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Team Blanket No. 3: For a New Immigrant to the U.S


I’d love to make a square. Please send specifics as soon as possible so I can get started.


I can make a square or more too. Let me know the details, please. Thank you. :wink:


I would love to make a square as well!


I’m in too. I’ll wait to see if there are preferences for color and machine/hand wash.


Count me in too.


I’m in. Can we send them to separated children?


What a great idea! I would love to make a square.


Mindful of the deadline, I’m starting while waiting for my BC to come in the mail. Got gauge in this superwash wool. Excited to see the replies! (Can’t tell if my photo is up).


Since I can see that the photo function works, here’s my MCB finished a few years ago, at a slightly larger gauge (and #8 needles)


Wonderful! Do you need a pattern?


I’m so glad you would like to be involved! If you need a pattern please let me know.

These squares are contributing to a blanket that will be mailed to . However I encourage you to organize folks to knit a blanket for separated children - that is a wonderful idea.


Great to hear Kathy! Please let me know if you need a pattern.


There is no preference for color - Machine wash is preferable, it would make it easier for those who are receiving the blanket. Do you need a pattern?


So glad you’ll be involved - would you like me to send you a pattern?


Great! I’ll send you a pattern - please send me your email address. Details are in a commend above however if you have more questions please do let me know!


Thank you! Please send me your email address, details are also in the comment above but if you have more questions please let me know!


No preference for color - but please do stick to machine washable yarn. Thank you for contributing!


I don’t have the pattern, so yes, I’d love a copy if you have it.


I would also need a copy of the pattern, please. Can we use acrylic or should we use superwash wool? Color preferences?


Edited: email pm’d