bags I see so many people making. I have about 10 UFO’s and I could make a bag for each one! I am also so envious of all these knitters who travel and go to all kinds of knitting events. I have been to Rhinebeck 3 times and had a ball each time ( met Ann and Kay there this year!) and this has only whet my appetite to do more, like Shetland Week,
Madrona, Maryland Sheep and Wool, and so many others.


I started knitting the lace weight mohair on a circular needle and it drove me crazy to slide the stitches from the cable to the needle tips. I switched to Signature metal straight needles and was much happier. It’s all about the right tools.

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Hi! I am Kelli and I live in the greater Kansas City area. I did not have one knitting teacher. I do not remember my first project. I came back to knitting about 2-3 years ago after having abandoned it when my kiddos were younger. I am grateful for the internet and youtube as they have been the reason I have managed to go from a beginner knitter to an Intermediate knitter. I used to take forever to accomplish a project as I didn’t always have the hour or two it took to go to the yarn store to get help with a problem. Now I just type it into youtube and there is usually a video to solve my problem in 10 minutes or less. I am thankful for the many knitting blogs I have come across in the last 2-3 years and to Ravelry for opening up so many possibilities for me. I would be rich if I got paid by the hour for searching through Ravelry…

I do not have any favorite movies, colors, or food. I do avoid scary/horror movies, Housewives and any of the Bachelor type shows. Currently enjoying The Crown series on Netflix. I would like to learn brioche.


I’ve not yet been to a fiber event, I want to gooooo! Decided to try to head to DC for January 21st instead of Madrona this year, but I’ll see how it works out.

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Hi, I’m Alice. I work at sea so I’m likely to disappear for months at a time but I’ll be knitting while I’m away!

The first thing I ever knitted was a Debbie Bliss jumper when that ribbon twist yarn came out. It looked like a sack, but I enjoyed the process. Now I mostly make things that can be worked on while talking to colleagues in the evening, but I miss settling in with a lace project and a good audiobook.

Favourites: LA Confidential/burritos/green/bare feet :footprints:

Thing you would like to learn how to do: I’m an engineer so I like to be able to fix everything, all the time!


Hey Y’all! I’m Marsha, currently living in Cairo, Egypt. By some strange twist of fate, I am a knitter who has lived in New Orleans, Houston, and now here. Not exactly sweater weather, ya know? I’ve got my steely eyes fixed on Nashville as the place for us, when I can finally get my husband out of the oil patch.

My first item knitted was a scarf (yarn price $25). If that wasn’t enough of an outlay, I then bought another expense skein for fringe. That began my love of gorgeous, unusual fibers. I still wear that baby when the temps here are below 62 degrees, those two or three days a year.

One big plus of the expat life is searching for yarn while traveling. My stash is large, but at times I still don’t have what I need for various projects…My hubby says I have enough yarn for eternity, but that’s just one opinion.

My fav movie is All about Eve. So catty, meow! I love cooking, and shoes. Red is my signature color.

I’ve also wanted to learn to spin, so took a couple of classes when I was in NC with the parents. The lady had a little spinning shed beside her house, and her alpacas kept looking in the window at me, giving me the big eye. I have to say
I was more than a little intimidated, what it being their fur and all.

I’ve been reading the wonderful blog of MDK for years, and turn to their c&w song ‘Pardon Me’ on YouTube when I need a laugh. Thanks for all you’ve shared with us , ladies.


Hello to you all on Giftalong Monday!
My name is Juliet and I live in Hertfordshire in the UK.
The first thing I ever knitted was a scarf for my doll, Lisa Lotchen, helped by my German grandmother.
I am a continental knitter and am happiest when I am embroiled in a Fair Isle project with a talking book on my headphones - bliss.
I wear a lot of black and grey but love to look at any shade of blue - must be something to do with me being a pisces :wink:
If there were one thing I would like to master it’s intarsia. I can do the technique but my change overs (especially if blocks of colour are involved) are a bit shabby.
Have a great week, JBx


Hi! I’m Leslie in Seattle & I’m a knitting spinner. I learned to knit as a kid in the 70’s from my mom who did all the crafts: sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, spinning, natural dyeing (I remember picking pokeberries & saving onion skins for ages!). I rediscovered knitting 16 years ago just before my eldest son was born. I’m a process knitter with wips galore and no guilt about them since each one taught me something new. Some even get finished!
I knit and spin as a way to soothe myself and stay grounded. My fiber-y friends know I am a sucker for color, the more the better. My epic project not yet started is to knit a sweater with my handspun, from fleece I processed myself. My dream is to move out of the city and raise a few sheep, chickens and dogs.
I’m a huge Ravelry user and you can find me there as ‘tinkerer’


Hello. I’m Kathy from Ames, IA. I learned to knit from a neighbor about 12 years ago. I’m pretty sure my first project was a cotton dish cloth. I am not good at knitting things that have to fit. Except socks. I knit a lot of socks. Right now I am knitting Christmas ornaments and other assorted gifties. This is my favorite time of year.

I would love to learn how to spin, but I probably don’t need another expensive time consuming hobby that takes up a lot of space. :slight_smile:

Oh, my favorite color is green, I have too many favorite movies to mention here, and mostly I wear trainers (gym shoes) so I guess they are my favorite.


Hi All,
I’m Margaret, or lotsofyarn, from Charlottesville, VA. Fiberwise, I’m a knitter, circular sock machine cranker, spinner, weaver, and am learning more about sewing with handwoven fabrics. I’m president of the weaving guild, started a spinning group, coordinate a whole tent full of demos at the Fall Fiber Festival (, used to work in a LYS, and have the multi-craft stashes to show for it!

The first thing I knit was an afghan square as a class project in fifth grade, mumblety-mumble years ago.

My favorite movie is still The Philadelphia Story, with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

And since taking workshops basically IS my hobby, I’ve been trying new things and last year took up lampwork glass bead making, and some metal jewelry too.

And here’s a cool link to share today: