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Team Blanket No. 3: For a New Immigrant to the U.S



Thanks for everything Sarah!


My square should have arrived! Maybe tomorrow?
Here’s hoping😁


Happy Labor Day!


Hi Sarah - Thanks again for being our team leader! I’m on Instagram as yolamafarm.


Hi Sarah - Thanks again for being our team leader! I’m on Instagram as yolamafarm (which is a weird name, but we have cute animals so that makes it ok)


Hi Sarah,
I am lyn.pilot on Instagram.


My Instagram name is mhalvor. Thanks for asking!


My Instagram is pennieb. Thanks!


What is your Instagram name?
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Hi Sarah, I’m glad you received the square! I was on vacation so I didn’t see this post. My instagram name is “mnappe”.



Wrenknits on Instagram. So glad you received so many squares!


Brodiedog on Instagram, but I’m still not sure if you got my square?


sarah_rosed :slight_smile:


I did! I’m so sorry Libby. I had a bit of a personal emergency but am back on track.

I received so many squares that I have enough to make almost 2 blankets! You all are fantastic! I’m planning on doing a call out for additional squares to finish off the second blanket soon :slight_smile:


I can make another square.


eameltz on Instagram
did you get mine?
thanks so much for all your efforts.


Do you need another square? I would be happy to contribute. I’ve done three for Team 2 and one for Team 5, so I’d be delighted to do one or more to welcome a family to the US.


I mailed you a square today. Yarn chicken did not go well, but I think of it as a beauty mark.


Or a design element!


I am not on the list. Does that mean you never received mine? Sent back before 8/25.