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Sea Breeze Cowl—I'M GOING IN


Anybody else starting this? I’m gonna try it in a bulky yak-wool blend, because using the right gauge yarn is far too reasonable, and probably yak feels just like cotton in Heat Wave July, amirite?

Consider me your cautionary tale.


Definitely going to make mine as soon as I finish the Sail-Away Shawl. Tomorrow we’re launching the Great MDK Ease-along here in the Lounge—be sure to show us how that yak is coming along . . .


I’ll be going in eventually too. Too many things I want to make. Not sure what order!


I’m in with my Olive-Inspired Mini version of the Sea Breeze Cowl. I’m using Knitted Wit’s Smoky Mountain National Park in Bulky Weight, getting 4 stitches to the inch. The cast on is 96 stitches and I’ve followed the directions as written. I won’t shape it but will probably bind off after the 2nd repeat of the Criss-Cross pattern. If my calculations are correct this is a one skein project and will measure approximately 9 x 22, perfect for buttoning a coat over.


I’m away from this project while traveling for a couple of weeks but can’t wait to get back to it. Now that Kay’s written about it, I feel compelled to check the order of each stitch in the first doodle-do round! Can’t have any twisted doodles.


I am excited to join in on some Ease with the Sea Breeze Cowl-Poncho. Swatching is complete, using Shibui Knits Drift from stash (and maybe a few more skeins on order from MDK!). What a fun pattern! After teaching my last summer classes Friday and Saturday, joining in on the Ease fun on Sunday will be a treat!


Ooo WOW!! That is gorgeous:)
Love that color and how a solid color really shows the doodle do pattern! Looks snuggly comfy too


I’m experiencing the bliss and ease that comes after knitting such a lovely pattern using wonderful yarn. The Sea Breeze Cowl-Poncho was a complete treat to knit; I highly recommend this very engaging yet relaxing dose of Ease!


The doodle do pattern is quite fun to do and creates an interesting pattern :v: :crossed_fingers:


Sadly, my yarn turned out to be too soft and delicate for this pattern so I had to switch to something else. Got my eye on the O-wool Balance in my stash for when I get back to it.


Just owning my likes in this thread. You all are making me so happy, I’m just going to heart all over all of your posts, if you’ll excuse me for it. xo


Getting ready to start mine. I chose the Spud and Chloe in beluga.


After seeing Kay’s, I also bought Lake. Two for me or one for me and one for someone who’s been really good this year.