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Team Blanket No. 3: For a New Immigrant to the U.S


That’s great! We’d love your help. If you need a pattern please email me at: and I’ll send it your way.


Wonderful news! Welcome aboard. If you need a pattern please email me at


Wonderful! Do you need a pattern? If so, please email me at


Great! Welcome aboard :slight_smile: If you need a pattern please email me at: and I’ll send it along.


September 1?

Will that work?

I’ll try for sooner


That would work, and trying for sooner would definitely be helpful. If you need the pattern please email me at and thank you!


Hi Sarah, is your team full? I’d love to make a square if there’s still space. Thank you so much for leading this effort!


I’d like to make a square. I’ll email you. Thanks!


Thanks Sara, for all of this. I have the pattern and am waiting for some

washable wool to get here, none in my stash amazingly!?!



I have the pattern. cotton ok? I don’t have super wash or synteti .


Sure! as long as the square is 11.2 x 11.2 when blocked and the yarn is of worsted weight.


Do you have enough volunteers?


Count me in! I need the pattern, please.


Hi! I would love to knit a square. Thanks!

ETA: Oops - i should’ve checked to see if you still needed volunteers! Please let me know if you still need volunteers.


Hi Sarah,

I am adding to the voices of those willing to knit a square. I also sent you an email directly because I am another one who needs the pattern. I have lots of washable worsted wool to use.


I do, but could always use more - the more squares the more blankets we send :slight_smile:


Great! If you email me at I’ll send along the pattern!


Hi Sarah,

Would love to join the group if you can handle one more volunteer.



I’d love to add a square or two! Just unpacking from a huge move and need some yarny goodness for my self-care!!