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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire


Welcome back, Karen and so glad you had a relaxing, rebooting vacation. You are right, our team is incredible!


Knitting done, green and white, no red. I think one garter ridge would have been fine as an accent, but two was going to be too much. Now it just needs a blocking and I can get it off to you.

Vietnamese chicken! We had that last week, yum. But we did a little add-in: Five spice! Inspired by a local restaurant. I was going to add some to our marinade, but forgot, so I just added it to the glaze. Pretty subtle that way; I think putting it in the marinade will be awesome. I just don’t know how much to add; it will be an experiment.

Yarn chicken, Vietnamese chicken, win win!


Glad you had a great vacation! I blocked and sent my square (14”), and included the extra yarn just in case. Please just donate it if it isn’t helpful. Looking forward to seeing completed blankets. Thank you again for all of your work.



Ha ha - I was going to say that picking up stitched from a garter ridge NEVER gets easier. I always need to pick up where I think they belong, and then rip out to revise my placement based on the number of picked up stitches I ended up with.

And Jan, I also think your square looks beautiful. Blocking helps a lot in cases like this, where to make turns with decreases and pick up stitches. Have faith and keep knitting!


It really is gorgeous. I’m sure there would be a way to reduce the number of stitches per miter to get a flat pentagon shape. Quick - copyright the idea - it could be the next “must do” pattern!!


So glad you had an excellent vacation!
Thank you to all of you for your responses to the pentagon. It is probably the funniest and most interesting booboo to date.
Ripped back to three legs and finished the block the regular way. Then I made a new pentagon. Thoughts on finishing it?
Plans are to follow the suggestion of several people to turn it into a pillow. Goal is 18” pillow as I have one awaiting a cover.


I can sort of see it. Maybe if you trace it onto graph paper so you can see how to get to straight edges, then you can log Gabon it into a square??


I am truly madly and deeply in love with this.


This team is the best!! Thanks so much for the encouragement!!


I see a stick figure person with short arms, a la’ hug emoji! :hugs: ! Love it very much!


To me it looks like a star! Beautiful.


It’s beautiful! Congratulations!

Ravelry has a number of “star pillows” for inspiration including star-shaped pillows and square including one with a free pattern by Joanne Low that has a chart. Many are done in intarsia, but you could appliqué onto a square or somehow pickup stitches and knit out to an edge using that chart for guidance…??

You’re going to make a great pillow! :star:

PS Oh my! There is even a free mitered star pillow pattern!


Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. You are all the best!


Wow lots of star patterns on Ravelry! Bagging idea of traditional square pillow and replacing it with 3D star shaped pillow. And then will have to try 3D star :star2: patterns. So much to do. So little time.


See what you’ve started!! There she goes down the rabbit hole lol😆


Fraternal twin squares in the mail tomorrow. Thanks, Karen, for all your work to make this happen. :hugs:



Well well well. It seems everyone has jumped on the mitered star bandwagon so we’re going to have some fun. Keep an eye out for Team Blanket No. 2.2: Star School. I spoke to Nancy tonight and she’s going to share with us what exactly she did. Think of it as a little playground to see what we can all come up with. No running with needles.

Also be on the lookout for Team Blanket No. 2.3: The Pick Up Joint. As I stroll through the posts, it seems the biggest issue that we’ve experienced has been the dreaded picking up of stitches (Dread Pirate Stitches?). There’s lots of good help around that we can pull together into one space for anyone teetering on the edge of the Cliffs of Despair. (I’ll stop with The Princess Bride references now.) Feel free to post your tips and tricks. If there are any other techniques your struggling with, toss them into the mix.


No Christmas here! I waited until I got home from the coast to finish this without 2 red garter ridges.

Karen, I need your addy so I ca send this to you!


Just sent it! Love the green and white! It’s beautiful!


I have a question and can’t wait to post on Team Blanket 2.3. (After reading Ann’s post this morning re: process vs. product goals, & having it confirmed @ my lys later, I’m a Product knitter!) I’m wondering why I have “gutters” between my miters? It appears to occur from picking up the edge that was a thumb cast on because I didn’t get a gutter between miter 1 & 2 but I did between 2& 3. Is there a solution to get my knitting out of the gutter?!
(forget about any solution for my mind, it’s beyond redemption :wink:)