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Team Blanket No. 5: For California Fire Victims

HI Bonnie. Welcome to Team Carr Fire! I have asked for mailing by the end of October so we can send the blankets prior to Thanksgiving. I have not gone so far as a blocked size for the square. Let’s go with the general direction of 11X11 - I can always fudge the square sizes as I sew them together.

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Awesome! End of October works for me. Thanks!

I’ve been working with Lamb’s Pride Worsted in a gauge of 4.5 sts per inch. When working with the stitch counts in the original pattern this produces a 12" square. Do you want to do a swatch in Cascade 220 and let us know how many sts you want per inch? Thanks! :hugs:

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I can do that. I’ll get started tonight and see what I come up with.

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I would like to join as well, but will need the pattern. Thanks!

I would love to help! I will need the pattern too.

I would love to knit a square too. I will need the pattern& will pick up some Cascade 220.

Hi - I’d love to participate. Can’t quite see if you’ve got enough squares promised yet, but I hope there’s room for mine. Does the yarn have to be all solids, or can we use some Noro, with long color runs?
My own blanket in the pattern is awaiting a big push to finish it. It just occurs to me that doing one square as an act of kindness may give me the kick I need to git ‘er done!


I’d like to join in as well. Thanks for getting this going!

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I live in California and have been thinking of victims of the wildfires. Have been thinking of knitting this blanket for them but don’t have the bandwidth to lead a group right now. Would love to join in with yours.
I do not have the pattern and would love to get it from you. Also your gauge for Cascade 220. I can easily get this yarn.
Thank you for starting this group.

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Welcome Everyone! I love how this team has grown so quickly in such a short time. If you need the pattern, email me at and I will send it to you.

I am using this as an opportunity to work through some scrap yarn - so while my main color will always be Cascade 220, I am planning on a square or two with other “compatible” yarn including Mountain Mohair from Green Mountain Spinnery and some very pink variegated Malabrigo as the contrast color in the center. So @helenlgolub I cannot wait to see what comes from your Noro squares!

I’ll have the first square finished tomorrow night so I can send some thoughts about blocked sizes.

Let’s make this a crazy, colorful, come-one-come-all blanket…Just like my beloved Bay Area.


I would like to participate too. I have the pattern. Thank you so much for leading our blanket team!

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You rock Deb!!! This is gonna be an awesome blanket for an awesome cause😁 Karyn

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I’d like to join in as well…if it’s not too late! I’ll email you for the pattern!


Not too late to join at all. I think we are well on our way to making more than 1 blanket.
Many hands make light work :slight_smile:

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I’ll join in! My email is have lots of cascade. I can donate some wool if any one needs.

such generosity! do you want to post some photos of your color options in case others want to take you up on your offer. Thank you @marthabilski

d2knits – thanks! I’ll get to work with my cascade. So happy to be part of this and thanks for making it happen.

I’m having trouble finding Cascade 220 that is not Superwash. None of my four LYS carry it. Would be happy to pay for shipping, Martha, and thanks so much for your generosity.

sure let me see what I can come up with.