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Team Blanket No. 2: For Survivors of a House Fire


What happened? How did I miss this? Oh our lemon things were so good. There was a mousse cake and a tart along with the bars. But we can create more jobs with brownies and that’s what we’ve got to do! There are new flavors that are releasing right now (I love them all) and some more in the pipeline. I’ll lean on them for lemon. It’s one of my favorites. In the meantime, if I can dig out my cookbook, I’ll send you the recipe.


Oh my gosh, that would be fabulous! Thanks so much!


IMPORTANT! READ THIS!: I know I’ve been pretty loosey goosey about our process but the band is getting ready to play Freebird, the bartender has washed the blender and put it away and, although we’re not quite at last call yet, it’s time to have a final date for squares. Here’s how it’s going to work. I’m going to a conference at the end of this week and will be getting home on Sunday (Brian will be home to pick up the mail). All of our final squares need to be here by then.

If you are planning to mail something for that arrival date, please drop me an email at Include the colors and the size of your square in the email and I will hold a place for you.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PAY EXTRA FOR FASTER MAIL! As long as I know it’s coming by the time I return on Sunday, November 4th, you’re good!

Just so you know, this is not over. We still have layout to do and sewing up so we’re keeping the dream alive!

In the meantime, I have actually intentionally cast on for another project. I have worked a bit on the side since we started but only on things that were already on the needles. See you here and over at the Bunchalong. It looks like they’re having some fun over there as well.




So happy I’ve been part of this group! :heart:


I loved working on this blanket square. It makes me want to do more charity knitting. I am working on a new square for the Tree of Life synagogue project.



Hi Team,

Hope you all had a nice little break there but it’s time to kick it up a notch again! I’ve got a few things for you.

First, Save the Date!!! Saturday, December 1, 2018 is the great blanket assembly party. It will definitely be in Yonkers. I have it narrowed down to two places but will need some info from you before deciding. We will be assembling from 1 pm to 3 pm with a fun pre-assembly outing for anyone who wants to come along at 11 am. I’m expecting a few special guests to make it even more fun!

So, if you are planning to come (or even just considering it), ,please email me at and let me know if you will be travelling to Yonkers by train, bus, or car. That will help me decide which place to go. I’ll be sending this out the whole forum later today.

Second, have you been over to visit Team 6 yet? There’s a plan afoot to send some comfort to Pittsburgh who, God knows, could probably use it right now. I’ve signed up for a square. If enough folks from here are interested, we could get together enough squares for a Team 2 blanket. Their rules and pattern mods are on their page. Solidarity!! Strength in Numbers!!! We are stronger together!!!

Finally, because we don’t have enough to do, those crazy kids at Tatter are doing an Epic Barbara Walker project. I’m doing a swatch and I know they still need knitters.

It’s back to work for me now. I have a tour coming in and I think they may have just arrived.



You are a knitting 411 service!! I did 2 tatter blue squares!


Hi Karen! Due to a family emergency I never was able to post my square. With the Great December Assembling in mind, is it still worth sending it across to you? I can pester my partner to post it so it should arrive with plenty of time to spare.


Hope everything is okay with your family now. Of course you can’t send it along. We would love to have it!


So sorry I won’t be able to make it! I just found out on Friday that I have to work Saturday December 1st. I’ll be with you all in spirit. :frowning:


Hi Karen<

Please add me to the Team 2 list for a Team 6 blanket. I will also register with that team leader so she knows she has another knitter.




Just a quick update: The Bloke has successfully found my square and posted it last week. Hopefully it’ll make it’s way to you soon!


Hi Karen, any details yet about Saturday’s sew up?


READ THIS! I am so sorry this is so late. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. My boyfriend ended up at the ER twice and they finally decided to keep him. He’s on the mend but is now in a nursing home for at least a month getting wound care for his poor little foot.

That said, Dec. 1st snuck up on me! I know this is last minute but if you’re in the NY tri-state area and want to join us, that would be lovely. If you can’t make it, I’ll be having another one in the dark, boring days of January!

I’m hoping for a fun filled afternoon!

If you want to come to Yonkers at noon, we’re having a little pre-game cultural excursion! The Hudson River Museum (511 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701) has quite an amazing exhibit up right now. Maya Lin has a place based installation about the Hudson River. If you are not familiar with Maya’s work, she is the architect who designed the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC. She also designed the bakery where I work! The Museum got a new executive director a few years ago and she has been doing amazing work.

Admission is free for Team 2. Just go to the counter and tell them you are with Karen Tumelty. I will be there from noon until about 12:40 to greet everyone and help with any check in and then I will head out to our work site to set up.

Blanketing begins at 1 pm and goes until at least 3 pm at Gianna’s Restaurant (1034 North Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10701). It’s a five minute drive up the hill (and it’s a big hill). Gianna’s is a local Italian restaurant that I go to often. It’s a friendly spot owned and run by very nice people. We’ll all be on our own for what we eat and drink (my non-profit job doesn’t give me a lot of luxury) but their prices are very reasonable and they will be very good to us!! They’re glad to have us coming!

We will be doing a three needle bind off so please bring at least three size 8 needles. Don’t panic if you don’t have them–I’m bringing extra.

There will be special guests and a few little door prizes! I think we’ll have a grand time.

Any questions, email me at or call my cell at 914-772-8590.

I totally panicked when I realized that I had lost a week but now I’m excited!!!


This sounds like so much fun! Oh how I wish I lived closer. I have a dear friend of my mom’s who lives in Yonkers…

Can’t wait to see the finished blanket!


So funny! I just emailed you. Where does your mom’s friend live? Wouldn’t it be funny if I knew her?


I am not completely sure where exactly she lives, I’ve been to visit her but it was many years ago! Her name is Marly Rusoff!



Last minute change of plans. Gianna’s had a funeral lunch scheduled for today but they moved to tomorrow so we are moving too. The Hudson River Museum is still at noon but we will be gathering at 1 pm at Francey Brady’s (72 Main Street, Yonkers, NY). It’s about the same distance away but on the Yonkers waterfront. If it’s nice out, we can take a little walk too!

There will be updates at the museum and directions at Gianna’s for anyone who isn’t online tonight. There is metered street parking and a municipal parking structure in the same building as the restaurant.

We’ll be upstairs.


Getting ready!!! I’m so excited!


I love our knitting community! What a gorgeous blanket this is. xo