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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire


This one too. Love that orange.




Yesterday I got the pattern from Karen and started today! I am enjoying getting away from my sweater and doing something different. I’m really impressed so many people are doing this.


Welcome to the greatest Team…Ever​:grinning:!! I just bound mine off this morning :+1:and when I get home from N.C. I’ll be giving it a bath, blocking & drying, then in the mail!


Working on it. Will send both squares together.


Okay, one million ends woven in and I have 2 happy little squares ready for blocking!


Wow😁 those are works of art!! Luv 'em


Those are lovely!


I loved receiving this! xo


My square for Teams 2 & 5 are blocking, along with some coasters from the new Merry Making field guide! In Dallas’s latest trend of 90%+ of daily humidity, they were STILL damp before I left to go out of town Wednesday, but I’ll bet after these days under the spare room ceiling fan they’ll be ready when I get back Sunday! Woo Hoo! So glad I joined in - what a great group. :heart:


I have to finish my second square and I’ll sent it over to you!!


Did you receive my squares? I sent two from Nashville


Love those Lady Vols!


Karyn here from J.V. Team Blanket 2.1 My mitered cross and garter squares are done, washed, blocked, and ready to mail on Monday!!!
I want to thank everyone from Varsity Team 2.0 for all your advice, encouragement, and patience :kissing_smiling_eyes:
I could not/would not have attempted a mitered square without y’all


Looks great kc. How was North Carolina?? Did your heart just break for all of the devastation or were you in a different part of the state?


Thank you jangrimmer! And I was about 200 miles north & west of Wilmington N.C. My daughter, granddaughter, and son-in-law live roughly between Raleigh-Durham and Greensboro so I didn’t see the devastation that occurred closer to the coast. They were lucky to escape the effects of the wind and flooding


Sorry I disappeared for a bit there. Spoiler alert: this story has a happy ending. Last month, just as my period was starting, my left breast got very swollen and sore. Of course, I checked with Dr. Google and found a ton of reasons (mostly harmless) that could have caused it. Got a referral to a good breast doc anyway but it went away before I could make an appointment.

This month, it came back in spades! Within 48 hours, my boob was bright red, huge (on top of how ridiculous they already are), and more painful than anything I’ve felt before. Ultimately, the doctor was able to get me in pretty quickly and took good care of me. It was a bad infection that had caused an abscess in the glands and I was poked, prodded, ultrasounded, aspirated, cut, packed, bandaged and send home with some ginormous antibiotics and painkillers. It is clearing up nicely, so much so that I only took a painkiller the first night and have been fine without them since.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it was a little scary for a bit there so writing cheerful posts was not number 1 on my list. It’s still a little uncomfortable–mostly from the tape from the dressing. I go back tomorrow morning to get the packing checked.

One thing that I have learned is that you never realize how often your bump your boob every day! My desk hits me right where the wound is so my posture for the past few days has been regal!

I’ve left out all the gross parts because, although they were gross, they didn’t last long and they made me feel a lot better. It turns out that this is very common in nursing mothers and perimenopausal/menopausal women. Who knew? I am working on a very strongly worded letter to Judy Blume. She set us up nicely for our periods but her follow through stinks. I am considering publishing a little book called “Are You There God? It’s Me, Marge!”


Oh my! Glad to find out it wasn’t something more serious but still scary!!



I will be dropping this in the mail this week. It’s a little wonky here and there but it’s done. :slight_smile:


And we are, indeed, LADY VOLS! Glad we finally got our name back after some really poor decisions made by a FORMER AD. GO LADY VOLS!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: