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Project Peace KAL


:smile::smile: you’re welcome! I hope you found some good stuff when you dived!
I am very pleased with my choice of yarn! (Knit picks palette)


Another tip - pull the yarn from both ends of the ball, slip knot them together, begin longtail. At the end of casting on, undo the slip knot on one end, break the yarn that is not the “tail” and you never run out or have too much. Works like a charm!


What kind of topper do you use? K1-P1 or K2-P2 ribbing? Something else? Do you run the waffle stitch down the top of the foot a ways? Or stop at the end of the gusset? Or run it all the way down the instep?


I’m sorry to say I don’t have an answer for you, I mix it up and haven’t knit enough socks to have a favorite.


Between work and a meeting with my insurance agency about health insurance and an evening pre-holiday dinner-do I did not get my rounds done yesterday. I pulled it out this morning for a little knit time before it was time to get dressed for work and starting knitting. That pattern stitch is so simple and regular and, dare I say it peaceful that my stress about not getting yesterday’s rounds done (and a few other things) just kind of melted away. So glad it was mentioned here - thanks Kay, Ann and the original poster!


Knitting some rounds today as I listen to Moby Dick. I also downloaded an audio book for later.


Good morning! Knitting a couple of rounds and drinking coffee,while my toddler is watching Peppa pig.

i am on pattern rep nr 9,and almost done with first skein, so I might do less pattern repeats to make sure I have enough yarn.


I am on repeat nineteen. One more and I will do the i cord bind off…This has been a good project to do while getting over latest bout of bronchial invasion. I hope it has propagated some peace on this beleaguered planet.


My Project Peace Cowl so far. Color doesn’t show accurately - it’s more shades of rusty reds to brown/maroon than rose but I learned to: 1) use the camera on my tablet, 2) put it on my Ravelry Project Page, and 3) share it here. As far as I’m concerned that’s as much a win as getting my rounds done! Have a happy day all!


I’m two days behind! Hoping to do some catch-up today!


One more row, then bind off! Ending after 18 repeats due to not enough yarn.

Was this peaceful? Well it started out peaceful and fun, but december is hectic! I kept falling behind. And i have not knitted on anything else since the beginning of december!


I worked 19.5 repeats and then started my bind off. Am racing the yarn as I don’t want to open my 2nd skein for just part of the bind off. Send good thoughts to the knitting universe that I bind off faster than the yarn runs out! But need to start another Peace Cowl! instead of finishing one of my other WIPs. My roommate (4 legged fur-baby named Pip) refuses to talk me out of starting a new one. I get his ‘Really Mom - you woke me up for this’ look. Lengsel: I figure the peace comes when you are forced to either sit down or fall down but are unable to just rest so you pick up your Peace Cowl and let it work its magic.




I really enjoyed knitting this and will make it again. Thanks for the heads up! My son in law was the lucky recipient!