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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire


And the winner is…drum roll please… @leahdl !!! Woo hoo!!! Email me at and we will make brownie magic happen.

And even if you didn’t make it into this giveaway, check your boobs!


Boobingtons! Brilliant! I wish I had read this before I did the give away. I have a feeling that I will be sucked into Upstart Crow very soon!! Because Boobingtons! And Shakespeare!

Help me. I can’t stop using exclamation points.


This is so wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited that I won! And my boobingtons thank you too!


I donated to my local Breast Cancer Walk team today, and they asked me to write a sticky note with health tips. I promptly jotted down “CHECK YOUR BOOBINGTONS”
Thank you all for the reminder and the phrase!


It is so so so very important to check your boobs. A scan may not always see cancer. I was one such case. I went to the doc Oct 2015 and they sent me to a breast cancer specialist. It was just a hard little BB sized spot right below the nipple. The scan didn’t show it. They didn’t see it with ultrasound. The doc said it was probably a clogged Montgomery gland and to come back in December. Well, it was still there, so we had a biopsy done. The news was shocking. The doctor was floored. Post mastectomy, radiation and reconstruction, I am doing great. All that to say, it is important to do your check. Oh and my name is Frankenboobs because I had a D flap reconstruction and had the other boob downsized. Scars and all they are beautiful. :kissing_heart:


Greetings from Colorado! Just checking in to see if you still need more squares. I mailed one mitered cross square (purples & gray) and one garter square (red for team 2.1) this past week. I confess the mitered cross was not as difficult as I imagined it would be. The garter was a bit tedious, but I’m happy to send a few more of either if needed.
Thanks, again, for leading this band of merry knitters!
Cheers ~ Shawn


Thanks Shawn! They have arrived and are beautiful. If you feel like making some more 2.1 squares they would be welcome but really, no pressure. I’m on pins and needles to start playing with these squares!


READ THIS: October 20th is coming! And I am so looking forward to it.

To be clear–this is a goal, not a rule. Try to mail your squares by the 20th, They don’t have to be received by then, just try to get them in the mail. If real life has gotten in the way and you don’t think you’ll get it in the mail by then, don’t worry about it. We’ve got some wiggle room.

I am going to take a fast and dirty run up to Rhinebeck on the morning of the 20th to pin Thea Coleman down and make her explain her attachment to the cable cast on. It’s my nemesis. I have an event for work that evening and considering the fact that I’m in charge of our events, I will be busting out early on Saturday. I will definitely be driving back to Rhinebeck on Sunday to just enjoy the day! Hope to see some of you there.

It has been killing me–seriously, it’s been so hard–to not jump the gun with the squares. There is a huge, beautiful pile of them on my sideboard waiting to be photographed and laid out. When I get home from Rhinebeck on Sunday, I will start setting up blankets.

I’m so excited!


I’m excited to see squares come together too!!
And about that cable cast on…really?!
I gotta know what you find out!! Have fun @ Rhinebeck


Why don’t you like the cable cast on? I like it…but not as much as I love the long tail cast on. It’s the first one I learned, a million years ago.


Glad to hear the package arrived. I’m working on a baby shower gift right now, but will try to fit in a couple more garter squares for Team 2.1. (Easy t.v. knitting) :slight_smile:
I can only imagine how hard it is to refrain from playing with all the beautiful squares!
Enjoy Rhinebeck!


I just find it really fiddly. I can’t get a flow with it like I do with other cast ons.


Cable cast on is great. I use it a lot for scarves especially infinity scarves (cowls), have also used it on afghan squares. Gives a good edge. It’s not hard. You basically just knit except you go between the last 2 stitches instead of into the last stitch. Give the new stitch a twist when you slide it onto the needle tip AND insert your needle tip between the last cast on stitch and the newly created stitch BEFORE you tighten that new stitch that way you don’t get the new stitch too tight. Cheerleader mode: You Can Do It!!


It’s not difficult, it’s just kinda a pain!
I much prefer German Twist CO
It’s quick, easy, and gives a beautiful looking edge, for me😊


I love this discussion of various cast ons, it seems that we all have a fave.


Funny. I love cable and hate long tail!


I am just going to leave this here. Just look at what you’ve all done. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


What a lovely stack o’love and warmth! Can’t wait to see a layout.
Just got a mailer from Greyston Bakery and realized that may be where you work! What a wonderful organization. . . the brownies are so good, and I used to order their lemon bars years ago before they went to All Brownies All The Time. Bring back the lemon bars! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OAnother Rhinebeck has been put to bed which means I can start playing with all these beautiful squares. As I sit her, looking at this beautiful pile, I keep thinking of all the hands that have touched these squares. From the shepherds and goat herders who tended their flocks, to the shearers, the spinners, the dyers, the packers, the yarn shops, the other knitters who stroked our skeins before we bought them, the family members and friends who answered the call of “can you bring me my knitting” or, if you’re anything like me, “feel this, it feels so good.”

There is a universal DNA to this project. I am so moved at the thought of all the people who have no idea of the kindness and the community that their work has wrought. I like to believe that they will randomly smile and not know why and that will be their blessing for being a distant but valuable part of this journey.

I know it makes me smile every day.


Hi Karen – Square 2 is still drying – things have been a bit damp around here. I’ll have it in tomorrow’s mail – I’ll do priority mail.