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Team Blanket No. 5: For California Fire Victims


These two left SoCal yesterday . . . Yarn is courtesy of Martha Bilski . . . Thank you, Martha! :heart:


Wow! Super sharp stitches, love this yarn. (What is it?) And love these colors.


I have two squares that I will mail out to you on Friday. The first blanket is beautiful!


@Klwarren - I forgot to tell you how much I love your squares. nice wool and great colors


@jangrimmer purple goodness arrived today! Thanks for sending.


Great, but that sure took a long time!!! Happy Blanket-making.


I’m interested in knitting blanket squares, is it too late? I thought I joined in before but probably was distracted before I finished signing up.
Excited to help.


@nursekris we would love to have you. if I have an accurate count, we are 8 squares short of a third blanket so your help will be most appreciated. can you send in the next week or so?


I’ll make as many as I can as quickly as possible. I need the pattern, you are using 100% wool correct? I have plenty of that. I’ll get going on them as soon as I get the pattern.


Thanks! The mud color is Cascade 220 and the green and gray are Valley Yarns Northampton. Both a pleasure to work with.:+1:


Wow @d2knits that first blanket looks fantastic! I still have another square coming for you, and the offer to help seam on this or next weekend still stands - just let me know! :slight_smile:


It’s blocking now. Will get it off in the mail as soon as it’s dry.


@kinfantino - Kathy, your squares have arrived. Just the right colors to finish the last row of blanket #1


One lonely little square on it’s way down to Northern California to be joined with others into a Blanket O’ Love😙 Thanks so much Deb for getting this project started for the victims of the Carr fire. Hope they receive some comfort from these blankets💗


@Map2820 - Mary your squares arrived. I loved how you used the yarn…same colors just reversed.

almost finished with Blanket #1…just finishing the edging and then onto blanket #2


Can’t wait to see 'em Deb!! My square should arrive Thursday


Terri Sasanow and @bluejeandolly - your squares arrived yesterday! the pile is growing!


@kcknits - your square arrived yesterday. Your blue and white color palette warm this Penn Stater’s heart!

and in other news, the first blanket is OFF THE NEEDLES!!! It just needs a soak and a block - so I’ll post a picture as soon as it gets laid out.

onto blanket #2!


YAY!!! Can’t wait to see all the beauty and luv😊


How fantastic! Thanks again for all your time, effort and LOVE!