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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire


Like this color combo. Is that Cayenne pepper? What’s the blue named?


Question: does it get easier to pick up stitches when one becomes more accomplished? I have been knitting for one year. Picking up stitches and knitting is hard for me. Plain old garter is pretty easy. My square kinda looks like a beginner knitted it. But it was knitted with love and I do believe that’s what really matters.


Thanks - they were lovely colors to work with! The aqua is called Teal Haze, and the red is Red Hot Passion - ooolala!!!


Your block looks wonderful - and you are right, it is the love that goes into it that makes the block!


Your square is perfect!


I think it looks wonderful, Jan–when you block this, it will even out remarkably!

And as for picking up stitches, it does get easier, because for me, anyway, I got better at “reading” my knitting, so I could tell where to pick up the stitch more easily.

Way to go!


Try it and see! It may be Christmassy, and then again, it may not. I guess it does depend on what the other squares are up to.

I knit faster when I’m running out of yarn!


Thanks!! I bought my yarn online and it was difficult to pick colors, so names help me!


Thanks, Ann. I finished this morning and am blocking it now.


Thanks!! I am a little disappointed, but not enough to rip it out. I’ll do better on the next square.


Who says Albany can’t get anything done? :joy: (joke mostly for me- after I’ve been sitting with a broken computer for 2 days because nobody’s gotten to my ticket yet. If we didn’t laugh…)

It’ll be in the mail Friday! :grin:


I have a sock to knit, so I’ll wait. Unless I finish and can’t deal with knit-less hands!


Finished, blocked and in the mail! Thank you Karen, for all of your hard work and for offering me the opportunity to help. It’s a good feeling!



You are right, if it,s made with love who cares if it’s not perfect.After all only the goddess is perfect, it is something to aim for not necessarily to achieve and think of the textile adventures you can have on the way!


Two rows from completing second block which used the reverse colors of the first. Wait a minute, there is something wrong here. Still wondering what planet I was on for most of this knitting journey.


A Pentagon? Perhaps a whole new blanket idea! :smile:


Ya gotta love this. Somewhere Elizabeth Zimmerman is nodding her approval…you have unvented the mitered cross! :smiley:

p.s.: Actually you have unvented something else from a mitered cross. And the more I look, the more I like!


LOL😁 It would make a great throw pillow to go with one of the blankets👍


Don’t rip this out!! It’s fabulous. Gonna create a ripple effect of new shapes. :two_hearts:


I’M BACK!!! Wow! This vacation has been fabulous. I feel like a million bucks and cannot remember the last time I was this relaxed. I am in East Hampton now in a cottage with two wonderful dogs, tomatoes in the garden and an outdoor shower! It’s heaven.

As I mentioned before, there are many tales to tell but first I’ll take a run through the comments and make sure that everyone got what they needed.

@webb.ann.b What a generous offer! If no one takes you up on it, I will let you know what the plan is for joining the squares. I need to lay them all out first to see where we are.

@pdxknitterati I would go with the red. I think it would look very pretty. But you do what works for you. By the way, you are not the only one playing yarn chicken here! There have been a lot of close calls and last minute decisions going on over on my email. Now I want this

@jangrimmer Picking up stitches does get easier the more you do it but after all these years, I still get a cheap thrill when I get it right. If you’re anything like me, there’s always some dishcloth cotton in my bag (I’ve created some monsters with hand knit washcloths–they’re always in demand) and make a log cabin wash cloth. The cotton is crisper than this yarn and makes it much easier to see what you’re doing. You’re square is lovely. I’m on a brown and blue (or green, or yellow, or pink) kick these days and you’re combo is delightful! Please don’t rip it out! This is part of our journey!! P.S. Your toes look nice! Love the color.

@Ann1 Thanks for jumping in to help! I got to spend a little time with Kay this week (she can vouch for how ridiculously relaxed I am) and now I feel like I got to spend some time with you too!

@chiarraigrrl Loving the blue and the purple. They’re fabulous!

@ncpinn I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I saw your “square”. Seriously, I had to actually put my finger on the screen to count the sides because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There is nothing wrong at all there–simply “differently mitered.” @kcknits You are correct. It will make a really fun throw pillow! I have the urge to try to knit one of those too!

To everyone else who commented and supported each other–you are wonderful! A friend of mine once described a group of women working together as a flock of geese migrating. Although it appears that there is a head goose in their triangle formation, that’s not quite true. When the lead goose takes a break, another goose naturally moves into that space and keeps the team on track. I honestly had no idea how badly I needed this break. I can’t remember the last time I took a block of time off like this. Max Daniels should be very proud of me. Interestingly, I have received so many gifts along the way that were unexpected and delightful so this has not just been about giving myself a reboot but has also become a study in gratitude.

I am most grateful to all of you for coming on this journey with me!