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Team Blanket No. 1: For Carrie Swanson--NOW FULL!


Looks fabulous :wink: Love ur stripes!


Looks great! That’s pretty yarn!


Lookin’ great! :smile:


Ooo! Nice! Love those stripes! :smile:


Sarah is it alright if I make the border a little smaller to stay within the size for the final block? I went down in needle size but it still looks like I will be too big…right now I just have 3 edge ridges in, trying to estimate what 9 will look like. I think 7 ridges would keep me within size. So actually it is 5. I tried emailing you but I got a vacation auto reply…hmmmm. I might make a dk block just to see.


Oh no! Don’t start over my dear! 5 garter ridges will be perfectly fine! :blush: Thank you for asking! :smile:


Thanks for following up from vacation and for the clearance:) I’ll finish up with this and get it in the mail tomorrow!


My pleasure, dear! :blush: I wouldn’t want to leave you hanging! :blush:
That sounds like a super plan! Can’t wait to see! :smile::smile::smile:


I think I may have made a mistake! I have my lighter color as the cross, as I was on vacation and didn’t check in. I’m not quite finished, and it didn’t take long so I’m happy to redo if a reversed color square isn’t going to work. I haven’t taken a picture yet, but it’s dark brown and natural. Maybe I’ll make both and send them so there’s an extra…


Or a design element? It will really pop.


Hi all! Visiting from Team 2 and wanted to share something that one of our knitters found on Ravelry.

From @kinfantino
Just found tips and tricks for this pattern on Ravelry. Under Groups, search for Mitered Crosses Group, then look in Tips and Tricks for some practical help with several topics like picking up stitches and eliminating the annoying knot at the end of each miter. Most posts are from 2011 when Kay first offered this pattern, but no less useful now!

Hope this is helpful.

Knit on!!! You are so kind and so compassionate. It’s inspiring.


Maybe yours could be the center contrast?


Just 8 more garter ridges to go! I’ll be blocking my square tomorrow. Yay!


I love seeing them with the borders!

Here’s mine mid-block. I mailed it today Sarah :grin::heart_eyes:


Beautiful! :heart:


Thank you! I want to make some more but first I need to dedicate myself to finishing the other blanket I’m working on:)


Thank you SO much for sharing this! You are the best! :kissing_heart::smile:


No worries! It will be a lovely design element! :kissing_heart::heartpulse::blush:


Yes indeed! It will be perfect! :blush:


Oh Bonnie, it’s gorgeous! Love it! :smile::heartpulse: