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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire

I’m working on him!

Hi Karen! I would love to knit a square to help! I don’t have the pattern you are using. Let me know what to do!

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Wow! We have another knitter. @valsadler Welcome to the group. Email me at and I’ll send you the pattern and the details.

I’m blown away by the kindness of strangers (and Diane who I actually know in real life.)


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Hi, Karen: I’d love to knit a square for you. Turnabout is fair play! (Thanks for test knitting for me.)

I have the pattern. I have Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride leftovers from many holiday stockings, so my palette is either Christmas or Hanukkah!



Hi Karen: I would also like to knit a square if you don’t already have too many. I will email you as well. I have yarn, and I think I have that pattern. I’ll check when I get home from work. This is such a great idea!!!

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@pdxknitterati and @leahdl Welcome to the party! I can’t believe how much fun I’m having.

Michelle, there’s no need for payback by the way but I’m so glad you’re here. I ended up giving my hat to one of my coworkers. He modeled for me when I took pictures and it looked so good on him that it seemed like destiny. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Michelle designed some great brioche hats earlier this year. Check them out. Also, go to her blog and search on chicken. Her Vietnamese Grilled Chicken has made me famous at barbecues.

Leah, we definitely can use more squares! Email even if you have a pattern so that I can give you all the mailing details.

It’s hot as blazes here in New York today and I have to work an outdoor event this afternoon. I’ve left my first square at home because the thought of holding wool without hair conditioning gives me the shivers. I’ve got some dishcloth cotton in my bag to keep me busy. At least we’ll be right on the river so there should be a breeze.


Phew! What a day! Tonight is National Night Out. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an event that local police precincts throw for their communities every summer. They’re a lot of fun and generate a lot of good will. But it was blazing hot. Surface of the sun hot. Part of my job is keeping all of our local relationships alive and well and our precinct is important to us. A lot of my colleagues have criminal records so it’s really helpful to have our cops supporting them in their jobs.

But did I mention it was hot.

I raced a HUGE storm home (made it by the skin of my teeth) and am catching up on the day.

The first miter of my square is done. To recap, the beige took 8 grams of Lamb’s Pride Worsted and the blue took 2 grams. I’m pretty sure I have enough from a quick dive into my leftovers box.

For the most part, I used the SSK technique from this post.

with two caveats. The SSK on the very first row was way too tight to do this so I did it traditionally. When I came to the final one, I found it a little loosey goosey (that’s a technical term) so I used a traditional SSK there too. At the end, when I did row one (SSK, 2tog) to get to two stitches on the needle, on my first try I turned the work to the wrong side, knit the two stitches and then turned it again to k2tog on the right side. I ended up with a weird little bit there. Sort of like a nipple. So I went back and just k2tog on the wrong side right after I decreased to two stitches from four on the right side and then cut the yarn and fastened it off. So the row with four stitches went SSK (traditional), ktog. Then turn the work and k2tog. I like how it came out. If this makes no sense to you, speak out! I can try to explain it better when I haven’t been in the hot sun all day.

But as I’ve said before, you do you!

I’m going to leave a lot of notes that may seem obvious to an experienced knitter. We have such a nice (and growing group) and I don’t know who thinks this is a walk in the park or who thinks this is the craziest thing they’ve ever done. As we go along, feel free to post any of your tips no matter how obvious they may seem. It may be a game changer for a new knitter. And we all know that no matter how experienced we may think we are, there’s always something new to learn.

Obvious tip #1: The easiest way to tell if you are on the right side or the wrong side is to check your cast on tail. If it’s on the right, you’re on the right side. If it’s on the left, you’re on the wrong side. I don’t want to talk about how many years it took me to figure this out.

in the meantime, it looks like Blanket 1 has gotten off on the right foot. And by right foot, I mean that @nellknits has signed up for that one too. I’m going to pop over there and give them some cheerleading!!

Post your pictures, your progress and any questions. I’m going to go answer some emails now. Tomorrow I’ll start to share some of the stories of what happened after the fire. They’re amazing.


Just for the benefit of others — the tail technique that @kjt211 mentioned is cast on method dependent. I personally do not love the long tail, so my clue works equally well, but is the opposite for right and wrong side. I guess just make note on row 1 which it is and write that down so you remember through the square or project or whatever.

Stay cool!


I’m going to chime in to say that I fasten a (contrasting color ie highly visible) removable marker into the fabric on the right - public - decrease side of my squares. I move it up as the fabric gets deeper.


@sabograd Yes!!! Thank you so much for your clarity. This pattern actually specifies a long tail cast on. If you use another type of cast on, you may end up with your cast on end at the opposite side. It’s an opportunity to learn how to “read” your knitting. Cheers to you for pointing it out.

And @nellknits, whacking a maker on the front is always a good time. I have a friend who runs estate sales. For the most part, I only go to the ones with good craft things in them. I recently found some ancient diaper pins in a box of buttons. Am I the only one who remembers the ones with the little ducks? They’re perfect for holding a few stitches or marking the front of your work. And I paid 25 cents for the whole box, buttons and all.


This is actually for team blanket 1 which has a complete date in 2 weeks. I’ll use the spice color for the center of TB2 with the heathered brown for the border.
Also this illustrates the use of the removable marker that I mentioned last evening. The tail is also a very good indicator but a marker is my favorite way.


Hi Karen,

Email me if you need a square from me and also I would be thrilled to help join them up since I’m local!


Fun! Vintage buttons make good stitch markers too!


Hi Karen,

Do you have enough knitters already? if not, I would love to be part of your team. I’m in Texas, so not available for the setup, but the US Post Office can surely get my contribution to you by the end of September. My email is janvanscoy at gmail dot com

Good morning everyone! Sorry about the radio silence. Yesterday was a crazy busy day. Fun (there was yarn) but busy.

@Kay It would be wonderful to have on board! I’ll drop you an email with all the details. Clearly, you don’t need the pattern.:grinning:

@jangrimmer Hurray! Yes we still need squares. Welcome to the team. I don’t already have your email but if you send me a note at I will send you the details and the pattern.

In other news, if anyone is in driving distance of Larchmont, NY and likes to needlepoint, there is an epic amount of supplies (canvases, yarn, stretchers, etc.) at an estate sale at 70 Magnolia Avenue. It runs from 10 am to 3 pm tomorrow and Saturday. Prices are dirt cheap. I’ll be there on Saturday helping out. Feel free to share it with anyone you know who might be interested. When I say epic, I mean epic!

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Hi Nell,

I am a new knitter, so I don’t have any Lamb’s Pride in my stash. What color brown is that? I like it and think it would be nice to use.

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Hello Jan, PM me your mailing address and I’ll send you my other skein!

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I agree. I have a thing for old buttons.

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Fantastic colors. I love them!

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Karen: I sent you an email, but I’ll write here too. I still need the pattern. It was not attached to the email that you sent. Please send me another email with the pattern…I thought I had it but I do not.

Leahdl at gmail dot com