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Project and Travel Bag


I have a short trip coming up next month, and I’m looking for a new project bag/ day bag to take with me. I usually use a Rick Steves backpack as my suitcase, so I need a shoulder bag that will hold my wallet/ passport, my knitting project and reading material for the plane, and a few other odds and ends. I prefer to use an open tote-style bag normally, but I’ve lost things going through security with those, so I’m looking for something with a closure that can also pass as an everyday shoulder bag when I’m at my desination. I welcome any suggestions!


There was a long conversation on this topic a while back. May be some good ideas here…


Thanks! I thought there must have been a thread on this somewhere, but my searches didn’t find it.


I always take a backpack that converts to a shoulder bag. The shoulder strap usually has a long strap that unzips to reveal a big main compartment suitable for stuffing in a sweater or project. These things always have a million pockets and their only drawback is remembering which pocket you used for what stuff. Get the lightest possible nylon version and choose a color you can happily put down on a dirty airplane floor and use as a footrest. If I don’t start out with one of these convertible, I just end up buying one at the first possible opportunity.

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I love Tumi, and it’s usually an “investment purchase,” but these wonderful huge bags are only $100 and they come in lots of colors and prints:


Super cute, if onlyit had an inside pocket!

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Because I walk with a cane I’m pretty constrained to a backpack, which balances the weight better than a shoulder bag. Nonetheless, I am a big fan of all Baggalini bags because they’re well made with as many pockets as the designers can fit and as roomy as their size permits. Also the fabric is refined enough to be a bit dressy if you have to be - you don’t have to look like you’re hiking the Appalachian trail. And if you’re in a hurry they’re on Amazon.


And I forgot to mention that some of them have exterior pockets that seem designed to thwart thieves.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I decided to ask for a Tom Bihn Swift as an early birthday present. I like that it doesn’t have an outer zipper, but does have a closure tab, and just about the right amount of pockets for me. I like the idea of a convertible backpack/ shoulder bag too, and might consider one of those for my next trip.


Hi! They aren’t cheap, but it’s such a versatile bag that I have to recommend it. You could definitely get a knitting project, purse essentials and a book in here. Since it is nylon, it’s light and easy to carry. It looks quite polished too, especially in the darker colors. I use it as my business bag when it rains. It’s not waterproof of course, but you won’t have to worry about a nice leather bag getting damaged.[0]=line%3ALe%20Pliage&f[1]=frag%3AWomen&f[2]=category%3ABags

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I’ve also loved using my Longchamp bag as a carry-on, it’s easy to clean, zips closed, and is nice enough to use as a purse once you get there.

Less nice looking, but more practical, is the Fjallraven totepack, which is a totebag that allows you to pull one of the straps down to make it into a backpack. I used this on my trip to ireland and really liked it. I believe the G-1000 material is waterproof as well. Comes in different sizes with and without leather handles and base.


Convertible is definitely a plus!

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This has been on my wishlist! : )