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Shakerag Top Knitalong

This is zooming along. I got to the armhole yesterday, at the very end of my first skein of yarn, which means I should have enough to finish the top with my second skein of yarn.

I am loving the carefree stockinette knitting. Perfect for multi-tasking. I steamed the hem just to make sure it would stop folding up. I expect the whole thing to grow a bit when wet blocked; it’s superwash merino/tencel.

I didn’t like the M1 increases; they were pulling too much, so I switched to my favorite lifted increase instead.

Knit on!


That is absolutely gorgeous! What a summery colorway. I just love this, and I’m totally taking your advice re using a lifted increase rather than M1.


Please share your lifted increase. Too late for me, but very pretty.

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There’s a link to my video tutorial, “lifted increase” should be highlighted in orange in my previous post for you.

These are nearly invisible in stockinette, which is why I like them!


Stay tuned! My XL is finished and I’m taking pics today! Pretty sure it’s a lot more ease than 8 inches but it’s the good ease, very flattering. Hits me at the hip bone. An inch shorter and it would be too cropped for me, an inch longer and it would drag and I’d wish I’d split the hem. So I’m happy! Look for photos on MDK tomorrow!


Looks great! I like your choice of yarn. It’s soft, affordable, and since I live in Southern California (where it will be HOT from now until October), as much as I love cashmere I don’t want it in a summer tee. Putting this in my queue!


instead of a straight M1 which can pull a bit (especially in a delicate fabric), try making a yarn over in the row before the increase, and knit to twist in the desired direction in the row when you need it.


I finished seaming, adding the neck/armbands and blocked, so excited to try it on and hen commence weaving in ends. I try it on and it’s still too short in length. :weary: There is no way I’m going to unravel this entire thing and start over. Kicking myself that I didn’t do a provisional cast on, like most bottom up sweaters.
I’m considering picking up stitches right above the garter hem but unsure how I could remove the hem without having to pick out all those stitches. Is it possible to steek some way? :scream: Or should I add a split hem coming from behind the garter? That might look weird. Any suggestions would be most helpful!! :pray:t2:

Oh no!
You can pull out the final round of the garter, leaving live stitches hanging down fom the first round of single strand. Pick up and knit from there. Add a pair of stripes or 2 and reknit the garter band - voila.


Hello! Remember Kelley Dew and her afterthought split hem (mentioned in my blog post from May 16)? I asked her how she did it, and she said she put in a lifeline just above the garter hem, then snipped one stitch and unraveled stitch by stitch onto a circular needle. Then she knit down the front and back separately (working flat) until they were the length she wanted, and put the garter edging on and bound off. I would think you could do this pretty successfully to add a bit of length onto the bottom of your Shakerag Top. Godspeed and please report back!


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Thanks to you and @nellknits for talking me off the ledge. I think I’m most nervous of snipping into the garter and trying to remove it. I’ll report back once the surgery has been completed!


Top is done. Soaking in a bath right now so should be dry by the trip!


My Shakerag is nearly done and I’m concerned about the edging. The pattern says to use two strands of yarn, but I am considering using just one. I cast on with one strand and that looks nice. Thoughts?


I wrote all about the edging this morning if you want to see what mine looks like: I like the double stranding because it gives a little more weight to the edge, considering that the Jade Sapphire Sylph is so thin in a single strand. But if you’re liking how it looks with a single strand, go for it!


I used two, but think it would work either way as long as you like it.

Can anyone tell me how the Sylph behaves when washed? I know Kay said it becomes softer and the cashmere becomes more dominant, but in terms of swatching and getting gauge, will it grow or shrink significantly? I’m hoping to not have to wash my swatch just in case I need the yarn. I’m planning size L with 4 skeins but may make it a tad longer. I’m getting 21 sts and 26 rows with size 6 needles on my unwashed swatch.

Also… for the positive ease element - do I add that 8” to my own measurements and use the size that corresponds? Or is that 8” already calculated into the pattern? (Can you tell I’m a fairly new knitter?)

The positive ease is already calculated…so be sure you’re choosing the correct size, about 8" larger than your normal bust size. Hope that helps.

Thank you! So if I understand you correctly, my bust is about 40” so the size L at about 48” should be about the right size for me - correct? That’s what I was thinking but I wanted to be sure.