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Shakerag Top Knitalong


Can anyone tell me how the Sylph behaves when washed? I know Kay said it becomes softer and the cashmere becomes more dominant, but in terms of swatching and getting gauge, will it grow or shrink significantly? I’m hoping to not have to wash my swatch just in case I need the yarn. I’m planning size L with 4 skeins but may make it a tad longer. I’m getting 21 sts and 26 rows with size 6 needles on my unwashed swatch.


Also… for the positive ease element - do I add that 8” to my own measurements and use the size that corresponds? Or is that 8” already calculated into the pattern? (Can you tell I’m a fairly new knitter?)


The positive ease is already calculated…so be sure you’re choosing the correct size, about 8" larger than your normal bust size. Hope that helps.


Thank you! So if I understand you correctly, my bust is about 40” so the size L at about 48” should be about the right size for me - correct? That’s what I was thinking but I wanted to be sure.


Yes, that is correct!


Thank you so much!!!


Done! and of course, my gauge swatch (washed and blocked) was misleading. I was expecting this to to come out blocked at 42”, but it’s 40. That’s still 4 inches of ease, so I think I’ll be ok. Will have to wait for it to dry to find out. Patience! It was only 36” pre-blocking, and now it’s 40”. I could get more aggressive, but I’ll see how this fits, first.

I went rogue on the edgings; they looked like they were going to roll and expose the back of the pickup, so I turned it inside out after picking up (Because I didn’t feel like purling), knit a row, then bound off knitwise. I like the way it looks.



The neckline sits flat when it’s on my body. Cool modification!


After the bath. Too warm to wear today (not a complaint).


It looks great, and it has a lovely view!


This is what happens when you’re knitting at midnight. A worry takes you down a different path! It probably would have been fine if I had followed the directions.


Thank you. The view does not get old, even in storms it is pretty.


I’m jumping on the marled Shakerag band wagon. It’s too hot here in Mpls to knit with wool so I’ve chosen linen/cotton blend!! I think I’ll really like this. And baby… just because she’s so darn cute. We’re taking care of granddaughter todayl


Where are you located? This is my favorite kind of view!


Plymouth, MA. All of the benefits of cape cod without having to cross the bridge or pay the astronomical prices!


I love the shape and drape of the Shakerag, but not the sheerness (word?) and I don’t think I would miss the stripes in the neutral, basic top I am envisioning. Would there be much of a downside (other than the expense of more yarn) to knitting the whole thing double-stranded? Thank you for any guidance!


No downside. You could also use heavier weight yarn, which would limit the sheerness.


Really done now, washed and blocked. It’s 39.5” because my washed and blocked gauge swatch lied (I was expecting 42”). But it fits the way most of my tops fit, instead of being oversized. I like it! It’s fingering weight, so it’s not peekaboo. I’m glad it’s not 36” any more, which it was just off the needles.

I suppose I could block it more aggressively if I want some swing, but I’ll wear it this way first and see how I feel.


It turned out very well and is quite flattering on you!


Michele, it’s perfect! I love the colors on you, and the fit is really great. I’d be curious to hear how an additional experiment in blocking it more strongly would go, but this looks amazing as is!

I’ll post pix of mine soon too–it’s such an interesting thing to see how this fits on everybody.