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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire


I LOVE IT!!! Very creative.


Those are beautiful!!


A topic dear to my heart, as I have frogged so many a picked-up row to minimize the gutter or make it go away. Others may be able to say this more clearly, but I think the secret has to do with where on the ridge you pick up from. And I agree that it has to do with the thumb cast-on, but I don’t have the anatomy strictly analyzed. What I do is try to pick up higher or slightly behind, so as to provide a row of bumps in front (thus minimizing the trough). Can someone say this better?


Thx for ur response susanknitr!
I think I get what you’re saying. I guess it’s just a matter of trial and error, and more trial. I’m wondering if long tail cast on instead of thumb cast on would change the look of picking up stitches on that row?


Wow. Not sure how to do that when extending after knitting 18, casting on another 18. I think that’s the rub. Are your cast-on stitches reversed?


I meant “picking up 18” then needing to cast on 18. Where to get a tail from? But it might be possible to loop around! Must road-test this. Soon.


Ok. I didn’t think it all the way thru😕
Probably not possible


Such a good topic to explore. I also get gutters, including between miters 1 and 2. It kind of sproings together after the tension is off that area, but is still there. When I enlarge others’ pics to get a closer look at joins, it seems to be very common! Thank you, susanknitr, for your suggestions for modifying pickups! :blush:
Here’s my latest ditch, between miters 1 and 2:


I’m using dishcloth cotton to make a Red Cross friend (or 2 maybe) a dishcloth. I have a small gutter but it blends in with the garter stitch gutters. Instead of using my thumb to cast on after I pick up 18 stitches I wrap it around my left index finger. Maybe the extra twist I get when I knit the stitch helps close up that gutter. It also seems easier to pick up for my next miter. When it’s time to do the log cabin borders I pick up in the garter stitch valley. I’ve tried both the valley pickup and Kay’s end of the ridge technique and like the looks of my valley pickup better. I also have no difficulty getting the right number of stitches. Just sharing what works for me. Don’t hesitate to experiment knitters and use what you like the looks of best.


Thx for the pic! Yes, I see them too on other’s pics when I zoom in. So it is common.
We need to move this conversation over to Karen’s newly created Team 2.3 :wink:


Thanks for your sharing riker.lynn
Could you maybe repeat your post over on the newly created Team 2.3; the pickup joint😁!!


Thank you . . . Going to try that!


Have had some success with a knitted cast on for the additional 18 stitches. Was concerned about creating an extra row but it has not seemed to create a problem I could find. One time tried going down two needle sizes for the pick up & knit and the thumb/finger cast on and that helped. Knitting the next row(wrong side) was done with the original size needle.


Thanks for the smaller needle info . . . sounds like it would make a difference!


Hi Team! So sorry for the radio silence. When I got home from vacation, the boyfriend wasn’t feeling well (long story but he stayed home while I was away.) He’s a diabetic so it’s important to keep an eye on him. Suffice it to say, things progressed and he is now in the hospital. Not fun but a better place for him right now than home. Poor guy.

The downside is what with work and all, my time with him was pretty limited so getting on the computer when I got home wasn’t a good idea. The upside is, he is a good hospital patient and actually would rather not have too much company. He sent me home from the emergency room and told me to “stay home today and catch up on the blanket.”

I have lots to do! Squares are coming in and I am diligently working on cataloging them and writing thank you notes. I’m planning to get caught up on that and on my emails today.

I’ll be back later with an update!



So far, I’ve gotten a lot further than I thought I would today. It’s been dreary and sort of rainy so a good day to be in the house. I have all the windows open because the heat has finally broken in NY. It’s a dream come true for knitters. Finally! Sweater Weather! Still makes me laugh every time.


Praying for a speedy stabilization and recovery for your S.O.:heart:
Love, Karyn


With the thumb cast on, you may need one extra knit row in the first section?


Three squares ready to put in the mail today. Colors are:
Oatmeal and Kiwi
Chocolate Souffle and Aztec Turquoise
Seafoam and a donated yarn so I’m not exactly sure of the color’s name.

I’m still getting used to this knitting stuff and picking up stitches and reading patterns and all. But I enjoyed every minute of the process and hope these squares give the family who receives the blanket a feeling that there’s lots of love in this world.


Oooooo😍 I’m impressed jangrimmer!!! Your blocks are beautiful