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Preventing Tight Shawl Edges


Tight shawl edges are a real problem for me. What can I do to prevent them?


You can try adding a yarn over after the first stitch. When you knit back, drop the yarn over. It makes the stitch next to it larger and thus a looser edge.


Yes! I just did this on Melanie Berg’s True Colors Wrap (it was written into the pattern), and it really eases the edge. The only trick is to be sure you drop that yarnover so that you don’t accidentally add an increase.

Here’s my post about that project, which has some other tips n tricks.


Thanks for the responses; I saw the yarn over idea on the bulletin board for Ysolda’s Gloamin’ tide and had 2 concerns:

  1. Forgetting and adding an extra stitch; and
  2. What about when there is already a yarn over just inside the edge, wouldn’t it make it really sloppy

Off to check out your post, Ann1 –

Ah ha! it’s where you add the yarn over! at the end – not the start

"Melanie Berg suggests that when ySince ou get to the end of a Right Side row, throw a yarnover between the penultimate and last stitch of the row. On the WS, drop the yarnover. This makes that long edge super stretchy, which is what you want when a shawl will go through a significant blocking that increases the overall size. "

Since it’s really recent you’re unlkely to accidentally forget it.



Very pink has a stretchy bindoff that does not use yarn overs that I like.

Another option is to bind off with a needle 2 or 3 sizes larger than the one you knit with. Won’t be as stretchy but also not tight.


Thanks for the response but it’s not the bind off edge that I get too tight.


Oops sorry (can you tell I don’t knit that many lacy shawls😏)


I can vouch for this method. I use it all the time and have had great results with it. It is particularly useful for long skinny triangles that have you increase the first stitch on the right side, decrease the first stich on the wrong side, and increase the last stitch on the wrong side.


Good to hear that it works well. I’ll give it a try on my next triangular shawl.

Fortunately my Gloamin’tide shawl did block out well despite the tight edges.