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Team Blanket No. 3: For a New Immigrant to the U.S


I’d love to join in if you can still use me.


I would love to participate. I will need pattern.


Absolutely! If you need the pattern please email me at:

Happy to have you aboard!


Wonderful - email me at if you need a pattern. Congrats on the move! I hope it went smoothly :slight_smile:


Please do join us Melissa. My email address is: if you need the pattern send me a message there!


Great! We’re happy to have you aboard. Please email me at: and I’ll send along the pattern


not sure how to do this privately…please send the pattern to and can you let me know how to start a blanket for the immigrant children separated from their parents?


Ann and Kay got this thread started for me. I needed to have an organization or cause where the blanket would be sent. Here is a list or organizations that are assisting immigrant children separated from their parents:
(FYI, I haven’t done my due diligence and researched any of these organizations)


Thanks, Sarah. I’ll take a look.
in the meantime, could you send the pattern?


Will you be making more blankets? I’m just home from vacation so can’t make the August 24th deadline, but would love to join in if you have later deadlines and more blankets.


Hi Sarah. I am finishing up my square this weekend. How do I get it to you? If you prefer, you cam email me the address at

Thanks again for capitaning this great project.


Hi all! Visiting from Team 2 and wanted to share something that one of our knitters found on Ravelry.

From @kinfantino
Just found tips and tricks for this pattern on Ravelry. Under Groups, search for Mitered Crosses Group, then look in Tips and Tricks for some practical help with several topics like picking up stitches and eliminating the annoying knot at the end of each miter. Most posts are from 2011 when Kay first offered this pattern, but no less useful now!

Hope it is helpful.

As an aside, we have a lot of the children who have been separated from their families being housed in Yonkers. I was at our local museum tonight and they hosted a large group of kids at the planetarium. The kids seemed to be having a lot of fun–even though they got caught in a wicked downpour–but they are still being institutionalized. Cheers to all of you for your generosity and kindness. You are changing the world!


Square is on the blocking mat and drying - pics tomorrow when I have decent light. I was worried it was going to be too small while I was knitting but nope - it’s right on the mark! Should be in the mail to Sarah on Tuesday morning!

YAY! Looking forward to seeing these squares come together into a blanket.


I’d love to have you contribute! When do you think you will be able to send me the square by? I will be making more than one blanket.
Have a nice trip!


Thank you!


So excited!!


I’m waiting on the background yarn to arrive - I think it’ll be here Thursday - and then I’ll begin knitting. I have the pattern and the contrast yarn.


I think I’ll pass this time … Life just got busy, and better not commit to something else. Thanks though. I’m proud of you for doing this!


Still got gauge! Hoping to get this finished, blocked and in the mail before Hurricane Lane arrives! Aloha


Those are very pretty colors😍
What yarn did you use?