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Resistance: Time Magazine Cover


I knit three for the march, knit one for a friend in Chicago, and now I am knitting one for myself. Next up is one for my daughter. And after that, who knows?


Yes, you can! I have standard and bulky formulas if you need one.


This article was printed in major Australian newspapers yesterday, the author, Dr Anne Summers, is an icon for Aussie women.


Thanks for sharing, Victa!


That is really generous! Thank you so much. I have an LK150 (so a standard).


LK 150 is mid gauge (6.5mm pitch) Probably will need fewer stitches than
standard-(4.5 mm pitch) so prepare to swatch and reduce stitches and rows.
The standard formula: Stockinet tension around 7 - 8. cast on 80
stitches. If you are ribbing, do 24 rows rib at tension 4 - 5, transfer to
stockinet. Knit (tension 7-8) 11 1/2 inches, return to rib, 24 rows to
match beginning, bind off. Fold in half and sew the side seams.
If you are not using ribbing, you could use mock rib, or rolled brim. Try
a rolled brim, with every 4 needle out of work for the 24 rows at beginning
and end- at tension 4 - 5.
The squarish top makes the cat ears when you wear it.You are basically
knitting a rectangle that is approx. 11 - 12 inches wide and 17 inches
long. You will fold the rectangle in half and seam the sides
On your LK, try tension 5 - 7 for stockinet and maybe 3 - 4 for ribbing,
mock rib or rolled brim.
There is a lot unsaid in this pattern- presuming that you know your machine
and basic mk stuff. If you are more of a beginner, happy to coach you
through this. I know your machine.


I love this. I made hats for two friends who went to DC, they have asked for four more because the others they went with want them now. My friend said they are referring to us as “Milliners to the Resistance” I have some fun pictures on a blog post of the Minnesota March, so many hats and kids with great signs.


That image is so beautifully simple and striking. How quickly it has become iconic! I have had (like most knitters and crocheters, I’m sure) many requests to make them for friends.


Thank you! I can make that work.


Fantastic Cover! well as the one on the New Yorker Mag. I knitted 19 hats that went to Minnesota, Colorado, and Oregon. Found I could use 100% polyester, bulky yarn and knit one hat in 2 hours! Yay!


Pussy hat knitting helped me hang in to a shred of my sanity after the election. I knit 16, and may return to them again after I bang out my Hadley! I marched in Portland, Oregon.


Seen it! Can’t wait to make one.
And have you seen the 2/6/17 New Yorker cover??


that would be the Resist hat…


We subscribe to both magazines, so yes I’ve seen it.

And I made sure my husband did as well. :wink:


Should have said (before the phone sent the barely begun email) that we get the New Yorker but not Time. I read somewhere that the Time cover is being scalped at pretty steep prices. I love that, and hope it’s true.


RESISTANCE COOKIES: The Herbal Tea Party Movement. Munch 'em, When you Quit, the win.

I made cookies for my knitting buddies. The tea bag shape is a bit “primitive,” but the messages are delicious.


I LOVE these! And the concept. I would totally sacrifice my diet for the cause. :slight_smile:


February 12 New York Times Magazine has a Resist cover. On pages 36-37 and page 43 are two wonderful photographs with the people (in the foreground) all blurred, so you mostly see sea of pink.

So much fun.


Pussyhats via Missoni!