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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire

Hi Karen,

Do you have enough knitters already? if not, I would love to be part of your team. I’m in Texas, so not available for the setup, but the US Post Office can surely get my contribution to you by the end of September. My email is janvanscoy at gmail dot com

Good morning everyone! Sorry about the radio silence. Yesterday was a crazy busy day. Fun (there was yarn) but busy.

@Kay It would be wonderful to have on board! I’ll drop you an email with all the details. Clearly, you don’t need the pattern.:grinning:

@jangrimmer Hurray! Yes we still need squares. Welcome to the team. I don’t already have your email but if you send me a note at I will send you the details and the pattern.

In other news, if anyone is in driving distance of Larchmont, NY and likes to needlepoint, there is an epic amount of supplies (canvases, yarn, stretchers, etc.) at an estate sale at 70 Magnolia Avenue. It runs from 10 am to 3 pm tomorrow and Saturday. Prices are dirt cheap. I’ll be there on Saturday helping out. Feel free to share it with anyone you know who might be interested. When I say epic, I mean epic!

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Hi Nell,

I am a new knitter, so I don’t have any Lamb’s Pride in my stash. What color brown is that? I like it and think it would be nice to use.

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Hello Jan, PM me your mailing address and I’ll send you my other skein!

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I agree. I have a thing for old buttons.

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Fantastic colors. I love them!

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Karen: I sent you an email, but I’ll write here too. I still need the pattern. It was not attached to the email that you sent. Please send me another email with the pattern…I thought I had it but I do not.

Leahdl at gmail dot com

Just sent it. I forgot to attach the file. Which is the email equivalent of walking around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe!


got it! Thank you so much!

Hi! I haven’t received the pattern yet. Could you send it to me?? Thanks!

I’m happy to join in from Texas also! I’m flat out starting from scratch here and will grab some yarn (haven’t used this one, so look forward to something new) but will also need the pattern.
My email is:

Hi Nell,

Thanks for the offer of the skien of brown so our squares will coordinate. I’m going to get a skien of Aztec Turquoise to go with the brown. Could I get you a skien of the color of your choice?? What a fun thing to do – trade yarn. I’m planning to purchase online from Jimmy Bean, as my LYS does not carry Lamb’s Pride, and I guess MDK doesn’t either.

Here’s a link for you to see what colors are available. Let me know and I’ll order both skien together.

My address is 10 Cinnamon Teal Pl, The Woodlands, TX 77382.

Thanks again!! I enjoy following you on Instagram.

Kind regards,

Jan Grimmer


I know I promised a happy story from after the fire but I just came here to share one with you and saw the exchange between Val and Nell and I’m overwhelmed be the kindness and the generosity is happening here. Gonna need a minute to get myself together and dry my happy tears.

ETA: Daggnabit! I was so weepy that I said Val instead of Jan.

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I am amazed by all of you. You give me faith in the goodness of regular people.


I just PM’d you and will send your skein out on Monday. xo

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Hi Nell,

I replied to the email, but not sure if it went through. I’m going to order some Azure Turquoise
yard from Jimmy Bean (Lamb’s Pride, of course). Let me know what color you would like and I’ll trade you that color for your skein of the brown or gray in the photo. Sound like a plan??
My address is 10 Cinnamon Teal Pl., The Woodlands, TX 77382

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Wow! That was a wonderful little happy cry.

I promised a good “after the fire story” and I’ll start with my favorite.

People are often surprised to find this out about me but, in a crisis, I go into “go” mode. On a regular day, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit if you called me a flake. I generally live my life seeing the humor in everything and assuming that everything will turn out okay. But when it doesn’t, I turn into a force to be reckoned with. (For the record, it only lasts in the crisis. I usually have a total melt down a few hours later.)

The fire started in the in the wee small hours of the morning. My phone rang sometime between 5 and 6 am. My sister is a teacher so she’s up early and had the news on. By 6 am I was on the phone with a group of friends and my mom getting as much clothing together as we could find. Most of the people who were on the street were in their underwear or pajamas. It had snowed earlier that night so it was freezing cold and wet. The weather had been so bad that I literally got my car out of ice and snow through sheer force of will and got as much stuff out to people as we could right away.

Later in the day I had a total meltdown when I remembered that my friend’s daughter had already bought her prom dress. It broke my heart.

The next morning, I was picking up some supplies from my friend Jean to bring to the hotel where everyone was staying. I mentioned the prom dress and she immediately said “Wait! I have prom shoes!” She ran upstairs and came down with a beautiful pair of silver, high healed, strappy sandals. We didn’t know if they would fit but figured it was worth the try.

They fit the girl like they were made for her!

Later that same day, I had agreed to go to a party. I went to high school with the woman who was hosting it and was terrified of her. Through an odd series of events, she ended up inviting me. I said yes because I have no filter at all (see my note above about being a flake) but by the time I had to leave to go I was asking myself why on earth was I doing this. I hadn’t laid eyes on her since 1987.

My plan was to show up 1/2 an hour late, stay for an hour and go home. Turned out, I showed up an hour early (duh) and ended up staying all night because she grew up into a lovely, lovely woman who is now a good friend.

The fire was big news, and, because I was living in the neighborhood, everyone was asking me how to help. I mentioned the prom dress and my ex-mean girl, new-old friend said “I’ll be right back”. She sent me a home with a dress that was the last dress you would have chosen for this girl.

I brought it to the hotel the next morning and spoke to her privately and told her that she didn’t have to wear it. The dress was a kind gesture but she wasn’t obligated to wear it. She wanted to try it on. Alone.

Five minutes later, she walked out in the dress and the shoes and even the hotel housekeeper burst into tears. She was stunning.

I genuinely believe that when we let the best in ourselves–generosity, sharing, non-judgement, etc–shine through, it will always be good.


This is try on two days after she lost everything. I wish I had a pic from the actual prom. She was stunning.


Please count me in if there is room in the group. I have sent an email with my contact information. A copy of the pattern would be lovely, please and thank you.

I will be purchasing yarn as the yarn I have is in shades of orange from my pumpkin period. (For several years I was totally obsessed with knitting pumpkins and gourds, felting the results and experimenting with shaping the results.).

Thank you so much to MDK for setting up this whole thing. And thank you to YOU for coordinating a blanket.

(Trusting and hoping this has been posted correctly.)

Thanks for the happy cry this morning…This is such a beautiful story, and it gives me such hope in humankind!