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I was talking to Claire about this at the getaway. Definitely can be done. I think the easiest way would be to pick up along the dropped sleeve edge a la Boxy and Relax, but if you are smarter than me it could be built in to the after arm split knitting I’m sure.


Thanks! I will let you know how it goes. I’ll see how heavy/warm the sweater feels when I’m close to finished and make my decision for sleeves then, I think. :o)


Great. I can’t wait to see what you do.


indeed @gilbertgalsanddad add stitches using a knitted cast on at the end of the split rows, and knit from wrist to wrist. But you will have a sewn seam or a three needle BO from wrist to neck, and tapering to the wrist will involve short rows and some math to space them evenly. If you prefer a more traditional sleeve/body interface, pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows around the arm opening and knit down. If you want an open sleeve, don’t bother with shaping. If you want a tapered wrist, you’ll need to work out decreases. I’ll be happy to help if/when you get there, or DM me.


Dr. Fix it to the rescue, even on the interwebs


I’m in the home stretch on Shakerag #2 (marled edition) and was just contemplating adding sleeves! It’s inspired by my beloved Breton shirts, so I’m thinking 3/4 length and maybe skipping the stripes?


I don’t think you need stripes. I love the Breton reference!


Thanks! @juliafc. I am still trying to decide. Gonna get it primarily finished, try it on and decide at that point. Love your notes about picking up and knitting the sleeve from the body. That is so helpful!



Love, love, love it!


I’m just getting started on this sweater. I think it’ll be a perfect winter sweater for St. Petersburg FL

I measure in at about 34 inches around the chest, so I’m thinking that a finished product that measures 44 inches will be foolishly large on me…so my LYS suggested that I cast on 168 sts instead of the 196 called for in the pattern, and then basically follow the directions as written. I imagine I’ll have to do some fiddling when it comes to shoulders and neckline.

What do you think of this plan? I’m afraid to start it without asking!


Oooh, this is such a hard question. Are you using the yarn in he pattern? It is so drapey it could be fine, but it will probably be fine a little smaller too. You might look at project pages on ravelry and see if anyone notes measurements.


yes. I am using the Slyph yarn called for. I definitely should have mentioned that!


I believe the sweater is best with some extra room. Maybe you don’t want a LOT of extra room, but I think 5 or 6" at your size would be ideal. Given what I learned about it seeing the three differently sized sweaters on all of the variously sized knitters at the Shakekrag Getaway, I would urge you to make it with a little extra room. The design depends on drape and a little movement to be the most mystifyingly and universally flattering little knit I’ve come across in a long time. Personally, I’m knitting a size with 10" extra, but I’m a little taller than most folks. Why not try the smallest size at 39"?


Shakerag in Waft is finished. :slightly_smiling_face: This top felt like it flew off the needles. The yarn is amazing and the drape is wonderful.


I am so happy with my Shakerag, what a great pattern! And such a satisfyingly quick knit. I will wear this all summer!


So fantastic, Angela! You look as cool as a cucumber—wow!


This is so perfect! You make me want to make another one, but this time in Sylph!


Did anyone else’s neck roll a little after the pick up and bind off? I’m wondering if it will block flat or if I should rip (again) and pick up fewer stitches… thoughts appreciated


Mine did not, but I used a totally different yarn. __


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Mine did a little, but steaming took care of it.