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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire


BWell, the center is a bit wonky, but I finished before the deadline and it’s coming in at 14 inches blocked so whoopee. This is the kind of KAL I can manage.

Please let me know where to send it.


It is really pretty!! The orange just POPS😍luv it!


Not wonky at all!!! It’s beautiful.


Happy Earth Wind and Fire Day!


I’m wearing a sparkly shirt to celebrate!


Email me at and I will send you the address. Can’t wait to add that beauty to the pile.


Just tried adding the extra 18 stitches using left index finger instead of thumb. It worked! I really don’t understand why that would make any difference since the new loops go onto the same size needle. ??? At any rate, There Is No Gutter! Thanks a million - I like the look of this flat connection much better. :clap::tada::+1:


YAY!! Good to hear it💖


It’s the last day of summer and I am torn. It’s not that I’ll miss summer (I hate to be hot) but Ann spoiled me very much with all of her Ease-isms. So today, I am blending that lovely Ease with some preparations for autumn–my very favorite time of the year! The laundry is done as is the shopping so now I’m lounging around knitting on a very lazy dishcloth. In a little while, I’ll put the needles down and finish opening all the wonderful packages and cataloguing our squares.

Tomorrow is time to start preparing in earnest for the dark days that are coming. For now, I’m going to enjoy the breeze.


That’s great news!


Just discovered that which leg of the cast-on stitch I pick up helps determine how flat the join will be. I had been picking up and knitting the front leg of the cast-on stitches, and your note inspired me to try picking up the back leg which (as you pointed out) leaves the front leg to snug up against the right side knit stitches on either side. This, combined with casting on the additional 18 stitches from my left index finger, gave a nice flat join. Thank you!

Cast-on edge of miter: the back loops are pulled up. They’re the ones I picked up and knit.


Here is the finished join, with the needle lying on the slanted stitches which are the front legs of the cast-on row:


Seriously, it’s like riding a bike. Once you get it, you get it. But it just doesn’t seem to make any sense until you get it. Much like said bike, although you will get very good at this, you will always wonder if this time is the time that you are going to run off the road. :laughing::laughing:

I really love how much teaching and learning is going on in our little group.


Looks great!

I am struggling mightily with my final pickup, because it seems that both front and back legs have been unsatisfactory. (Big ridge sticking out in front!) So I have picked up the horizontal bar, which results in a nice and flat join, but the row is a little funny looking with no bumps at all. So it’s like falling off the bike, this time, and ripping again and again to see what I can live with - how perfect does it have to be?


Send pictures!! We’re all here to help. As to perfect, there is no such thing. I’m sure your work is beautiful.


Good idea. The bigger-than-life-size feels really gross, though. Am in a mood.


I like how it looks! I’d be satisfied with it😉


Yeah, the zoomed green yarn looks sort of like a mess of seaweed!
You got a nice neat join . . . Looks like you picked up the horizontal bar behind both legs of the cast-on?
I like this look and your stitches are so even!


That’s what I did. Picked up the horizontal bar or the vertical bar, can’t decide which to call it. :smile: Puts a row of tiny “v” stitches there. In my seaweed and blue ocean square. :smirk: :heart:️:heart:️


READ THIS: And just like that, it’s fall. I woke up to a lovely, cloudy, cool morning today and am ready for apples, fireplaces, and coziness.

In the spirit of harvest, it’s time to set a schedule for our group. For this round of blankets, all the squares should be in the mail to me by October 20th. Why that date you ask? Well it’s the first day of Rhinebeck. Our community shines at Rhinebeck but this group shines even brighter so it seemed like some nice synergy to me.

I’m working out the details for assembling the blankets so as many people who want to be involved can join in the fun. I’ll keep you all posted.

I think I’ll go mull some cider now.


Whew! I’m so happy to hear that date! I remember an earlier date of the end of September and I, just now, finished my square!!! I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get it to you in time, but your post says that I will be on time! It also means I can go to bed now and block it tomorrow and mail on Tuesday. It came out 11X11, so I’m hoping I can stretch it to 12X12.
The blue/orange colors are those of my beloved Tennessee Lady Volunteers.

(Orange is real orange, not some crummy Texas burnt orange (No offense, Texas folks!)) I was hoping to do a reverse color one , but have to finish another project by October 21. Maybe for another blanket! I’m just thrilled this one will make the cut! :+1::tada::clinking_glasses::boom::innocent::grinning::grinning::tada:


Love the colors. A beautiful square.