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Sommerfeld Shawl from Field Guide No. 4: Log Cabin


Wow, this is gorgeous and looks like fun to knit. Any photos of the shawl spread out? I would like to see the full glory and what looks like feather & fan lace in there. Loe the blue/green color way.


Hi Annie!

I’ll take some more photos, but here are a couple that I just found on my phone, from the sample.

I just started mine, in the blue colorway. I haven’t knit mohair/silk in a long time, and I’m remembering how much I love it.


Gorgeous! Thank you. Can’t wait to see yours!


You ladies and your wonderful stuff have roped me in again. I’ve ordered my Sommerfeld stuff. Can’t wait till it gets here.


While there’s still a good chance I’ll break down and order a kit, I’m thinking about what’s in stash, or about dyeing something, and wondering if there’s a note anywhere on how much yardage of each color is used, or if it’s a full skein for each?


I had about 20 percent of each skein left over–I “budget” 20 percent extra when I design to allow for loose knitters who don’t check gauge. Oh, the horror of running out of hand-dyed yarn! If you have 300 yards of each of the colors, you should be fine if your gauge is correct!


I just cast on this evening after dreaming about this pattern for quite a while. A floaty sheer log cabin just feels so delightfully contradictory!


Oh hooray–it really is a different experience, knitting with this airy yarn. Let us know how it goes!


I’m loving it thus far!


You’re almost done! ; )


:joy: yes! Almost! Hahaaaaa


This article at tlo is talking about Fashion Week trends: patchwork! I immediately thought Log Cabin!
MDK is so on trend with their latest field guide :ok_hand: heehe.
Anyway my shawl continues… on to section 3:


More photos, please!
I’ve been practicing log cabin techniques by swatching this beautiful pattern with 2 colors of lost-label yarn I found in my stash, 1 is similar to the kidsilk. But my pick-up-along-the-edge stitches are seriously untidy, and I’d like to see how others are doing it! I’m still in the 3rd strip of the first square.
At some point I’ll choose a colorway and get on this for real, but for now, may I please see some wrong sides?


I also have larger stitches at the side pick-ups and was hoping it would block out. I’ll post some pics this weekend. Knitnorth, your sides are beautifully done - know a trick?


Oh thanks! Not sure my sides are that neat really. I’m away right now so can’t post pics.

One thing I’m doing is slipping the first stitch of every row - it’s rather automatic for me. I saw partway through the first block that wasn’t in the pattern but continued anyway. I think this is helpful in picking up side edges. (To me it makes it clearer which stitch to pick up along the side)


Thanks so much

  • I am going to try that on the next few blocks!


Anyone doing the shawl for the knit along? I am and starting early with custom colors shades of gray and burgundy for the dark color.


I know I said I was doing a blanket, but I have appropriate yarn for Sommerfeld in 3 colors, just need to find a fourth. I think it would be a quicker knit than a blanket. Hmmmmm.

TwistedRedhead on Ravelry has a great pic of the whole shawl, which will be helpful for figuring out which color I want where.

Do I need to go back to the LYS today?!


It took awhile and quite a few readings of the directions (and looking at Knit North’s picture of the nine blocks) to finally understand how squares 4,5 & 6 are added on.

Woohoo! Success! Needed to get past that point before work. I’m able to knit at work in between calls.


TwistedRedhead’s picture is a very good one for seeing the entire shawl.