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Shakerag Top Knitalong


Read all about it here! We’ll be knitting this “officially” through June 6, 2018. But this is a casual knitalong, so if you don’t finish by then, well, maybe you’ll finish at some point.

This elegant, minimalist top designed by Amy Christoffers is a highlight of Field Guide No. 6: Transparency. The subtlest of stripes are created by knitting stripes with one strand of yarn, then two.

See the pattern details here.

The pattern is available in Field Guide No. 6: Transparency, available here.

The pattern calls for Jade Sapphire Sylph, a lightweight blend of cashmere and linen. We have 15 shades available in the MDK Shop. But this simple pattern would work well with any light fingering weight yarn. Cotton and linen would be a good choice.


Shakerag is definitely on my “to make” list, but I just cannot bump anything else down on the list to make way for it now, or maybe even this year.

Of course, no one should be surprised if I end up casting on Shakerag when I should be finishing Charles or working button bands for The Mister’s. Best-laid plans and all that.


I admire the fact that you even have a “to make” list! At this point, I just stick my hand out and knit on whatever piece of knitting it touches. My knitting fever is at a peak of wackiness.


I’ve caved and just ordered some Sylph and the Field Guide from y’all. Will likely cast on as soon as it gets here.


Don’t get me started on The List.

It’s timeline is borderline OCD. :roll_eyes:


I’m very excited to knit this for my daughter!


Just pulled the trigger and ordered some Sylph in the Extinction colorway. Now to finish up my Easel Sweater by the time it arrives so I can immediately cast on!


How did you even choose a color! They’re all so lovely…


It took me all week and I’m still second guessing myself!


Decided to use DK in stash. Couldn’t find the fingering I know is somewhere in stash. It will be heavier weight, but I’m okay with that. I also had trouble figuring out what to do with this yarn, and this seems like a good plan so far. See you at Shakerag!


What a pretty color! We’re you able to obtain gauge easily, or are you adjusting the size made?


Thanks. Gauge is a bit off. It was spot on on 7s, but I did not like the fabric, so it will intentionally be a bit larger. On gauge I probably would have made a large. On the yarn, it is from Jennifer at spirittrailfiberworks—she dyes beautiful yarns. This is a new base for me, but it knits up nicely.


It’s lovely, I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.


Thank you, me neither :smirk:


OK!!! I’m in too but I feel like I’m in overload with how many KAL’s I’m doing. And Summer of Basics is running again this year. I was just an observer last year and I’d like to join in. So I think the Shakerag top qualifies as a basic. Knit knit knit. I’m going to try it using Valley Yarns Colrain Lace which is really a light fingering. Merino/Tencel 50/50.


You can sort of see the striping…


Oh, this is so beautiful. And the thought of linen with cashmere is a siren song.

Questions: How does one pronounce Shakerag? Shaker-ag? Shake-rag?

Who’s washing and blocking their swatch before getting underway? Seems like it will be transformational for the yarn. I swatched, but didn’t wash and block the swatch, for a merino/linen top, and that was a mistake!


Shake-rag! It’s named for a hollow in the woods of the Cumberland Plateau near Sewanee, Tennessee. Back in the day, moonshiners would hunker down with their illegal stills, and customers would signal up the hill to them by waving a rag and leaving their money on a stump (or rock, or hole in the ground, or whatever—this is LORE, OK?). They’d leave, the moonshiner would bring down his white lightning, take the money, and disappear. Commerce! So that’s why it’s called Shakerag Hollow. These days, Shakerag Workshops carries on the tradition of waving rags around, though they’re usually hand-dyed indigo linen, shibori stitched and sewn into garments . . .


That’s a great story! And please don’t tell anyone I was saying it wrong. Because I never actually said it out loud, I guess that’s true.


I can’t resist this–it’s like magic! This came in the mail Monday, and I’m sure imagefile:///var/folders/rn/rh6ls_r15g5fmlywyy_c6z1w0000gn/T/IMG_20180501_184942-01.jpeg
I had a plan for it, but I can’t remember what. So it will be a Habu Tsumugi silk Shakerag! Edited to get the pic