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Squad Mitts: Show & Tell


There are a million ways to make these mitts—such a good laboratory for quick color experiments. We’re eager to see what you’re cooking up.


I’m making beautiful color way 3, quill, terrywinkle, zest, nickel. I love Ann Weaver’s color sense. I’m hoping to learn how to create never-would-have-thought-of-it combinations like this, so I’m going to be reading her articles avidly.

“Zest” is another word for MDK vermilion–NOT orange–I think.


The mitt is loving Lake Michigan today.


Got my Squad Mitts kit the day after I left town, even had the Hubs send it to me at the hotel. I’ve been at the Outer Banks of NC for a workshop all week and haven’t even had a minute to unpack my yarn. Now I’m taking an extra day before driving home, but realized I have no ball winder with me. So, here are my lovely skeins with an OBX sunrise a few days ago, cast on will happen tomorrow when I get home to VA.


OK lame question but seriously, how did you wind that yarn? And yes, vermilion for the win!


My yarn never takes me anywhere, just sayin. Dreamy sunrise!


On my thumb–Preferred Mom Method–mostly while watching baseball.

Yup, tedious, but it makes wonderfully squishy center-pull balls.


Although I still have one thumb left (I’m saving that as a “pick up” demo in an upcoming mitt class) -
I present the Mod Squad mitt

the notes are on my Ravelry project page


I just blogged about my first pair of Squad Mitts today! As of last night, the second pair is underway. :slight_smile:


Also nice succulents!


My first pair is done. Color way 3 as per pattern. Will start to mix them up next. I have to take new photos, they are on ravelry, but I deleted them from the phone (oops)! Traveling next week, so hope to get some more done.

Well, I found a photo before sewing in ends.


Mitt #1, done. Fun!

The yarn is almost velvety, and there are miles left. Thinking more mitts with my own stripe arrangement, and socks socks socks.


Here’s my version of the Squad Mitts. I made them specifically to match this hat and these buttons. I foresee many more pairs of these in my future :wink:


Oh, so darling! And are those sheep buttons? :sheep:


Yes! I got them at Jo-Ann’s, and have been waiting for the perfect thing to use them with.


Perfectly sheepily adorable!


I’ve started my second pair. Off to London for a week so hopefully some knitting time. Decided to rib the first 4 rows, not sure what I’ll do on the top yet.


Who would think it could take a week to knit one mitt. But anyway, here’s mitt #1, colorway #1. I’m not a fan of rolled edges on mitts, so knit 3x1 rib instead, made the thumb longer and decreased a couple of the 17 stitches.


I don’t even know how to do that! I’m impressed!


Handspun Squad Mitts - all ready for holiday gifting!