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Team Blanket No. 2.3: The Pickup Joint


A frog’s call sounds like ‘rib-it’. When we just pull everything off the needles and pull the knitting out it’s said we ‘rip-it’. That’s why we sometimes ‘tink’ (unknit a part) or ‘frog’ (pull it off the needles and ‘rip-it’).


Oh cool!! Now frog it makes sense
Thanks riker.lynn😁


Well that makes perfect sense. Thanks, Lynn!!


This Yarn Harlot post from 2009 is the clearest explanation I have seen for picking up in garter. Good pictures too.

With practice I’m doing better with the pickups but when adding the extra 18 stitches still not sure how to avoid the ditch!


Thx very much for sharing yarn harlot’s post; I am still unable to identify the right place to pick up on garter edge even with her pics​:confused: Sometimes I think I’ve got the right spot, then I lose it going down the row! I have however been successful using the pics Karen had posted earlier:) and my gutters are less obvious by using a couple tips posted last week: using a needle 2 sizes smaller to pickup & knit, using left index finger instead of thumb to cast on 18 st. However, that row is obviously smaller by using a size 6 instead of an 8 :hushed:!


Yes, this is a great link. Thanks for sharing. I think I read it earlier, but this time it makes more sense.


Really, you’re probably all picking up stitches perfectly but just haven’t built the confidence yet. It’s a somewhat fiddly process and it’s very easy to see our own faults rather than our successes. So much of life–and knitting–is a matter of experience.

The more you do it, the more you’ll believe in it.

I still get a cheap thrill every time I turn a heel on a sock even though I’ve done it a bazillion times. But I also still have to check the directions every time.


Not easy to show both public side and wrong side so you can see how much the pickup looks like where I changed color on the miter sections. Hope this helps those who struggle with the log cabin borders. Happy International Day of Peace.