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Squad Mitts: Show & Tell


Done! Just in time for the cold that’s rolling in. They are snug, soft, squishy, and very cool. At least that’s what I think. Oh, and a super-easy knit. Now: more mitts? socks? gloves?


Second pair is off the needles. Just need to sew in ends. Went with ribbing this time instead of curled edges.


Mitts! Twice! Mitts kit colorway #1, ribbing instead of the stockinette curl.


One pair of squad mitts, ready to post off to a worthy recipient. Loved the pattern - great for using up leftover sock yarn.


So sweet. … I’ve started my next pair with a seed stitch edge.


First ones done! Solids are Koigu left from the two (Ann Weaver-designed, Kay Gardiner-motivated) Albers Cowls I’ve knit. Teal multi is a Mountain Colors yarn from my Doodler. Once these were underway I bemusedly noted these match the wedding gift quilt I gave this same friend (who mostly wears black, but where’s the knitting fun in that?).


Third pair done. Two more to go for the dog walkers!


Pair 4!


Finally making a pair for myself! Killing time before Hadley. Will need to figure out what to do with the leftovers.


Oh yes I made a second pair for me as well. Again with leftovers – but it meant my mitts matched my Rockefeller shawl at the March yesterday!


Kid sized for my boy. Mods on my Ravelry Project page:


Great colors vmgrace! Hope he likes them.