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Shakerag Top Knitalong


Thank you, and thanks lizn!

This is such a fun simple basic shape, embiggened or not. I think if I were to make it bigger, it really would need a very swingy drapey fabric (linen!).

And now I want a linen summer top…

Looking forward to seeing yours, and more Shakerags!


My Shakerag is done! I am enjoying wearing it so much that I may make another one. This is my first experience with linen. It was a little stiff and sometimes splitty, but I love the way it breathes.


You look fantastic!!


So great! The color is fab, you got it going on! Way to go!


I love your Shakerag!


After doing some surgery to add some length and a split hem, I crossed the finish line on my Shakerag! I am officially smitten with this Extinction colorway. :blue_heart:


Hooray!! That’s marvelous!


Love the color. Great job.


stunning. I especially love the length on yours: split hems rule!

I also want to compliment @pennie.boyett but the moderato-bot is scolding me for multiple posts: beautiful color Pennie, and it looks wonderful on you.

Ditto Michele @pdxknitterati : great fit, I wouldn’t change a thing!


Downright perfect! I’ll bet it becomes the garment you reach for first all summer!


Started mine yesterday in Anzula Breeze. Assuming I can stay monogamous I’ll have the perfect top for summer in Chicago!


Anzula Breeze looks so dreamy–maybe I need to get hold of some of this. Wishing you monogamy and enough time for knitting!


It’s heavenly. Like, crispy-drapey at the same time.


Has anyone else made this a little longer than the pattern calls for? 22” is a little short on me. Any advice?


What is the best/neatest way to sew the shoulders together. I know this is easy but I always seem to struggle with seaming. Please help!! Thanks!


I crocheted mine together. I find that the easiest way to seam.


I was super interested to try on @Kay’s finished Shakerag top at the Getaway, and have amplified faith in Amy Christoffers as a designer (I was already at 11 in my opinion of her)! I am a bit taller than Kay, and I found the length to be perfect on my long-torso’d 5’11" frame. The proportions are the stuff of fantasy to work on both of us! I won’t be bothering to add any length, in spite of previous plans. I picked up Jade Sapphire Sylph in the color Eddy (a grey/green of a most mineral shade). I’ve wound and swatched in the recommended needles and found myself right on target. This will be my weekend knitting for a quick business trip.


Have you bound off already?


Choosing the color “Eddy” is clearly meant to be!

BTW it’s the shade of my “relaxed log cabin” pullover, which is lacking only for the little sleeve flippers, but I can’t seem to get it done as it doesn’t travel well at this phase.


Hey Ann! So loves our knitting camp get away! Thanks to you and Kay and Claire and everyone! I’ve got a shakerag question.

Im using malabrigo sock yarn and liking how my sweater is going. But it’s getting hot here in NC and I’m sweating while knitting!! Do you think I can make this in to a winter sweater and just add long sleeves. Didn’t think about sock yarn being wool when I started!