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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire


Progress in Pennsylvania on my first block (up to Section 6). My diagonals could line up better, but I’m loving the Lamb’s Pride Oatmeal for the background (light teal Berroco Vintage for contrasting color).


Oooo I’d love to see those colors when done!!


Coming along! image|478x500


I’m home!!! Vacation was more than any vacation should ever be. I will tell you all about it in the days to come but for now, I will catch up on missed posts and emails.

There is something terrifying about having no phone or internet for long stretches of time. And then it becomes thrilling!!!

While I catch up, here’s some reading for you. I had the privilege of hanging out with this now 95 year old man last night. It’s a quick read and worth every minute of it. He still plays and teaches. In the strange ways of the world, my grandfather was Frank Sinatra’s first lawyer. His first cousins were the Dorsey Brothers and this dates to the early days of Hollywood when there was no such thing as an entertainment lawyer. But the Dorsey’s had a cousin! Mr. Magaziner had stories about all of them.



Sound like Christmas colors to me. But any excuse for a Stash Enhancement eXpedition!


Yeah, now I kind of wish I had chosen gray or oatmeal to go with the green or red. But It’s not worth an hour of driving to do it. But I won’t put the red and green into the same square!


Oh no — I totally missed the first part about ignoring the gauge on the pattern. I have 3 miters done on size 6 needles. Do I need to rip out and start over? HELP!!


Not sure why my last pic didn’t work! I’ll try again, with the finished square this time. Karen, you’re an angel for doing this! My square will be in the post to you tomorrow.


Was able to get two blocks from two skeins by reversing the color combination on the second block.


Thanks for letting us know!! I’m doing the log cabin borders on the second one now and have been holding my breath - now I can relax a little :hugs:


SFinished my first block and the second is well underway! Actually further than this picture - center miters are done and starting the log cabin borders :hugs:. Still have to tie in ends and block both as well, but they will be in the mail shortly Karen! Such a fun block!!!


Nope! Just keep going. One of the blankets will get paired with a lovely pillow if it doesn’t fit. This group is a bit of a free for all (intentionally) so we are embracing our differences!


Great Googly Moogly!!! The squares have started arriving! I am so impressed with all of you.

I’m off on round two of vacation today but will have much more reliable internet this time so will be checking in every day.

Cheers to all of you!!!


I am almost finished and will be blocking and mailing block soon. Used 01 sandy heather for background and 17 dreamy nite ( discontinued) for cross. Plenty left of both and I am happy to share if someone would like to use them, or if they can be used to join squares. Mamapurl on Ravelry. I really don’t need more yarn in my stash!


Oh, yarn chicken , I just can’t quit you. Should I add 2 red ridges? Is that channeling @annshayne and her ease shawl? Is it too Christmassy? My I have a lot of questions!

I do have more green, just not with me.


The red would be festive!!


I like the white for the border!


Yes, the border will be white!

I’ve set this aside for now, while considering my red stripe or no.


go for it!! and where the heck are you??it’s beautiful, and looks cooooool:


That’s Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon. A favorite place.