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Project Peace KAL


ok i downloaded the pattern and will cast on later today. For me Peace occurs when I honor my commitments to myself. My commitments for today are to write and do some gift knitting and cast on for this project which I will do as an advent event daily.
I do have some shelter loft in my stash!


I cast on twice, once Wednesday evening-had more than 10 ft. of tail left (I stopped measuring when I got to 10 ft.). Took it out, moved my starting position and started it again. I finished on the 1st and started knitting. I still have like 2-3 ft. of tail left but decided for 318 sts I was not casting on a 3rd time.


318 stitches on circular needles does not equal peaceful knitting to me! I like my needles long and straight, so I modified the pattern to knit flat with i-cord edging on each side (in contrasting color). The wrangling of three yarn balls might not be considered “peaceful,” either, but I stop and detangle every now and then in a very zen-like manner. :slight_smile: Details on my Ravelry page!


Wow! Exciting! I look forward to see the finished result!


Been knitting a little more than 4 rows pr day
Liking this yarn! Dont know why I waited four years to knit with it!


I have found myself taking this very seriously and really contemplating peace while I am working on it. I have always believed that the word peace should be a verb, not a noun. Yesterday morning, while I was looking through the stash, I realized that I didn’t want to do it in fingering weight and I didn’t want it that long. I have some beautiful heavy DK that wanted to be this cowl so I let it be what it was meant to be. Acceptance–there’s a step toward peace. Then I reduced the number of stitches to make it the size I wanted it to be while keeping the integrity of the pattern. It felt collaborative to me which also felt peaceful. Then I realized that I had made it way too small so I ripped it out and started all over which also made me feel very peaceful. It’s very easy for me to get frustrated when something goes wrong but the contemplative tone that I am taking with this put me in a different place. The first (correct) repeat was finished quietly on the couch this morning and will finish today’s work tonight.


I just posted this on the Ravelry group, and thought I would cross-post here since I found Project Peace through this thread!

So I was sitting here knitting away (still struggling with the i-cord cast on, as my time and energy to knit is sparse these past two days), and my BF called and read me a poem he’d just written. It felt so right for this project – not precisely, but just in that sort of evocative way poetry has — I decided to record him reading it. You can hear it at . Peace, everybody!


Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this.


I finished the I cord cast on. Phew. That was a long one!
I found two slightly different colors of Loft in my stash so I though maybe they would be interesting. they are both kind of tan so I figured they would blend.
Peace for me today was reelaxing after my son got married in a lovely intimate ceremony yesterday. I claimed the couch and did not get out of my jammies all day and I did this new to me type of cast on. It may be a gift or it may be for me.


Peace for me is taking the easy way out :wink: not doin any i-cord cast on or bind off. Is everyone doing it?


I didn’t do the i-cord cast on either and I’m doing the i-cord bind off. I thought about it–it looks like fun and I might learn something new. But then I thought about it and decided that I needed this peace project to start with what I’ve got and use that to set a solid base for it I’m making this at a larger gauge than the pattern so I will finish before the 21 days. I’ll cast on another one then and try the new things. I like the feeling of organic growth that I get from that plan.


nope, I am doing just a regular longtail cast on and plan to do a regular bind off. That is peaceful for me.


I did a garter stitch border, which is really my favorite. And I noticed that I skipped a round in part of the pattern - and just kept going.


My sister talked me into this. I’m using way fatter yarn and cast on 90 stitches. I don’t think that’s cheating because she gave me the yarn a long time ago. I caught up on the repeats yesterday, after swatching, and still didn’t like my results so I ripped it out and started over with a larger needed. Came to the office an hour early with it, got almost caught up.


Just downloaded the pattern, and picked out some yarn from a long hibernating project that will be repurposed for a Christmas gift for a friend. Project Peace seemed an appropriate pattern for a Christmas gift.


has anyone else noticed that the stitch pattern is peaceful?


Thank you so much for posting about this! I had it in my library but had completely forgotten about it. Now I’ll start diving for yarn. Thanks again.


Good tip. I’m currently looking for that sort of sock pattern.


When casting on lots of stitches with long tail, I either use two balls or both ends from the same ball. There’s an extra end to weave in but no measuring is ever required and one always has enough yarn! BTW, I think Ann may have posted about this recently. Maybe?


I love your yarn! It looks beautiful.