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Socks: Will I have enough yarn for the toes?

Help!!! I’m making a pair of socks for my brother who wears a size 11 shoe (large feet). He lives 3000 miles from me and I’m about to start knitting the toes. I have 19 g of the DK yarn left that I want to use to match the cuff and the heel flap but not sure it’s quite enough from the look of it and I’d hate to run out too soon. Perhaps I should start the toe with the main color (variegated) for a couple of rows and then use the dark gray… would that look weird? Any suggestions? I am somewhat new to the sock knitting experience. Thanks for any help you can give.

I don’t think it would look weird, but when I have run into this issue I introduce a third color for the toe and heel or just the heel or just the toe. So the toe & cuff are the same color and maybe the heel is another color.

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I’m thinking that maybe you could have some fun with this. You could make the toes whatever color you want and then, in all his future socks, always do the toes in the same color as this pair.

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