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Team Blanket No. 3: For a New Immigrant to the U.S


The gold is Brown Sheep superwash and the blue is valley yarns superwash, which is merino and much softer. :sunglasses:


Oooo, good to know!! Thx Susanknitr


Texture interest :wink: thanks for kind words.


I mailed my square this afternoon! It should arrive on Friday. :smile:


I sent my square on Monday. It should be there soon if it isn’t there already.


I’ve got one last log cabin strip to do. Hope to get it in the mail Friday or Saturday.


Hi, I sent my square on Monday and hopefully you have received it already! Thanks for doing all the sewing!


Oh NOOOOOOO, I ran out of the white yarn with only 4 rows to go:(
I have reordered it, hope it will come soon and I can shoot this off to join this awesome blanket!


Hi. The square is well underway- the middle is finished and I should finish the sides tonight. I intended to make two but have been too busy with work and travel.
I couldn’t find a pretty variegated Woolease so it’s acrylic- I’ve never blocked acrylic yarn before. Is it really necessary? It’s quite dense on size 6 needles.
I need your mailing address.


My square is on its way! I’m sure the finished blanket will be beautiful!


I mailed my square today but forgot to take a picture. Mine is denim-y blue outside and sunny yellow inside. Funny how all these colors are similar enough to be gorgeous together! I can’t wait to see the finished project.

thank you, Sarah!


I didn’t photograph mine either - but it has a blue border and a lime green cross. Looking forward to seeing the blanket!


Gorgeous colors! Hope you are doing ok in Hawaii. Sending lots of love and prayers that Lane passes quickly and everyone os safe



We got Very Lucky here on Oahu; or let’s say the prayers kicked in just in time :wink:

The Big Island has had catastrophic rains (still is) so please keep us in your prayers for them. There will be quite a cleanup and rebuilding there and some places on Maui. The rains came just in time to put out the fires on Maui :grin:

Thanks so much. Got my square in today’s mail (the PO closed yesterday but we are slowly getting back to normal). Sending knitter :heart:



Finally got more yarn, finished, washed and blocking, hope to get it in the mail tomorrow.
Hope it’s not too late, thanks Sarah for joining it all


Oh Libby, your colors are just beautiful :heart_eyes::+1:


Here’s mine. Hoping you’ve received it–sorry again for being tardy.


You all have sent the most beautiful squares and thank you for the sweet notes (and even a couple trinkets!). I’m so grateful to belong to this group of knitters <3

If you would like, please share your Instagram name so I can tag you all in my next post.

Also, I’ve received squares from the below people, if your name isn’t listed and you sent or are planning on sending a square please reach out to me! xoxo



Hi Sarah. This Mary Connerty. My instagram name is: Knitting_linguist

Thanks again!