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Team Blanket No. 3: For a New Immigrant to the U.S


Hi Sarah, please send the pattern. Happy to help.


Ok please pm me your email address


Could you pm me your email address?


Hi Sarah,
My email address is I’m looking forward to contributing!


That would be great! If you need a pattern please pm me your email address.


My email is



Please pm me your email address and thank you so much for contributing!


Yes please!


It’s not letting me send a PM through the website (hence the public comment), can you post an email address I can contact instead?


Thank you!


Yes, wool as long as it is machine washable. Do you need a pattern? Thank you!


I would very much like to be part of your team! Please send me the pattern and I will get started ASAP.

I’ll PM you right now. Very excited to be a part of this.



I’d like to make a square for this project, if you still need volunteers. Let me know if I’m in, and if so, where to send the finished square. I will buy the pattern.


sure - how do I do that on this platform?


Hi Sarah - I will be making and sending a square. I already have the pattern - just let me know where it needs to be mailed to. Thanks for organizing!


Yes, I do need a pattern. Thank you.


Thanks - I don’t need the pattern - just the address for sending the square!




Nope, I knit a mitered cross blanket already, so I have the pattern. Just need the address to send the square to when I’m done. If it’s already been posted, sorry, I missed it.


I do need the pattern, thanks., Hankescu on Ravelry


Hello! I’d like to participate as well, if you still need knitters. I will need a copy of the pattern and address to send the completed square, and my e-mail is Love the Welcome Blanket project and made several last year, but haven’t had time this year for whole blankets so a square will be just right!

Thanks for your work putting the project together!