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Sommerfeld Shawl from Field Guide No. 4: Log Cabin


I requested (and received!) a kit for the Sommerfield as a Christmas gift, so I am definitely going to make one for the Knitalong.

So far, I’ve practiced with yarns on hand, and I’ve got to admit my technique is mediocre at best: I’m struggling with the middle strip of the first square! I’m hoping it’s partly a problem of using different yarns. I’m pretty new to Log Cabin knitting, but I’ve been making some fingering squares that I like, that will eventually be a blanket of sorts.


The middle strip does take some time to figure out. It helped me to think of it as short rows with the slip knit passover right before the turn. Hopefully that helps

The yarn is a dream. I’m using straight needles until it gets to big. The cable of the circs just got in the way. The yarn is fine and light enough for the straights.


Here’s a WIP pix of block one I’m working square seven and on my left needle are all the picked up stitches for square 8 & 9. I’m ready to move the marker, then slip a stitch, k one then psso and turn work slip stitch and marker and knit to end,

I sincerely hope that this helps you.


I’m slipping the first stitch, too, it’s just so much tidier when you go to pick up along that edge. Just finished a big shawl, so I’m getting back to the Log Cabin project!


Thanks! This pic totally helps me visualize it.
You’re making quicker progress than I am, but I’m loving my third color. By Saturday morning I’ll be ready to start picking up along that edge.


Suppose that one dropped a stitch, and continued blissfully knitting for some 40 rows before counting and understanding that it happened.
One might wish to just add a stitch, and secure that dropped stitch somehow.
How do I secure that dropped stitch? Because I looked and couldn’t find the drop, and assumed that I’d accidentally double passed a slipped stitch over, and I added the stitch and blissfully knitted on but now, hours and rows later I’ve located the dropped stitch.
Anybody know what I should do?


Oh, yikes. I frequently use a matching sewing thread to secure the loop of an errant stitch. I tie a knot and run the ends in a duplicate stitch, as I would with yarn.


Ditto to what Nell says. I run a piece of yarn through the loop of the dropped stitch and secure both ends of that piece. Not going back 100 rows, nope!


Thank you! I still don’t understand how I could have counted 19 stitches so many times, including through a color change. Gonna try it tomorrow.


I was hoping that I was not the first ever to perform this feat, tho I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
I’ve used a lot of the yarn already in swatches, and I knew I oughtn’t snip this out and away.


I’m at the Feather Fan/ short rows section and had to frog It! Ouch. I was merrily tooling along in the 4th repeat and realized my stitch count was way off. Should have listened to that little voice that said to use stitch markers. So started over with stitch markers. Still have no idea how it happened. Since i’m able to knit at work, I am constantly setting the shawl down to take a call, so that may be the case.


Don’t feel bad - I started the second color short row section on the wrong end and have a wing! I can’t tink back this much of this yarn and remain sane, so I’m going to add a 36 row short row section to even it out. If I’d only pay attention!!! Sommerfeld|281x500


I’m in the feather & fan, and starting to read ahead to the short rows! huh. I’ll try to start it in the intended spot…


Good idea! Have fun.


The short rows work up fast and are fun,


Here’s my first set of the short rows, and i’m gonna be honest: I am not going to reknit it. But I’m pretty certain that those holes are not supposed to be there.
Possible reasons: the instructions say “knit to 1 stitch past the marker” but I marked the the slipped stitches (w&ts)themselves, so I think I should have gone 2 past the slipped stitch. Or maybe
my wrap and turns are wrong. Ideas?


Mine has large holes at the wraps also. I thought it was because the instructions did not say to pick up the wraps, so I didn’t. Frogging this yarn is tough. It ends up losing the mohair and just looking like a strand of silk


It does look a little structural!


If you enlarge twistedredhead’s picture of her finished shawl you can just make out the holes. I’m 2/3 of the way done and it seems to me that the holes are part of the design. Especially with the feather and fan section.
Enlarging her picture has helped me understand the pattern.


Yay! Mine are pretty inconsistent, but that’ll ease out in the blocking, right?