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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire


Looks beautiful to me😍


Glad you’re on the mend now😚
Sounds like mastitis, and pls don’t consult Dr. Google…ever!! :wink:lol


Going in the mail tomorrow! Aloha :hibiscus:


Karen - please let’s write this book. I’ll add a chapter on the subject of “Ovaries really suck sometimes” (experience: 3years of chronic pain after a haemoragic cyst, now luckily resolved; 2weeks of being unable to walk just last month after a cyst decided to develop on the other side, now luckily resolved).
On a more serious note I’m glad you’re recovering! Let me know if you need me to add chocolate or other recovery-aiding goods to the incoming square parcel.


It is indeed mastitis. Such fun. In this case, Dr. Google was actually very reassuring as was the doctor. No just to heal up!




I’m really serious about this. Especially when it comes to how women’s health and women’s sexuality are being treated right now. I’ll never turn down chocolate but, really, it’s healing up nicely. Just a smidge uncomfortable. The worst part is the tape for the gauze.


I really wish you could all see what I can see right now. A growing stack of squares that may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I made a promise to myself that I would let the squares exist as an organic group that, when the group was complete, we would see what it becomes. And it’s killing me. I want to lay them all out on the floor and play with them. I want to take all their pictures. I want to carry them around in a bag and make the guy behind me on line at the deli squeeze them. Which will come. For now, I admire and pet the pile every day.

The rest of my tales of vacation are coming soon. In part 5, I was knitting on a square in public and a guy was watching me so I finally just handed it to him and said “Squeeze it. You know you want to.” And he did. And he loved it.


Hehehe😁same thing happened to me on my flight home (5+hrs.) from N.C.!! My row mate, we had a seat between us & I had my stuff all over, was watching my knit my 2nd square. I pulled my finished Lamb’s Pride square out to show him & he automatically reached for it to give it a squish!! Lol


Can’t wait to see the finished projects!!! I can only imagine how gorgeous all the squares are!


These are gorgeous!


Everyone’s squares are gorgeous! I have been remiss in posting a photo of mine so here it is. I learned some new skills from this (picking up!) and am thankful to be a part of such a great project. I can’t wait to see how the blankets come together. A huge THANK YOU and shout out to our fearless leader, Karen!!!MDK%20blanket%20square


I LOVE the color combination. It really pops!!!


Wow, Karen, I am so sorry to hear about your scare. Yikes. I’ve been so lucky, so have no idea what you went through. Glad to hear it is clearing up.


like the color combo!!! Great pick.


I am so impressed when people change it up a little. I see it say, wow, I didn’t even think to try that. Good on you. I like it.

I’m with everybody else – shout out to our fearless leader and just am full of anticipation to see how many blankets the team ends up with and what will they all look like???



Thank you all for all our kind words about my poor left boob. Your comments and emails mean the world to me. It is healing up nicely and, happily, it was simply an infection. But lets face it. We all probably have worried about breast cancer at some point or another.

So here’s the deal. We’re on the honor system on this. Either do a breast self exam OR check with your doctor to see if that’s the right course of action for you. Here’s a good post from WebMD on how to do one. For most women, a self exam is a great thing to do. However, for women with really cystic breasts or a strong genetic history of breast cancer, a doctor may recommend a more aggressive testing routine. Either way, you do what works for your breasts so that we can all stay as healthy as we can.

Once you’ve done whatever works for you, simply like this post. Just click the little heart and at 8 pm EST on Tuesday evening, I will count up the likes and do a random number generator to pick the winner (although everyone who does it is a winner!). If you want to earn extra entries, reply to this comment with either a description of someone who you wrangled into doing a self exam (you don’t need to name names, you can simply say something like “my mom” or “my neighbor”) or you can share your name for your boobs. If we can get a few giggles out of this, we’re more likely to do this on a regular basis.

Make it as special as you can. This is a gift we can give to ourselves. If you have a partner or a special person in your life, let them help. If you want to do it on your own, then treat yourself to a nice glass of wine, cup of tea or some really good chocolate when you’re done. Whatever it takes to make this something that makes you want to do a regular breast exam–go for it!

What will you win? Well that’s easy. You’ve all heard enough about my job so it’s time for one lucky boob squeezer to get a taste. You’ll win an eight pack of our amazing brownies. We have a few different flavors in our traditional line and have just launched a second flavor in our vegan line. (No one believes they are vegan–they’re that good.). If you win, we’ll figure out what flavors you want and send them along.


This is such a timely reminder Karen as you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month (why is there no pink ribbon emoji?! or at least a boob!!) This is how I remember to schedule my routine mammogram.
So, “the girls” are going in for squashing on Tue. afternoon​:grin::+1:
I don’t do routine breast self exams, I know I should😕 not good at taking care of myself, never have been:(
I applaud you for prodding every woman’s conscience :kissing_smiling_eyes: Karyn


This is a fantastic reminder, not to mention a really enticing incentive, to remember to take excellent care of ourselves. I’ve added a self exam to the list of things that I do on or around the 28th of each month (my birthday date) as I no longer have that physical monthly reminder. You’re a really good person Karen, I’m so glad to have gotten to know you. xo


As an employee of Mason-Dixon Knitting I am not eligible to win but I must tell everyone that on the British show Upstart Crow, a spoof of Shakespeare that is currently in the Friday night lineup of my local PBS station, they are referred to as “boobingtons.” Use in a sentence: “my boobingtons were palpitating.” I laugh at this EVERY TIME, to the great scorn and amusement of my daughter, who asks, “Are you 12?”

I must also tell everyone that these brownies are very good indeed. If you’ve ever had the Ben & Jerry’s flavor with the brownies in it, it’s THOSE BROWNIES.

Thank you Karen, you are the best and I’m glad the left boobington is on the mend.