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Summer of Wandering Socks KAL

Can’t be as tedious as re-knitting 3/4 of the sock! I’m gonna call it fun. :wink:


Not as much progress this week with family visiting from The Netherlands. Tomorrow is a road trip to Mont Tremblant to show them the sites, so lots of car knitting time tomorrow to catch up


Kids+grandkids left on an airplane yesterday SO I did start on my KAL wandering sock, yesterday! But I did measure the 10 year old’s foot, slightly shorter than mine and thinner (yikes-she’s gonna be a tall one) I cast on toe up for a small size 7, but decreased 4 stitches = 52 total.
I’m a 10 year sock knitter (yes - Grandma-hood started me knitting again). I will use 2 circular needles, 2-at-a-time and take my time, it is summer. . . . sigh.


So very sorry. I have also felt the horrible loss that comes with the passing of your Mom .

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This is my first sock ever! Brought the yarn, Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock, with me on a 6 day whitewater rafting trip in Idaho. I tried it on when I got home and think I need to take it out and redo. The ankle is really loose. I’ll try the toe up with a ribbed cuff instead.


Oh, this is a great tip, thanks so much! I had my heel stitches on two needles and my instep stitches were still on one. I kept screwing up the short rows last night–normally I love a short row–and I finally just put it down in disgust and left it to tackle in the cold light of day. So glad I did, because I read your comment this morning, moved my stitches around, and 15 minutes later I was finishing the heel!


Yesterday morning started out like a normal morning. It was hot here so I started the car with the door open and noticed that the car sounded really loud. Hmmm. Started driving to work, hit a tiny pot hole, and heard a clanging noise as if something was hanging down. Hmmm. Was on the way to our bakery to give a tour so I figured I would go there, do the tour (my favorite part of my job), then swing by my mechanic on the way back up to my office. I was around the corner from the bakery when the bottom literally fell out of that plan. Imagine my surprise when my car started making the loudest noise I’ve ever heard, scraping the pavement, and leaving a trail of sparks behind me. Managed to get her pulled over in a safe spot and saw that my entire exhaust system had pretty much fallen off the bottom of the car.

The was not the problem.

I HAD NO KNITTING WITH ME!!! Yes, you read that right. We’re knitting socks. There are usually socks in my purse anyway but not this time. It was sitting cozily on the couch at home. Panic set in.

Luckily AAA got there in record time, my friend Fulicia was walking to work and saw me so she waited with me, my mechanic can fix it, and my friend Robb loaned me his car.

Learn from my rookie mistake folks. This could have happened to any one of us. Stuck somewhere with no knitting. Just the thought of it makes me shudder. Go now. Stash some knitting in the trunk or the glove compartment. Don’t let this happen to you.


I totally sympathize. Non knitter friends laugh at me because I always have my knitting with me, usually socks. You never know,when you will have spare time to knit a row or three. Or as in your case, a few hours. I agree, not having your knotting with you is the worst part of the whole day.


That IS a lesson for us all!! :grin:


I get teased about a knitting bag in each car as well as my purse but hey…never without knitting is really really important. :blush:


Awesome post kjt1211! Thanks for the reminder…wasted time when we could be knitting is serious business!


Sock knitting off the coast of British Columbia.


Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous scenery!


I love heart everything about this.


Fraternal socks. I think they will be perfect.


I always knit fraternal mittens why not fraternal socks!! Especially since I don’t bother to make note of what part of the color stretch I start the first one with.


It just occurred to me that I should check the size for a man’s sock! Would a size large accomodate a size 101/2 shoe size? Should I order another skein of yarn? Thanks for all your help!!!


What is the yarn? Beautiful!

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It’s the Barnyard Knits colorway called A Walk in the Woods. Got it from MDK shop! Love knitting with it!


I decided that the 2.5mm was the important part and purchased my first flexi flips and so far so good!