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Team Blanket No. 1: For Carrie Swanson--NOW FULL!


Wow! It’s totally stunning! Love! So looking forward to seeing squares arriving in the mail! Those will be the best mail days EVER! :smile::heartpulse:


Here’s my square! Got all my ends woven in, just need to block it! :smile:


Karyn here from Team 2.1, junior varsity and your square looks fabulous :heart_eyes: Can’t wait to see your finished Team Blanket!!


My square is blocked and dry. I’m taking it to the post office now!


I made a second in case the reversed color doesn’t work. They are taking forever to dry, so they’ll go out tomorrow.
eta: I shipped them out this morning, they should be there Thursday!


I love how your lighter colors allow the miter to show so well.


Thanks! I really love the construction of these squares. It’s so mathematically perfect.


I know, right?! VERY satisfying to knit! :smile:


I luv these colors😍 Is your blue Tormented Teal? I am thinking of using mine for the CC and I have cream for BC. Just wondered how the color change of the Teal works up!


Thanks. It’s Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair in Ice Blue.


Thanks Bonnie;) It is really beautiful


Sarah, thank you so much for starting the team and giving us the opportunity to help make this blanket! I hope the joining goes smoothly - would love to see a photo of the finished blanket. :heart:

I wrote about the project in my blog post today:


Hey Bonnie! I read your blog post, and I love it! Thanks so very much for being a part of Team Blanket No. 1, and for all the love and strength you put into every stitch of your square for Carrie’s Blanket! I know it will make a big difference for her! :kissing_heart::heartpulse:


Yes! Wonderful post, Bonnie!


Thanks for the opportunity to help, Ann and Sarah. I’ll be casting on another square soon for Team Blanket No. 5.


Awesome! :smile:


Best Mail Day, EVER!!! :smiley:

I do apologize, Ladies, for the delay. I’ve been simply swamped, and a little overwhelmed since arriving home, so I thank you profusely for your patience with me! :heart: More than that, I thank you for all the love that went into every stitch of your beautiful squares! I know that Carrie will feel that, and it will make a big difference for her! I also want to thank you for taking the time to make these lovely squares and mail them to me, for all your hard work and patience. You are all heroes in my book! :smiley:

As far as finishing goes, I’m still waiting on a square or two - don’t worry, specific arrangements have been made in each case; and to be perfectly transparent, I’ll be over the moon as long as the blanket is finished in time to give it to Carrie before Christmas! :blush: I will of course keep you up to date with progress pics of the finishing, and pics of Carrie receiving her blanket when it’s complete! :smiley:

If you’re local and still interested in helping out with the blanket finishing, I’d be ever so grateful! (No pressure though :blush: you all have already gone way above and beyond!) Now the tricky part here is figuring out a time/times that work for everyone; and unfortunately, my first free Saturday isn’t until October 20th… However, I’d be more than happy to devote a Sunday afternoon/evening, and/or a few weeknight afternoon/evenings to hosting a group effort (or several :wink:)! So let’s try this: Reply to this post if you’re interested in helping with blanket finishing, and we’ll work out the timing details via group email. How does that sound??


I am interested. Are you aware that the local knitters meet in Harrisonburg on Wednesday nights? I’m usually there and would be happy to work on the blanket during that time if it works out for you.



Thank you, Carrie! Yes, I’m aware, but unfortunately I have other responsibilities on Wednesday nights. Appreciate the gesture though! :blush:


The blanket is coming together! Today I’m working on attaching the squares!